Full Capricorn Moon

The Full Moon will be followed by a penumbral lunar eclipse ~ a time to set deep intentions.

This Capricorn Full Moon is the first Full Moon of the summer and is also known as the Buck Moon by the Native Algonquin tribes. The Buck Moon signifies the time of the antler’s growth and the soft covering they exhibit. Antlers are like a crown and grow beyond the body, bringing the buck closer to the sky. Similar to the deer, the male Goat is also known as a Buck. However, the horns of the Goat are considered to represent strength, virility, and power.

Capricorn is a feminine earth sign and brings us back into our bodies, to ground and connect and to create a strong foundation. She is a cardinal sign, signs of initiation. She rules the bones and joints and has the ruling planet of Saturn.

Full Moons are a time to release ~ anything, big or small. I believe this Capricorn Full Moon calls us to work on our commitments, to release patterns that have stifled us from holding our commitments.

In Richard Rudd’s book The Gene Keys, he talks about commitment under the 29th Gene Key.

He states that the secret to all commitments lies in the way you begin. It is the energy you put behind your actions rather than the actions themselves. It does not matter if you love or hate your action, you must put the same energy into doing the dishes as you would into your favorite project. There is nothing worth doing in this life unless it is done with absolute commitment. Anything you do halfheartedly lacks the power of direction and yes, even luck! When you place your heart and soul into your action with the commitment of your heart and soul it carries the seed of good fortune. This universal law is an invitation for you to trust in life. Half-heartedness robs you of participating in life’s mystery and keeps you a victim of fate. You are being dishonest with yourself. Commitments can be of many different lengths and sometimes there is no simple way to know when something will end ~ however, it is important to remain committed until the play ends of its own accord. When we break our commitments early, we will find that we will reconstruct the same patterns of experience until we actually finish the cycle and learn the lessons it holds for us. We can learn the value of our experiences when we look back and see the same emotional traumas repeating themselves in our lives and learn what we are doing or not doing that is causing these patterns.

First, there must be truth and confidence, truth to the present moment, and trust in your inner knowing so you can be unreservedly present with an unshakable grasp on your heart. This is the truest test of your convictions when you have no way of knowing where your leaps of faith might land.

Capricorn is depicted as having half her body in water and half on the earth. Earth is open and receptive and wants to support you in following your desires. She makes inspiration manifest by giving it form and the ability to sustain its growth. She is open and ready to lend her strength to the work without limit while accepting all things in the present state and the potential state. She is unconditional.

When Capricorn places herself in flowing water, she is deep and formless. She follows the fluid intuitive and emotional way of perceiving. Here she responds with courageous self-reliance when confronted by the unknown. When she places herself in the calm waters of lakes or marshes her energy teems with life. She can bring things into circulation and give them a voice through sharing and communication. She finds the sheer enjoyment of participating in life to the fullest.

My ritual for you under this Full Moon and over the next two weeks is to release your half-hearted commitments and find those commitments that you place your energy into fully and with heart. Find those commitments that show patterns of repeating and find the lesson so that you can release them.

  1. Do a meditation under a tree and if you can ~ find one with roots showing so that you can be near those beauties to really learn how to move deep into the earth to release and receive. Roots of trees are great to be around as they bring us back to our cultural roots.
  2. Meditate by the water of your choice. Which waters are you called to work with ~ still waters or flowing water? If you are not by a body of water work with water at home by bathing or placing your self under the running water of the shower.
  3. Focus on your Sacral Chakra over the next two weeks to help you ground into your desires, sexual energy, patterns of failure, and success. Work with the gemstones of Orange Calcite, Sunstone, or Carnelian; drink Cinnamon Tea or use the essential oil of YlangYlang to open and connect with your passion center.
  4. Write or create vision boards or color mandalas to find your clarity and the places that you need to better focus on your commitments. Finding which ones to let go of or what your patterns are that you need to release.
  5. Ride your bike and let the wind blow the cobwebs from you so that you can be open to receiving. Whatever supports you in this journey ~do it!
  6. Practice receiving. Receiving in obvious and subtle ways.

Colors to add to your Altar under this Full Moon in Capricorn are deep greens and browns. Gemstones to work with include Smokey Quartz, Agate (great for your Full Moon Water), Garnet or Ruby. Aromatherapy could include Vetiver, Sandalwood, or Lavender.

This is not a time to hide away and grieve the past. Decide what you will do, take it on, and make the practical preparations to march out. True commitment helps you to overcome obstacles and adversity and fill your life with joyful desires.

And don’t forget to put your Moon Water out tonight! If you feel called to add a gemstone for this Full Moon, Agate would be lovely.

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