Full Moon Flower Essence Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune

We are in the season of blossoming and blooming though it may not feel like we can do this at the moment. The Flower Moon opens your heart to the potential you have no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

Under the full Flower Moon, we will teach you how to create a flower essence to literally capture the energy of blooming, blossoming, ripening & abundance to sustain your heart during this time. Flower essences capture the essence of the energy and personality of the flower that you are working with. When you take in the flower essence you are inviting it to shift the subtle energies of your aura and energetic fields. These shifts are subtle and do take time to notice working at a spiritual/energetic level. This is not the same as taking herbal tinctures, for example.

What you will need:

  • 🌸A glass or ceramic bowl

  • 🌸Filtered water

  • 🌸The flower you are working with make sure it is not wilted in any way and that it looks its best at the peak of its bloom.

  • 🌸Clippers

  • 🌸A sterile amber jar for the mother essence

  • 🌸Another sterile bottle preferably with a dropper for the dosage essence

  • 🌸Alcohol to preserve the essence. Make sure it’s 80-100 proof. I am using apple brandy.

  • 🌸Flower Moon water made in a separate glass jar or bowl

On the day of the Full Moon, preferably in the evening when the sun is setting, take a walk around your neighborhood or a stroll in your garden to find the flower that wants to work with you. Bring your clippers, water, and glass bowl with you. Notice if there are any beautiful blooming flowers that call out to you. Follow your intuition and approach the flower you wish to work with and create the essence. Ask permission from the flower first! When you feel a yes proceed. If you feel a no, then move on to another flower. When you receive a yes, pour the water into your bowl and carefully cut the bloom catching it into your bowl of water (It’s important not to touch the flower with your hands).

Keep in mind, you want to capture the essence of a live flower at the peak of its bloom. Store-bought flowers/bouquets are not recommended for making essences and will not energetically be the same as a living flowering plant.

You can thank the plant for this invitation and leave an offering with her- it might be a crystal or some water or even a strand of your hair. Go home and place the bowl of the flower essence somewhere where it won’t be disturbed and preferably under the Full Flower Moon. Feel free to place the Flower Moon card underneath the bowl for extra Flower Moon energy. You can sit under the moonlight with your flower essence meditating on your flower essence and notice if there are any messages coming through that the flower has for you and your situation.

Now let the alchemy begin!

The flower essence can charge for up to 2 to 6 hours but when you see the flower begin to wilt or changes somehow this is when you know the flower essence is done. You will want to carefully take the flower out of the bowl with tongs or clippers and you can either compost or keep her bloom in your garden or altar. Use a coffee filter or cheesecloth to pour the essence into the mother bottle. To preserve the flower essence you will want to put equal parts of alcohol in the bottle with the essence.

But for now, you can place it out underneath the Full Moon for a few more hours to soak in the Flower Moon energy. Make sure you set out separate water to charge under the moonlight without any flower essence in it for the dosage bottle!

Store this mother essence in a cool dark place. When you want to actually use this flower essence you will want to transfer some of the mother essences into a dosage bottle. The dosage bottle is where you would take the essence internally. This is a homeopathic remedy so only taking 7 to 12 drops of the mother essence into your dosage bottle is small enough amount for your energetic and emotional spiritual bodies to receive the flower medicine.

In the dosage bottle, you would fill the bottle up with half-moon water that you charged separately under the moonlight and half preservative (your alcohol of choice). You would then put 7 to 12 drops of the mother essence into this bottle.

Now you can begin to work with the magick and power of your flower essence! Add the flower essence into your teas or water or take it directly into your mouth, whenever you feel called to. Springtime is such a wonderful time to gather flower medicine so you can capture their essences of bloom and take them all year long!

Happy Full Moon, beauties!

Source: Full Moon Flower Essence Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune

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