Full Moon in Libra Balance & Harmony

Today, under the energies of the Waxing Gibbous Moon, it is a time to notice what you feel. This is a beautiful time to stay aware of any negative thoughts or habits coming forward that can deter us from coming into the fullness of our ideas or intentions, and releasing them into our lives. Grandmother Moon is resting in the sign of Virgo until tomorrow afternoon ~ what better time to clear out the cobwebs and clutter in our home and mind before she moves into her Fullness in Libra on Tuesday evening at 7:34 pm PST (10:34 pm EST)…

During a Gibbous moon, we are reminded that opportunities are never lost, that they come back around as the Moon does. They may not always appear at the most comfortable time in your life, yet these opportunities are offering an opening to pursue your dreams ~ or find an excuse not to act upon them. Following dreams is not easy, we must change how we think and act. During this time we have at home we can both reflect on what we are gaining and what we are surrendering.

If we don’t move or act we become stuck repeating our well-learned habits! The Moons phases guide us into remembering the importance of being aware and in tune with our thoughts and actions. This is a time to find a new approach, a new way, something different, to clear the path so that the opportunities flow your way.

Here are some thoughts for moving energy over the next two days:

  • Find gratitude in small places so that you keep your visions full of positive energy. When you find yourself falling into that negative comment or thought, LAUGH. LAUGH out loud at yourself. And then find something about it or your life/surroundings to be grateful for today. Maybe you can find it in your heart to turn off all the news and refrain from social media to keep yourself present and connected to your feelings. It can change your inner landscape so much you may be surprised.
  • Take a walk outside and smell the bountiful smells of Mother Nature. I am in awe of her smells in the spring and how they fill not only my senses but also my cellular body of memory. I do not pass through spring without remembering my mother and how much she loved nature ~ it is something I cherish, to have her near me in thoughts and smells and it reminds me of how much love this world truly has to offer.
  • If you do find yourself aware of any negative thoughts coming forward today, do Ho’oponopono. This Hawaiian Huna ritual will help you to release the negative patterns and move into self-forgiveness. What you do is look in the mirror and for each negative thought tell yourself: I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you for your awareness, and I love you.

Libra is all about harmony and balance and can stir us in ways that move us into our dreams with the beauty that comes with balance. This is not a time to give up or feel that things are passing you by ~ but to notice, notice, notice. Let us stay in our hearts under these times of challenge and see what hope, freedom or prayers that are presenting themselves under this moonlight. Catch them, feel them, and most of all get to know those places in your body and spirit that hold them so that you can access them later as she begins to wane. Put them in a safe place so that you can work with them and seed them again in new soil for the New Moon in Taurus.

This Full Moon is also known as the Pink Moon symbolizing the explosion of pink flowers; a sign that spring is fully here. Libra is ruled by Venus and so it is also a time for self-love and forgiveness. Under the Full Moon in Libra I offer you a few rituals to gather her Full Moon Medicine:

  • Paint ~ with your fingers ~ yes, with your fingers. It will open up places you have not touched in a long time.
  • Create a vision board for your dreams. If you have one that you completed already this year ~ make this a follow-up vision board to see if your dreams have changed and how you want them to continue moving. If you don’t have time to complete it before the Full Moon ~ gather some pictures or remembering’s of spring blooms and save them for later. This is a great time for gathering.
  • I believe this is an important time to work with your Heart Chakra. Finding ways to balance our feelings and emotions under these challenging days can be easier if we can come from the heart. The Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest near the heart. It teaches us how to give and receive love, and how to forgive ourselves and others. Using Rose Quartz or Jade and the colors of pink and green will connect you with your heart center. It is here at the heart chakra where we unite the three earth chakras below (Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus) and the three spirit chakras above (Throat, Third Eye & Crown). Balancing the heart chakra can support you in finding physical and spiritual harmony.
  • Feel Beautiful!
    • Put on your favorite dress and dance barefoot on the earth or with your children or whoever you are holding space with at this time.
    • Gather flowers and place them all over your house in little vases to remind you of the beauty you hold ~ mother nature is the best reminder.
    • Do your meditation outside and breathe deep ~ it will connect you to your heart. Listen to the wisdom the plants and animals have to impart.
    • Listen to the songbirds and find your song ~ it is there to be awakened now.
  • And I encourage you to make a large batch of Moon Water under this Full Moon ~ use Rose Quartz & Jade. Use it in your cooking, your plants, your drinking water, or spray it into the air, to bring your heart into all that you do, listen to, and say.

This Full Moon is the harbinger of Spring. This is the time of year to fill up with Mother Natures Medicine called blossoming! Gather. Enjoy. Savor. Her love, light, and fullness are here for you.



The Moon. Luna. Mwezi. Grandmother. We know her across the world under different names, but as her light shines down on us she makes each of us feel like we are her special one, the one she really wants to communicate with, the one who has something special to offer the world…and we do, each of us.

Creating rituals can be nourishing and turn you inward to your quieter spaces. I would like to offer you one such ritual that can be done each month if you like, a Full Moon Water Ritual that I love to do and find healing benefits from. It may help you connect with new parts of yourself, brighten your day or help quiet you so you can hear the sweet words your soul is sharing. Gathering the light of the Moon into water is a way to connect to your feminine power.

Creating Moon Water under the Full Moon is an ancient ritual for men and women and is best charged on the first night of the Full Moon. There are many ways to use the Moon Water once it is charged: I love the most ancient and sacred practice of drinking this moon magic! You may want to use it for blessings, for cleansing your chakras, making tea or for watering your plants ~ maybe they need a boost of moon water love! You will intuitively know what to do with yours once you hold the power of the charged water in your hands.

Here are the steps to creating your Moon Water Magic:

  1. To begin, you will want to pick a glass container, jar, or bowl – something that will hold the sacred feeling of what you want the water to carry over the next 28 days. The vessel can vary with each full moon – sometimes large, sometimes small, colored or clear. You may feel inspired to decorate the vessel with colors by surrounding it with gemstones, flowers, leaves, candles or even draw or write on it…be creative!
  2. On the eve of the Full Moon fill your container using filtered or distilled water. Bless the water, by holding it and visualizing the water collecting the energy of the moonlight. Share your love and intention with the water by speaking into it – tell it what you want the light to shine on in your life.
  3. Cover the container and place it outside, if possible, where the moon can shine into the water all night. If you cannot place it outside, choose a windowsill where it can gather the greatest number of moonlit hours.
  4. The next morning collect the container with the Moon Water, hold and bless it again thanking Grandmother Moon for her light and energy, then take your first sip!

Every morning until the next full moon, take a sip of your Moon Water on an empty stomach. With each sip, you will strengthen yourself with the properties of the full moon. Open yourself to her energy of creativity, wildness, imagination, and brightness ~ she is there for you. Remember the blessings and intentions you placed in her and let this be a new way to start your day with gratitude and connection to the light within you.

Moon energy is something we all experience bi-monthly as her ocean tides rise and fall and the Earth tides (body tides) create a displacement of the Earth, which is caused by the gravity of the Moon and the Sun. We may not feel it in an active sense any more than we do the spinning of the earth as it rotates on its axis, but as we tune into it we can feel her pull. We, women, are in bodily ceremony with her every month as we follow her cycle of 28 days in our menses. We feel her rhythm as she wanes and waxes and she calls to us on a deeply emotional and nurturing level. We carry the vibration of her feminine power.

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