Flowers of the Zodiac – Crystal B. Astrology

Every sign has a special connection to certain flowers and because I personally love flowers so much I wanted to bring them to life —with astrological flair! There is an astrological reason why we feel more connected to certain flowers over others. Keep in mind that, it’s not just our Sun sign that is influencing our likes … and dislikes. Our Rising and Moon Signs will also have a great impact on what flowers we enjoy most.

Below is each sign’s unique bouquet of flowers that connect specifically to their influence.

Aries ruled by Mars: Honeysuckle, Thistle, Geraniums, and Witch-hazel

Aquarius ruled by Aquarius: Orchids


Gemini ruled by Mercury: Lavender & Lilly of the Valley


Libra ruled by Venus: Any Blue Flowers and Large Roses


Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter: Asparagus, Dandelions and all Pink Flowers


Pisces ruled by Neptune: Water-Lilly & Hydrangeas


Taurus ruled by Venus: Roses, Poppy, Violets and Foxglove


Capricorn ruled by Saturn: Pansies, Ivy & Hemlock

Cancer ruled by the Moon: Wildflowers


Leo ruled by the Sun: Sunflower, Marigold & Rosemary


Scorpio ruled by Pluto: Rhododendrons and Any plant with Dark Red Flowers


Virgo ruled by Mercury: Any small brightly colored flowers


Source: Flowers of the Zodiac – Crystal B. Astrology