Compress For Bruising & Anti-Bruising Oil

A wet compress can relieve some of the pain of a bruise and help the healing process. This simple formula will have you feeling better in no time and for very little money.
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup witch hazel or cider vinegar
2 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops rosemary essential oil
2 drops peppermint or juniper essential oil
1. In a bowl, mix the water, witch hazel or vinegar, and the essential oils. Soak a flannel cloth in the liquid, wring it out until nearly dry, and then place over injured area.
2. Cover with plastic wrap so the skin absorbs the essential oils and cover the whole thing with a towel. Apply the compress for 30 minutes up to three times daily.
Anti-Bruising Oil.
Use this rub very, very gently to help in the healing process.
10 drops rosemary essential oil
10 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops juniper essential oils
30 drops carrier oil {olive or almond}
1. In a small bowl, mix the essential oils with the carrier oil.
2. Massage the mixture gently into bruised areas every two hours.
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