Energies of May, New Moon, Full Moon Eclipse, the Influence of Taurus, Negotiating Ongoing Change

The month of May in the northern hemisphere is traditionally associated with the power of the feminine goddess and the beginning of summer, both of which are celebrated at the Celtic festival of Beltane on May 1st each year.

This year May has got off to a somewhat cold and windy start with weather rather more reminiscent of early March than anything approaching summer. Despite this our garden and the countryside around us is resplendent with blossom and new vibrant green growth. Some warm sunshine would now be most welcome so that we can properly start in on the important summer job of mother tincture making.

The Energies of May

May promises to be a powerful and eventful month with a volatile energy flow that will highlight the themes of freedom and transformation.

Events are likely to be fast moving and possibly unexpected in nature so it will be important to stay centred and connected to your core self this month so that you can flow with the winds of change with a degree of ease.

It will feel important for truths previously unrecognised or supressed to be revealed and for change to occur that allows for greater freedom for everyone.

In the early part of the month particularly, there is a thread in the energy flow that will bring us inspiration and creative ideas for our long-term future if we can stay open and receptive. There is a visionary, mystical element to this energy that will heighten our intuition and help us to see beyond the old reality that is in the process of being replaced.

New Moon

The new moon in Taurus on May 11th, is a particularly fertile time to set intentions and sow seeds for what we want to bring into our lives going forward.  The need to connect with your own truth and to have the freedom to express this may feel especially important in the energies of this new moon. Taking time out to check in with ourselves and to ground, rest, recharge, and regenerate will also be important around this time.

Full Moon Eclipse

The 2021 eclipse season starts this month with a total, south node lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th. You will need to be in Australia, south east Asia, or some parts of western USA or South America to view this eclipse, however wherever you are in the world you will definitely be able to feel it.

The energies of this eclipse will be intense and particularly so because it is a supermoon, meaning that it is very close to the Earth. Feelings and emotions may run hot around this time, especially in relation to Sagittarian themes of freedom, travel, truth, and laws of all kinds.

All eclipses bring illumination and change, and south node ones also trigger closure and completion in an area of life. We are currently in a time of transition where the foundations of the old order are crumbling so it is likely that the period around this eclipse may illuminate this further, possibly exposing secrets and previously hidden areas of corruption that need to be transformed. This may temporarily rock our foundations so keep in mind that this leaves space for something new and that it is up to each of us to dream this into existence.

Taurus Symbol

The Influence of Taurus

The sun moved into Taurus on April 19th beginning a month-long period during which it will act as a powerful magnifier for the energies flowing into the Earth from the constellation of Taurus.

In western astrology, the earthy feminine energies of Taurus are represented by the sign of the bull. They bring forward the principle of illumination and offer the potential to see beyond the illusions of time and space.

Within the energies of Taurus there is both the power of creativity and an element of potent magnetic attraction which amplifies the desire to create. In its highest form this energy seeks to blend and harmonise all aspects of creation in beauty and love. It is aligned with the forces of enlightenment that remind us of the need to ‘to be in the world but not of the world’, so that we can turn the magnetic power of ‘desire’ into a force that will help to bring positive transformation to the many areas of life that currently require resolution.

Negotiating Ongoing Change

May promises to be a powerful and eventful month with a volatile energy flow that will highlight the themes of freedom and transformation

The last twelve months has been quite an interesting and sometimes challenging roller coaster ride that has provided us with a reset point between old and new realities. We have found ourselves required to accommodate change on all levels at once, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Many people have found themselves alternating between periods of excitement and creativity and then feelings of tiredness, exhaustion, and unsettledness.  This is not surprising as we are being requested to integrate higher and higher frequencies of light flowing onto the planet as well as dealing with the changes that this is making both within and around us.
More opportunities for change and growth are on the way over the next month and beyond so it is important that we do our best to flow with what the universe presents us with in each moment and be aware when we fall into resistance. The feeling of resistance to change is familiar to all of us and just means that we have come up against an old issue that needs to be seen from a more expanded perspective.


Freedom is a theme that will present itself to us in many different ways over the coming months. There are some very strong threads in the energy flow that will make it feel urgent to push against and even rebel against restrictions that limit our ability to do what feels important to us. We could see this play out on the world stage in the shape of rebellions and protests about the restriction of liberties, truth, and human rights. Within ourselves it is an energy that we can use to move us forward provided that we recognise the need to use it in a balanced way. Giving yourself full permission to follow the path that your own inner truth and guidance reveals to you will keep you aligned with the energy of freedom in its true sense. The energies this month may well highlight for you any areas of life where you unconsciously resist doing this. If this is what happens for you just breath and allow so that you can see what the resistance is. A new choice then becomes possible.

Stay in Your Heart

The evidence of polarity consciousness is visible everywhere at the moment, something that is likely to continue for a while yet as fundamental change in our collective consciousness takes place. Everything that is not aligned with unity consciousness has to be brought into awareness and new choices made. We can best assist with this by remembering to stay in our hearts and to avoid being pulled into strong polarities of right/wrong or pushing against something that we disagree with. Like water the energy of the heart has its own ability to find a way around obstacles and resistance if we just stay neutral, allowing and in a loving space.


Self-care is always important but right now it is particularly so. Take lots of time for yourself this month to rest, relax and listen deeply to what is stirring within. Pay attention to any guidance that your body might give you as to diet and/or supplements that might be needed to support your process of change. Meditation, walking in nature and enjoying the company of like-minded souls are all things that will help with self-care and nurture.

Dream Big

It is important that we start to look beyond the period of change that we are currently negotiating and begin to create a new vision for our future. The energetic flow this month is highly creative and will deeply support us in dreaming the dream of how we would like our personal and collective future to be. Spending lots of time feeling our version of the dream and avoiding giving attention to all the very obvious things that are currently going on that do not yet align with it, would be a powerful way of contributing to this ongoing creation.

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