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Heart Chakra Activation & Balancing with Gemstones

(Video #11 in the Series) Welcome to this 10-Week study of Chakras & Crystal Healing! In this video, we delve into the Chakra study of the Heart Chakra & Crystal Healing. The Heart Chakra is the home of our ability to Give and Receive Love! This Chakra helps us dissolve barriers we have created around our Heart, increases self-love and compassion, and enables us to heal from emotional wounds.⁠ You will learn how the Heart Chakra supports your Life, the symptoms of an imbalanced Heart Chakra, the crystals & gemstones that support it, and practices you can perform to increase Heart Chakra Health!⁠

Join in for an exciting series about Chakras and Crystal Healing! It starts with the video, “Intro to Chakras & Crystal Healing.” Then, I’ll be reviewing 9 different Chakras, how imbalance manifests in your life and which gemstones will help bring your energetic system back into balance! Each chakra will receive an in-depth instructional video, followed by a guided meditation video, and you’ll have access to a private Facebook Group to discuss the information and your experiences! If you are interested in this series, then make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already so you won’t miss a single video! Usually a series this in-depth would cost a high amount of money, but you get the entire thing FREE on Youtube – so SUBSCRIBE to the channel and Share, Share, Share this video!

Watch to learn about Heart Chakra & Crystal Healing today!


Join in for an exciting series continuing with Heart Chakra & Crystal Healing! This is a FREE 10-Week exploration of Chakras & Gemstones!

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