Herb Day, Herb Day Event Date: Saturday, May 2, 2020

The herb day is created and organized by a group of five non-profit organizations to encourage people to learn the importance of herbs. The holiday creates awareness in people to use herbs extensively. The holiday brings together herbal products manufacturers, gardeners, home cooks, herbalists, culinarians, and the general public. The Herb day is an excellent source of spreading knowledge and benefits of herbal medicines, medicinal, and other herbal cosmetic products. Growing herbs in your home garden and taking care of them can be a source of relaxing therapy.

HerbDay 2020 2

Natural herbs and herbal products have been used for several years. The herb day was celebrated in 2006 in the US for the first time. The herb day is celebrated in spring but different months. Some of the countries say as June is the season of fresh herbs, they celebrate the holiday on the 10th of June each year. In some parts of the world, the day is celebrated on 4th May each year. Herb Day is celebrated by arranging events to educate people about the importance of herbs and natural herbal products.

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Herbal Support for Cold and Flu Season Ebook
Viral Infection Series on the blog
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