COMMON NAME: chrysanthemumGENUS: ChrysanthemumSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:The garden chrysanthemum,C. morifolium, is a hybrid developed from four species native to Asia. Many cultivars have been developed from this one, differing in size, shape, type of flowering head, growth habit, color, and time of bloom.FAMILY: CompositaeBLOOMS: FallTYPE: perennialDESCRIPTION: The many classes of chrysanthemum include pompon, quill, spider, brush, thistle, … Continue reading Chrysanthemum.


COMMON NAME:  petuniaGENUS:  PetuniaSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:P. grandiflora-large flowers.P. multiflora-prolific bloomer.FAMILY:  SolanaceaeBLOOMS:  summerTYPE:  annualDESCRIPTION:  Petunia flowers come in quite an array of candy-store colors including red, pink, dark blue, light blue, purple, and yellow. The flowers are single or double and can be as wide as 7 inches across. The leaves are light green and somewhat … Continue reading Petunia


COMMON NAME: staticeGENUS: LimoniumSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:L. bonduellit and L. sinuatum are annuals with clusters of yellow, blue, purple, or rose flowers. L. latifolium-perennial; 28 to 30 inches tall; lavender flowers. L. perezii-perennial; 36 inches tall; purple and white flowers.FAMILY: PlumbaginaceaeBLOOMS: summerTYPE: annual and perennialDESCRIPTION: Annual statice is a multi-branched plant producing delicate sprays of flowers that rise … Continue reading Statice


COMMON NAME: strawflowerGENUS: HelichrysumSPECIES: H. bracteatumFAMILY: CompositaeBLOOMS: summerTYPE: annualDESCRIPTION:  The blossoms are pomponlike, measure 2 1/2 inches across, and come in white and bright shades of yellow, red, pink, and orange. Plants grow about 2 to 3 feet tall, though dwarf varieties are available that are a mere 12 to 18 inches in height.CULTIVATION:  Choose … Continue reading Strawflower


COMMON NAME:  bellflowerGENUS:  CampanulaSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:C. glomerata 'Joan Elliott'-clustered bellflower; deep violet-blue; May-June. C. medium 'Caerulea'; blue. C. rotundifolia 'Olympica'-bluebell of Scotland; blue; June-September; 12 inches. C. carpatica 'China Doll'-lavender blue; 8 inches. C.c. 'Wedgewood Blue'-5 to 6 inches. C.c. 'Wedgewood White'-white; 8 inches.FAMILY:  CampanulaceaeBLOOMS:  late spring, summerTYPE:  biennial and perennialDESCRIPTION:  There are many kinds of bellflowers. Most have … Continue reading Bellflower


COMMON NAME:  lily GENUS:  Lilium SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: Many of the 200 species of lilies are native to the United States. Plant breeders have done extensive hybridization work on the lilies to make them hardy and free flowering. Lilies are now available in every color except blue. FAMILY:  Liliaceae BLOOMS:  late spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION: … Continue reading Lily


COMMON NAME:  peonyGENUS:  PaeoniaSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:P. lactiflora {Chinese peony}-many hybrids; single or double. P. suffruticosa {TREE PEONY}-shrub; does not die back in winter.FAMILY:  RanunculaceaeBLOOMS:  late springTYPE:  perennialDESCRIPTION:  Peony greets spring with offerings of very large, beautiful blossoms in pinks, white, and shades of red. The foliage is neat and attractive, and the plants create an appealing, … Continue reading Peony