April 2020 Issue of AromaCulture Herbalism and Aromatherapy Magazine — Aroma Culture

I hope you are well and safe.

I’m checking in to let you know that the April issue of AromaCulture Magazine is now available.

In this issue, some of our most beloved teachers are discussing such topics as:

  • a special nervine herb that most of us could use right now
  • the bitter herbs of the Passover Seder
  • understanding scientific plant research and citing it properly
  • the density of nutrients found in wild foods vs. cultivated
  • antimicrobial essential oils
  • respiratory support (especially relative to sinusitis symptoms)

There’s also an excerpt from a new book my friends Rosalee and Emily from LearningHerbs have published! It comes out on Tuesday, so consider this your special sneak peek into the book. I’ve already had a chance to look through it and it’s beautiful. I’ll send you a bit more information about it later this week.

I hope you’ll make yourself a cup of hot tea (I’m currently drinking tulsi and ginger), snuggle up with a cozy blanket (or spouse or furry friend), and enjoy reading through this issue. I know I did!

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Source: April 2020 Issue of AromaCulture Herbalism and Aromatherapy Magazine — Aroma Culture