Tarta De Venus: A Not So Traditional Easter Cake – Gather Victoria

We may not be able to feast with family and friends or have 2 cups of almond flour in the cupboard right now – but I hope you can find a special and delicious dish to make this holiday.  Cakes, bread, and other foods offered to Venus and ancient Goddesses were believed to ensure blessings of fertility, and abundance to the land, crops, animal, and people. So with this cake, I wish you all many blessings to your spring tables. May you have a joyful and peaceful celebration despite difficult times.

The recipe still needs a few tweaks and when it’s done it will be up in time for Easter at Gather Victoria Patreon. You can also search the countless recipes for Tarta de Santiago online and make your own version, whether it’s traditional or more inspired!

My final result was dense and more like an almondy-lemony confection than a cake – which is why I guess it’s considered a tart. But it was wonderful, nourishing comfort food. And despite its simple appearance, I’m telling you it was truly luscious and I can’t wait to make it again.

This simple tart is inspired by the Tarta de Santiago,  a very dense, moist, almond cake traditionally served during Holy Week in Spain. It usually features the image of the St. James Cross dusted …

Source: Tarta De Venus: A Not So Traditional Easter Cake – Gather Victoria