Are You A Forager? New Forager Course

As herbalists, we have a lot of passions, and foraging is top of the list! With spring in full swing and summer inching closer, we are enjoying our foraging forays and plan for even more time in the fields and forests as the green world bursts into a riot of growth!

To make the most of sweet summertime, we’ve got just the thing to keep our community engaged and exploring all season long: a brand new foraging course!

Herbalism is for the people. It’s accessible, it’s empowering, and it works!

Here’s what students can expect from the course: 

  • Discover commonly foraged edibles and wild herbs in class with 24 in-depth plant monographs
  • Use your harvest in 48 recipes including herbal preparations for your apothecary as well as nutritious and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinners, and (certainly not last!) desserts
  • Get to know plants up-close and personally in our guided videos

This substantial, 5-lesson roadmap will be your inaugural crash course into foraging—nothing lightweight about it! 

Class Begins on June 1st.

The $39 sale will continue through June 14th.

Have you caught the foraging bug? Are you eager to create wild plant-based, soul-soothing, immune-boosting recipes and fill your apothecary shelves with hand-harvested botanicals? Sound amazing? It absolutely is! The Foraging Course will get you started foraging wild edibles and herbs safely, ethically, and sustainably.

Join us in this pursuit and learn important guidelines for harvesting wild plants like nettles, burdock, dandelion, purslane, yarrow, chickweed, and so many more. You’ll gain instructional tutorials for using wild-harvested botanicals in nutritious and delicious cuisine and essential herbal preparations for your apothecary.

Discover commonly foraged edibles and wild herbs in class with 24 in-depth plant monographs, 48 recipes, and guided videos. This 5-lesson roadmap will be your inaugural crash course into foraging—nothing lightweight about it! We will guide you all the way from planning a foraging adventure to preparing your wild harvest. Absolute beginners, we’ve got you covered, and experienced foragers there’s plenty here for you, too!

Join us in The Foraging Course for just $39!

CLASS BEGINS JUNE 1! Sign up now during our Early Bird Registration to get $10 off registration! Choose to enroll in the online course by itself or upgrade your registration to include Forager’s Pocket Guides, your record-keeping keepsakes!

Before the advent of agriculture, our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, relying on what they brought home in their baskets to keep them alive and well. Foraging is a way to return to those ancestral roots, and relearn what our ancestors knew: that nature provides an abundance of botanicals that can be consumed for sustenance and wellness.


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