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This is our first new moon of the new season, and we are all in some new and uncharted territory with the current situation going on in the world right now! Many locations are under quarantine and lockdowns right now… It is easy to feel anxious around this situation, and we are being asked to stay indoors, this is also an opportunity to go within.

Now is the perfect time to meditate and visualize the outcome we are wanting to see.

The Planting Moon cycle is a time for planting seeds both literally and metaphorically. This new moon holds potent energy, so plant some intentions that are for your greater good and for the greater good of all!

Grab a cup of tea and read on to see what this new Planting Cycle has in store for you!

New Moon in Aries

The moon turns new and joins the sun in the fiery sign of Aries on March 24th. The moon in Aries typically drives us towards action even though the new moon might cause us to feel a bit more sensitive and withdrawn than usual. Now is a great time to put that reignited inspiration towards creating and writing your new moon intentions in a clear and direct and bold way. Aries will help you. Aries is the motivator of the zodiac and loves to make things happen.

You might not be able to get everything done that you are wanting just yet, but making a solid plan and a clear list that you can follow later will be more helpful than you know!

This new cycle holds the energy of the Planting Moon, a time when the Sun has prepared the soil for planting. This new moon in Aries can help you solidify and reignite any past intentions that have been in hibernation.

You can begin to take steps towards these actions as the moon travels through Taurus and Gemini later this week. Allow this week to relight and reawaken your inner fire. Be sure to write out and check in with your New Moon intention often this week.

The card pulled for this week is Waning Crescent, Be. This week, many of us are asked to stay indoors and practice social distancing. This might be hard for you if you are extroverted and not used to staying in isolation! This is a time for you to just be. Don’t make any big decisions right now, remain still and observe. Meditate and visualize how you want things to unfold and relish in this quiet place. The hustle and bustle of life have come to a standstill and it is time to brew in this stillness. Cultivate peace and calm during these times. Give thanks and practice gratitude to help you stay in the moment.

Happy New Moon!

Source: New Moon in Aries Lunar Report | Entering the Planting Moon Cycle — Spirit de la Lune

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