The Energies of July 2020

The beginning of July has brought with it some decidedly turbulent weather and an unseasonable end to the peaceful, warm summer weather that we had been enjoying during June. Watching the wind tear through the garden recently reminded us once again of how fragile our environment really is and how important it is not to underestimate the power of nature.

Those very same turbulent weather patterns are also offering us a flavor of the nature of the energy flow over the next part of the year. With this in mind, we might all be wise to keep a daily check on our grounding and make sure that our energetic foundations are secure so that we are able to withstand any storms that might pass through over the next few months.

The general energy flow for July is likely to feel quite intense with some particularly active, turbulent energy creating the potential for a few uncomfortable bumpy moments in the second half of the month.

The overall theme for July’s energies could possibly be best summed up as ‘keep moving on’. The full moon lunar eclipse on July 5th / 6th – depending on your time zone – marked a significant release point for everything that is finished and complete in our lives. The beginning part of this month is therefore a particularly fertile time to listen carefully to yourself and allow flow into any new directions that might be coming forward in your life.

We may well encounter some old grief and sadness as this wave of release passes through, relieving us of everything that is redundant in our lives. This is perfectly normal even when we really know that we are complete with something.

Letting go and moving on can feel unsettling but if you just keep listening, releasing, and flowing you will soon find yourself feeling freer to be yourself. There is no way to go back, we must keep moving forward.

Power & Control Issues

The planetary line up for July will temporarily revisit the powerful alignments of earlier in the year, this time with the added influence of Mars in Aries adding some fiery, ‘don’t mess with me’ energy to the mix.

This is a time to be very mindful of staying in your own energy and not getting involved in any situations that could lead to uncomfortable power and control struggles. Just step back and don’t try to force anything. Once the energies have cooled you will more easily be able to find an empowered, win/win solution for whatever the situation is.

Mercury will turn direct again on July 12th which should bring a welcome sense of clarity and forward movement into the mix.

Nurture Yourself

If you have been feeling particularly tired and worn out over the last few weeks know that you are in good company. A lack of energy and a feeling of exhaustion seems to be a common experience for many right now.

June was a particularly intense month filled with downloads of very high frequencies of spiritual light and love, which are still ongoing. These all have to be integrated and then continue to make significant changes to our physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

We are in a huge process of personal transformation while at the same time everything in our world is also changing in ways we have not encountered before. This is challenging, even when we understand the bigger picture, so do make sure that you allow yourself time to nurture you on a daily basis. Take time out to meditate, walk in nature, rest, or connect in with yourself in some other way so that you can energetically regroup.

The ability to manage our energy levels will be even more important as we move on through the rest of this uniquely challenging year.

Cancer Symbol

The Influence of Cancer

All the other planetary activity this month is set against the backdrop of the inflowing energies from the constellation of Cancer, represented in western astrology by the sign of the crab.

The watery, intuitive, nurturing energies of Cancer bring emphasis to those areas of life that relate to ‘home’ and ‘family’ and as always, their influence will be multi-layered.  At an everyday level, we might find our attention taken to the home we live in and the family that we are connected to through birth, marriage, etc. At another level, this energy could bring a particularly sharp focus to the obvious need for us to take greater responsibility for our planetary ‘home’ and for our collective human ‘family’.

In the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Cancer is considered to be the gateway through which souls originally entered into physical incarnation so each year this energy also brings us the potentiality of ‘rebirth’ or a new starting point, something that is especially emphasized in this month’s energy flow.

Weathering the Storm

The overall theme for July’s energies could be best summed up as ‘keep moving on’.

A question we could all usefully ask ourselves this month is ‘are my energetic foundations strong enough to allow me to stand in the eye of the storm and let it pass through without pushing me too much off course?

Here the ‘storm’ is the chaos of change that is currently raging all around us as we continue to disentangle ourselves from our 3D matrix and learn how to align with the new 5D one. CV19 has greatly accelerated this process of change by providing us with a giant reset moment. While normal life has been on hold, we have all had to adapt to new ways of doing things and many of the distractions of everyday life have not been available in the same way as before.

Without us fully realizing it the framework of life has changed around us and we have changed with it. Whether we like it or not we will be unable to fit back into that old box. The old ‘normal’ has gone to be replaced with a new ‘normal’. This is an exciting opportunity to create something new, but it will require some careful, conscious negotiation to get the best from it.

In the midst of such change, the one constant that we have is our connection to ourselves and our internal guidance system. We must, therefore, learn to be our own anchor point in order to best weather the turbulent waters of change. This is where keeping a check on your energetic foundations will serve you well.

Daily Maintenance

Root yourself firmly into the Earth every day.  Remember that big trees often have as many roots underground as they do branches in their visible canopy. Make sure that you have your grounding cord connected to your earth star chakra and that there is a flow of energy in both directions that feeds into your chakra system.

Establish your connection with your higher self and soul/spirit on a daily basis, drawing in light and love from Source and allowing it to flow fully into your energy fields and chakra system.

Center yourself in your heart and create a bubble of light that surrounds you and your energy fields. Fill it with love and light on a daily basis and be very discerning over the vibrations that you allow inside. Stay mindful as to whether you stay inside your bubble of light or whether you easily move away from yourself. Know your own trigger points so that you can deal with any issues that arise within you quickly and efficiently before they cause a vibrational wobble in your field.

The stronger your energetic platform the more you will be able to focus on helping to create a new reality that will better serve humanity going forward. This better reality has to start within each one of us so that a new template can be created that others around us can recognize and align with.

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