Respiratory Herbs and This Weekend Final Registration For Herbal Classes

As our 50% off Good Faith Gesture comes to a final close this Sunday, we want to extend a big welcome with arms wide open to all of our new students (and welcome back to returning students).

Buckle up! We are going to take you on a fantastic journey! Together, we will explore the wild and wonderful world of herbalism.

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We’ve been sharing a lot of material on building immune support during this season along with hitting some hot topics like whether or not to use elderberry during a viral illness (here) and which immune-supportive herbs are appropriate for those with autoimmune conditions (here).

Earlier this week we shared about how springtime violet has been capturing our attention as of late, and how this demulcent herb lends itself to being a great ally for respiratory ailments.

Alongside wild violet, there are many powerful herbal allies that can be vital in supporting us should we need them during a viral respiratory infection. Of course, this conversation will require us to think about herbs that have strong immune-supportive or antiviral actions in addition to herbs for lungs and basic respiratory support.

Head on over to the blog to read our latest installment in our viral illness series. You’ll find there are three herbal actions for respiratory support that we’re covering in this post along with numerous herbal allies in each.
The Best Herbs for Lungs and Respiratory Support is live on the blog!

Friends, our virtual classrooms are all abuzz, and new students are finding their way to our private platform for discussions and mentoring. Welcome to the HA clubhouse! Online learning is a beautiful thing! Having this virtual community may be the best remedy for our souls right now.

What a pleasure it is to be able to study in bed, work on our homework recipes in the kitchen, or (someday soon again) travel the world and still be able to access our courses on our laptops or phones! Online learning is convenient, efficient, and portable, but let’s not get lost entirely in the virtual world when we have a sumptuous world of texture, color, light, smell, and sound just there beyond the blue light of our screens.

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To hold a book in your hands is to feel real power. Words are powerful, and text allows you moments of grasping the material while the weight of the book in your hands attests to its relevance and importance. Best of all, you have tangible, personal ownership of all that lies on the glorious pages between the book covers. And on each page.

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The Good Faith Gesture of 50% off programs will absolutely be ending this weekend before closing enrollments starting Monday, April 27! We extended this offer to help enroll many students who needed some extra support this week. We are here for you. Please note that after this weekend, our customer service team will be getting a much-needed break, so we will be closing our programs from new enrollments on Monday.

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Our teachers are active in our private student community spaces to guide all of your questions and discussions –  nothing changes there!

Please do take the time to enroll as soon as possible if you plan to sign up with this offer:
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Finally, as herbalists, during this current outbreak of viral infection, remember that it’s better to use what you already have on-hand than to spend an extended amount of time out of the home or to bring new items into the home as you consider restocking and preparing your apothecaries for whatever is to come.

Think about which safe, familiar herbs will provide comfort during a respiratory infection, give you an immune boost, or soothe your anxieties.

Stick to good, common herbal sense, and utilize the potentially useful herbs you already have. After you know how to use these tried-and-true comforts, then taking care of yourself will require as little effort as possible if you do fall ill.

Have a beautiful weekend, dear ones! We hope to see you in class!

Enroll now for 50% off the Introductory and Intermediate courses