Planting Moon Home Protection Spell — Spirit de la Lune

We are living in anxious, bizarre, and very unknown times. So as mystical sensitive empathetic people it’s important for us to keep our environment clear especially while we are all self-isolating.

During this time we really encourage you to cleanse your home not just physically but energetically. This will bring your home back into alignment with your center. It’s important to regularly clear out energy and baggage that is not yours to carry and that’s building up your space. Clear your space so you can feel more grounded and centered through all of this.

The Planting Moon is all about preparation. The seeds have been sown and now it’s time to make sure the foundations-the ground that the seeds are sown into, are prepared and ready for renewal and new growth.

Your foundation and home are so important for your personal growth so you can thrive and you can feel abundant during this time of quarantine.

So let’s clear our homes and protect them energetically so we can feel more anchored and rooted in our center.

Energetic Clearing and Protection for your Home

We will give you several options so you can do these all together (it’s very powerful all together!) or do whatever one feels most resonate with your space.

What you need:

  • 🧹Your bosom or broom

  • 🌿Sage or incense to burn

  • 🔔A bell or chime

  • 🔮A crystal for each room/space of your home.

  • 🧚Your wand a crystal point or your dominant index finger

🧹Besom sweep

Planting Moon protection spell spirit de la lune

Use your broom to sweep the energy out of your home! Hold your broom and set the intention that you are sweeping out negative energy residual energy that is not yours to carry. And then go around each room moving counterclockwise in each room and through your home send all the energy to the front door and out the front door. Start at the ceiling and sweep the corners energetically keep the broom about 6 to 8 inches away from the wall and ground while you do this you’re energetically sweeping not actually sweeping the floors. You are circulating the energy and you are moving the energy out of your space. gather all the energy from each room and sweep it out the front door and literally tell it you’re not welcome here!

Follow this with a smoke cleanse

Burn some sage in a fireproof container something that you can carry around your home with so it could be a portable cauldron or abalone shell once again start at your front door and move counterclockwise around your home and through each room focus on the corners energy tends to get trapped in the corners of rooms and spaces focus on vents anywhere that energy can circulate so windows doors vents mirrors and visualize the smoke clearing out each space with white shining light You’re filling your space with protection with love with health with wealth with abundance with gratitude visualize yourself literally filling in positive energy where the negative energy was

🔔Call in energy with bells

So now you can take your bell or chime moving around your home clockwise now to bring in energy and with each time say what you are calling in I like to chime a bell in each room three times but three is a very positive sacred number. So go into each space and say three positive affirmations or words You want this space to contain, and with each time of the bell you are calling it in!

🔮Anchor the positive energy in with the stones

Now that you have released negative energy you are calling in the positive energy anchor this positive energy in with your stones. Stones are energetic anchors to stabilize your personal energy field and the energy of your home and bring in the frequency that you want to be surrounded by. So place a crystal in each room that is considered your anchor point- Your anchor point for the positive energy you are invoking into your space. for example, you can place rose quartz in your bedroom for love and connection and intimacy you can place a black stone next to your entryway for protection clearing and cleansing. Have fun choosing the stones and then go around clockwise and in each room program that stone with the love and the positive energy you were calling in with the bells. Hold the stone at heart center in both hands and infuse the stone with those positive words and literally see the positive energy filling the stone up and in place it in your room somewhere!

🧚Seal the deal invoking the pentacle

The pentacle is the five-pointed star and is the balance and harmony of all the elements earth-air, fire water and spirit together and connected in unity. So with your wand or index finger or crystal point go to each door in your home moving clockwise again and energetically draw the pentacle on each doorway ceiling in the positive energy you have invoked. while you do this call in the elements and ask for their protection and blessing upon your home. Start at the top point of the pentacle move down to the right bottom point and move on from there.

You have done it!

You have cleared the energy, you invoked the energy you wish to call in and you have sealed and protected your space! We hope this energetic clearing can ease your mind, it’s fun to do and the energy shift will feel so powerful! You will feel such a difference!

Happy full moon everyone!

Source: Planting Moon Home Protection Spell — Spirit de la Lune