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Why these programs?

During this pandemic, our goal is to enable our community to learn how the holistic approach of herbalism, including nutritional and lifestyle support, can be fundamental in supporting wellness – daily as well as in acute situations. We want to empower you by giving you the tools and information you need to take wellbeing into your own hands, now during this trying time and in the future.

You may have heard the call to buy only the groceries you need to help with food shortages. As we come together as a global community to help support everyone, we want very much to do our part and help out where possible. We have never offered programs at 50% off before, but feel it is our calling now to make deep cuts in profit margins to cover only what is needed to sustain our staff, continue to support our student body, and to offer this gesture of relief where we can.

For those experiencing immediate financial hardship with active payment plans, please reach out to us. We will look for creative ways to restructure payment plans.

We hope, too, that those who are already enrolled will understand that we are reaching out to take the hand of those who find themselves in less fortunate circumstances and need these tools and support as we walk together rather than run ahead – so to speak. These circumstances are unprecedented and unnerving, and it seems like a very good time to be charitable and understanding. Please help us help others together, we can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Herbalism is a beautiful journey of empowerment and awareness, something much needed at this time.

No matter where you are at in your herbal studies, the Herbal Academy has a training program for you!

The Introductory Herbal Course is a good place to start if you are new to herbal medicine. It’s a beginner’s course filled with easy training guides, recipes, downloadable flipping books and charts to get you well on your way to becoming an herbalist. The course begins with the basics of medicine making and wildcrafting, anatomy, introduces you to many many plants, covers common discomforts for adults and children, and discusses the overarching holistic approach of herbalism.

The Intermediate Herbal Course begins with an introductory unit as a review, and then quickly advances into more complex topics. The program dives in deeper, working through each body system and discussing the herbs; their actions and energetics; their safety and side effects; in-depth coverage of anatomy and physiology; and guidance for herbal formulation.

The Entrepreneur Herbal Course is geared towards herbalists who have already studied at the beginner and intermediate levels, who want to make and sell their own herbal products. Lessons on sourcing herbs, Good Manufacturing Practices, labeling requirements, writing a business plan, and creating a brand are some of the many lessons included in this fast track program!

The Advanced Herbal Course is an in-depth program geared towards students interested in becoming clinical herbalists. This program picks up on the body systems not fully covered in the Intermediate Course and covers more complex topics including herbal wisdom traditions, health and wellness of men, women, and elderly, assessment and herbal therapeutics, and steps to becoming a clinical herbalist; as well as regulatory and legal obstacles facing professional herbalists and herbal products businesses.

Enroll now for 50% off the Introductory and Intermediate courses

Earth Day is coming up soon!

For those unaware, Earth Day is held every April 22nd as a sort of ode to our planet — and to our responsibility of treating it right. This upcoming Earth day is particularly special. It’s the event’s 50th anniversary!

Given these chaotic times we’re living in, it’s easy to see why the importance of events like Earth Day could get overlooked. But there’s actually a real link between what’s going on right now and the state of our environment.

What Will It Take to Stop Pollution?

As the world has progressively shut down over the past few months, scientists have noticed something interesting. Pollution levels in the hardest-hit areas — China, Japan, and Italy — are way down.  NASA says the levels of nitrogen dioxide (a byproduct of burning fossil fuels) over China are down 30%. And residents of Venice, Italy say the city’s canals are cleaner than they’ve been at any other time in recent memory.

“I think that there’s potential for this pandemic to become a moment of a mass awakening of our ability to have compassion for each other,” climate scientist Sarah Myhre told CNBC.

We think she’s onto something. While being stuck in quarantine (or under “shelter in place” orders) definitely isn’t a good thing, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from it! Maybe, just maybe, we’re meant to realize that turning back the clock on pollution is possible.

How can we keep this encouraging trend going in the future, even when all the excesses of modern life have started back up? The best and most sustainable way of all could be found through intentional living. 

Living Intentionally

We’re big believers in being mindful of the environment. Whether that takes the form of biking to work, working from home (it’s the COVID-19 era, after all), or adopting a plant-based lifestyle…count us in! We’re all in this together. And the better we treat the world around us, the better our own lives will ultimately be.