Resource Links

Medicinal Plant Education & Conservation

United Plant Savers
Dedicated to protecting native medicinal plants in the United States and Canada and their native habitat, while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.

Herbal Education/Practitioner

Annies Backyard Herbal LLC, My Herbal Adventures

A personal journey with discovering herbalism, love of gardening, and how it all involves family & our desire to treat the environment and our bodies with care and conscientiousness.

California School of Herbal Studies
One of North America’s oldest herbal education centers, started by Rosemary Gladstar.

Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials
Education and Retreat Center in the Fingerlakes region of New York.

Sacred Plant Traditions
Center for herbal studies started by Kathleen Maier in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center and Botanical Sanctuary
One of New England’s foremost learning centers for herbs and Earth awareness, founded by Rosemary Gladstar and Karl Slick. Information here on Rosemary Gladstar’s classes and writings as well as on the New England Women’s Herb Conference and the International Herb Symposium.

Dr. Tieraona LowDog
Tieraona LowDog’s website with her classes, articles, and speaking schedule.

The Herbal Academy

The mission of the Herbal Academy is to teach the art and science of plant medicine honoring our intrinsic connection to nature. We celebrate the community-centered spirit of herbalism by collaborating with a wide diversity of herbalists to create an herbal school that presents many herbal traditions and points of view!

Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism
Offering herbal consultations on a sliding scale, starting at zero, comprehensive herbalist training programs, and herbal education for the Central Vermont community.

Wildflower and Weeds
Resources for plant identification and use, foraging, wild food recipes, and lots more.

Woodland Essence
Herbal products, flower essences, and classes offered by Kate Gilday and Don Babineau in the Adirondacks, New York.

Educational Resources

American Herbalists Guild
Provides a comprehensive list of herbal practitioners and herb schools by region, as well as other useful information

Dr. Larry Dossey
Larry Dossey’s site with links to his articles, books, and speaking schedule.

The Journal of the American Botanical Council.

Christopher Hobbs’ Herbal Prescriber Database
An excellent database cross-referenced by herb and conditions, compiled by one of the most respected herbalists in the United States; offers traditional use information.

Herbal Products

Annies Backyard Herbal LLC, My Herbal Adventures

A personal journey with discovering herbalism, love of gardening, and how it all involves family & our desire to treat the environment and our bodies with care and conscientiousness.

Avena Botanicals
Organic herbal extracts, teas, and salves by Deb Soule, based in Rockport, Maine.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op 
Organic and natural products. Norway, Iowa.

Grian Herbs
Organic herbal extracts by Guido Mase, based in Montpelier, Vermont.

Herb Pharm
Organic and ethically wildcrafted liquid extracts based in Williams, Oregon.

Mandala Botanicals
Organic herbal products and classes offered by Sandra Lory. Barre, Vermont.

Mountain Rose Herbs
Supplier of bulk organic herbs, spices, herbal products, and teas.

New Chapter, Inc.
Organic and whole-food herbal supplements. Brattleboro, Vermont.

Traditional Medicinals, Inc.
Supplier of a wide selection of teas and other herbal products. Sebastopol, California.

Zackwoods Farm
Vermont-based supplier of bulk organic herbs and herbal teas.

Environmental Health

Through the annual conference and other forums, Bioneers is inspiring a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other, and future generations.

Children’s Environmental Health Network
Resources on environmental health hazards to children and efforts to promote a healthy environment.

The Collaborative on Health and the Environment
A wealth of resources on research about environmental factors impacting human health and efforts being made to address environmental health concerns.

A leader in the fields of human and ecosystem health and cancer retreat center. Bolinas, California.

Health Care Without Harm
Healthcare practitioners working for environmentally responsible healthcare.

Health Observatory
A global source of public health policy information from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Dr. Martha Herbert
Links to articles/research by Dr. Martha Herbert on the relationship between toxins and human health, particularly autism.

Safer States
The network of environmental health organizations seeking to transform state and national chemical policies.

Science and Environmental Health Network
Information and resources on toxins and environmental health, ecological medicine, the precautionary principle, and more.

Women’s Health and the Environment
Great information/resources for educating individuals and communities about human and environmental health.

According to an article in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism, an estimated 44 million people in the world live with dementia. With this many people suffering, it’s important to know the possible causes and risk factors and to share them with family and friends.

A 2019 Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia gives a great overview of the types of dementia as well as risk factors for developing dementia.

Resource Guide Dogs where we provide dog owners with in-depth guides for raising a happy pooch.

 Recently published a 10,000 word comprehensive guide on 123 human foods that are harmful to dogs and foods that are healthy for them.

Here is a link to the guide:

PuppyBeing’s mission is to provide every dog parent with the insight and tools needed to ensure maximum health, happiness, and well-being of their furry family member.