Diamond Meaning and Healing Powers – The definitive guide

India was once thought to be the world’s only source of diamonds. The early Hindus called the gemstone, Vajra Vajra means either, thunderbolt or lightning, reflecting a belief that diamonds were created by lightning hitting rocks and acknowledging the power that they possess. 2000 years later, Diamonds were discovered in the new colonies of Brazil, … Continue reading Diamond Meaning and Healing Powers – The definitive guide

US Lavender Growers Association –

  Network with other lavender growers from around the world, learn from expert growers and business leaders in the industry, and access a wealth of resources for your business. New growers will appreciate our intensive, two-part “Start a Farm” series, while more experienced growers will benefit from a wide range of topics on production and … Continue reading US Lavender Growers Association –

Spring Flowers, Magical Bluebells.

To Elizabethans, bluebells were enchanted, and heaven forbid you hear their bell-shaped heads ring, for death would likely follow. Links with folklore were still prevalent more than three centuries later, as borne out by Cicely Mary Barker’s depictions of Flower Fairies (the first book in the series was published in 1923) and her assertion that the bluebell … Continue reading Spring Flowers, Magical Bluebells.

Sacred Trees in the Americas: American Hazel (Corylus americana) Magic, Ecology, and Sacred Uses

The Druid's Garden

American Hazelnuts in a cluster getting ready to ripen

For three years, I have had my eye on our American hazel bushes here at the homestead. When we first moved to the property, much of the understory was damaged with the logging the previous owners did and it took time for the hazels to recover.  Thus, for the last few years, I’ve watched the hazels grow taller and larger each year and kept looking excitedly for any signs of nuts setting. This past fall, I was delighted to find handfuls of delicious wild American hazelnuts and connect with the incredible wisdom that they offer.

While Hazel is a critically important tree in the mythology and magical tradition of Druidry and in Europe more broadly, The Hazel is one of the sacred trees identified by the druids as a tree tied to wisdom and the flow of Awen, and it is…

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March 2021 Newsletter – Hidden finds and some great new arrivals

  A discovery of a rare gemstone in Thailand made worldwide news recently. The story begins with a dream. 37-year-old fisherman, Hatchai Niyomdecha, had a vision in which an old gray haired man with a long white mustache tells him he must go down to the beach the following day where he will find a … Continue reading March 2021 Newsletter – Hidden finds and some great new arrivals

BIG NEWS: Our newest course is officially here!

Do you dream of creating your own herbal recipe book? One that’s full of effective, original, well-balanced formulas inspired by your unique herbal journey and expertise, and the needs of the people for whom they are intended?  Our herbal recipe book would be something environmentally friendly, maybe a wax canvas-bound cover and handwritten interior, with oil stains on … Continue reading BIG NEWS: Our newest course is officially here!

Purple Shamrock: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Purple shamrocks (Oxalis triangularis), also known as false shamrocks, sport nearly black foliage. Learn how to care for these interesting plants. Source: Purple Shamrock: Plant Care & Growing Guide

The Magic of the Understory

The Druid's Garden

A path of evergreen mountain laurel at Laurel Hill State Park. Amazing to hike through in the winter, when the understory sings!

As you may have noticed, in the last month or so I’ve been working diligently on my “Sacred Trees in the Americas” series.  The truth is, I’ve worked through most of the trees that are well known and form the overstory of most of the forests in the US East Coast.  Trees like White Pine, Oak, Hickory, Sugar Maple, Ash, Beech, and Birch are dominant trees.  And when you do research on these trees, you find a rich tradition and lore from both the Americas and the Old World.  Recently, I’ve moved my attention to lesser-known trees like Ironwood and Devil’s Walking Stick, and have covered others like Witch Hazel (distinct and different from American Hazel) and Spicebush. There is a striking difference between the first group and…

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Spiced Golden Rice Pudding For The Goddesses of Spring – Gather Victoria

In a culinary fusion of western and eastern goddess traditions, this Golden Rice Pudding is made with primrose infused cream and spiced with saffron, cardamom, orange zest and a touch of candied ginger. It is my offering to the Hindu Goddess Saraswati, Goddess of Wisdom, Learning and Art and Brigid the Celtic Goddess of Illumination, Inspiration and Poetry. … Continue reading Spiced Golden Rice Pudding For The Goddesses of Spring – Gather Victoria

Magickal Properties and Uses of Viola, Violet Magic

Viola is a quiet, little magic. She springs up in fields, lawns, and at the edges of forests. Before her companions begin to bud, she’s blooming away, gathering in the cool, damp spring days. In spring’s quiet while everyone else has yet to awaken, Viola works her magic. Violas come in a variety of colors … Continue reading Magickal Properties and Uses of Viola, Violet Magic