Daffodil is a March birth flower.

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COMMON NAME:  narcissus
GENUS:  Narcissus
daffodils-‘King Alfred,’ all yellow; ‘Mount Hood,’ white; ‘Pink Glory,’ white and pink.
Jonquils-‘Treuithian,’ pale yellow; ‘Suzy,’ yellow and orange-red. Other narcissi-‘Duke of Windsor,’ white petals and orange apricot cup; ‘Ice Follies,’ heavy bloomer that is white with a lemon yellow cup.

FAMILY:  Amaryllidaceae

TYPE:  perennial

BLOOMS:  spring


A daffodil is a narcissus with a trumpet that is as long or longer than the surrounding petals. The trumpet is usually flared and is often a different color or shade from the petals. Only one flower is found on a single stem. Other narcissi have shallow center cups or trumpets. Colors range from all the yellow tones and into pinks and oranges. Jonquils {N. jonquilla} have clusters of flowers, each with a shallow cup whose color contrasts with the petals.



Narcissi are hardy and easy to grow. They like…

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