While the Full Hunter’s Moon will reach peak fullness on Sunday, October 13, 2019, the Moon will appear full for roughly three days, from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. It’s the only night in the month when the Moon is in the sky all night long—visible in the sky at sunset and setting around sunrise the next day! Because the Hunter’s Moon rises from the horizon around

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How to Create Your Own Tarot or Oracle Deck for Personal Use

Originally posted on The Druid's Garden:
? My local ogham-like oracle system 🙂 Ever since I self-published the Tarot of Trees, I get a fairly regular stream of people who are interested in creating their own oracle decks and want to know how to do it. So in today’s post, I’ll share the process of developing a variety of…

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New Event: All Hallows Pop-Up & Ghost Walk in Montreal

  October 11 & 12, 2019 Some happy news for you! April of Lvnea Perfume and I are hosting a last minute pop-up of esoteric workshops and vendors at Lvnea’s beautiful shop in Montreal during the witchiest time of the year in a famous centuries-old city full of ghosts. Join us to dive in to the season of the witch. Hope to

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The Witch Reborn in Autumn: Spiritual Death and the Dance of Bones | Spirits Dance Bones

The Wild Witch and the Dance of Bones The moon ascends from her primal cave, And my feet twitch in excitement. For this is the long-awaited call Back to my soul’s home. I become a wild witch once more. Hail Autumn, With your winds of change, Blowing me free of what has passed, Dancing in the delight of freedom. Spiraling

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Making Homemade Herbal Lozenges with Linden

Stand beneath a blooming linden tree, and chances are you will slowly become aware of an almost unbelievable event taking place. The tree will be so alive with the hum and buzz of happy honeybees so absorbed in their harvest, they may very well bounce right off of you! An 80-year-old tree near my home presents a nearly surreal experience under her

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