Lughnasadh for Solitary Practitioners

The Druid's Garden

In a typical year, at Lughnasadh, my grove would be gathering for our favorite celebration of the year.  This is typically a weekend of rituals, feasting, fire, and merriment, all hosted here at our homestead in Western PA. With the pandemic raging around us, this kind of gathering cannot happen at present. As much as I enjoy our yearly Lughnasadh gathering, I’m taking time this year to focus on my solitary practice and enjoy Lughnasadh in a different way.  Looking at the history and lore of Lughnasadh offers some wonderful solitary practices that honor the history of this holiday and have a fun time.  For a historical look at Lughnasadh (and where some of the inspiration for this post was drawn), you can see Máire MacNeill (1962) The festival of Lughnasa: a study of the survival of the Celtic festival of the beginning of harvest published by Oxford University Press…

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One thought on “Lughnasadh for Solitary Practitioners

  1. I’ve always been very isolated and solitary and the goings-on in the world right now has made me realise that I need friends.
    I feel the pain of many that have to cancel celebrations, I was planning on travelling to Stonehenge this year but that was cancelled.
    I’m planning on spending Lughnasadh in my garden, harvesting some beautiful blooms from my garden and having a little party with my children.

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