Root Magic

adamandeverootDifferent spells use different parts of plants, but roots, which lie buried in Earth, are considered particularly magical. The most powerful plants have the most powerful roots and some are extremely potent indeed. Different roots are used for different purposes. Adam and Eve root, for instance, which resembles its namesake, is used to draw love, while Angelica root, also known as Archangel root because knowledge of its use was a gift from the Archangel Michael, bestows healing and protection to all, as well as extra power for women.


Root magic is tremendously ancient. The Jewish Bible records Leah and Rachel’s squabble over possession of a mandrake-with-flowersprized mandrake root said to draw both love and fertility.

Today many magical root plants are terribly endangered. Because it’s easier to destroy the plant to obtain the root, indiscriminate harvesting has decimated many of these species. In addition, many spells require roots to be chopped into small pieces. In this form, they are fairly unrecognizable. Dishonest merchants prey on people’s desires by substituting other plants. If you’ve purchased what is marketed as Mandrake in the United States, it’s most likely you actually bought mayapple, also a plant used in enchantments but not the same thing, not as rare and certainly not worthy of Mandrake prices. Even worse, artificial and/or petroleum products are frequent substitutes.

lucky-hand-rootThe best way to be confident that your roots are genuine is to be familiar with its aroma and appearance. What should it look like, what should it smell like? Lucky Hand Root {Dactylorhiza orchids}, for instance, looks like a tiny human hand with too many fingers. Those extra fingers are believed to help you catch whatever it is that you need. For complete security and power, cultivate your own root plants or purchase roots only from reputable vendors.