Animal Totem: Spirit of Coyote


Role: Trickster

Lesson: Trust & Seeing through Illusion

Element: Fire/Air

Wind: South Recalling the Child Within

Medicine: Shapeshifting

 Wisdom & Folly. Guile & Innocence. Stealth. Ability to Laugh at one’s Self. Hidden Lessons. Intelligence. Childlike Trust. Song of Life. Trickster. Shapeshifting. Teaching the Importance of Fun & Play.

A cry fills the night the haunting sound, a familiar one. Carried upon the ribbons of moonlight, a song that has been heard for centuries, never changing, yet heralding change.Generations & tribes of two-leggeds have long since come and gone and always, across shifting times and People Coyote’s song lingers on … .the melody often strong in our ears, in other moments, but a distant echo we vaguely hear.He sings to us of Family and the sacred bond of love.Coyote asks of us to expand our hearts beyond blood ties to include all the Peoplehuman, winged, four-legged, finned, as members of our Clan.Coyote sings to us of Changes to come.He is Trickster, Joker, the Fool & the Sage.Both the Wise Master and the Servant of Folly, Masleca sings to us that Truth lies within the Paradox


Native American culture is rich with lore featuring Coyote as a central figure.  Masleca is known as The Trickster, a paradoxical mixture of wise sage and foolish prankster.

The Trickster, always carries with him, lessons that are crucial to growth and change, yet the lesson he brings is usually one that is contained within a grand joke that Coyote plays upon the unwitting human.  As such, though he is a Teacher Spirit, his lessons are taught via the vehicle of humor and wisdom found within folly.

For the two-legged beside whom Coyote walks, there will be an aspect of their personality that is deeply playful and mischievous, yet they are equally capable of deep contemplation and introspection.  Though this may at first appear to be a great contradiction, such dichotomy is all a part of the paradoxical Medicine of the Trickster that is both the Wise Sage and the hapless Fool.

Coyote souls will most often learn their lessons the hard way as they go through the Earthwalk trusting those who are incapable (or unwilling) to be worthy of such innocent trust.  Such faith in Others is beautiful in its simplicity and geniuses, yet ultimately it brings to Soul of Masleca, lessons in discernment.

The Coyote individual will often make things much harder on him/herself than they need be, and part of their Lesson as they journey around the Sacred Hoop of Life is to uncomplicate their life and enjoy the “simple” pleasures.  For one whose outer personality is marked by a great curiosity, this can be exceptionally difficult to master as the focus tends to shift frequently and they become easily bored or distracted.  Yet if they can learn to discipline their sharp intellect, much can be accomplished.

This is not to say that they should attempt to focus only on one project until completed, but rather to find their own way of following projects through that can also appease their proclivity for multitasking.  Perhaps in realizing that it is acceptable to have a variety of projects going simultaneously, so long as the projects are completed, Coyote Soul can begin to “own” their success.  Often times, society teaches us that we must focus on only one thing at a time and to not veer from that one venture until it is completed.  For those who walk beside a Totem that is singularly focused (such as the Mountain Goat), this is a natural and “easy” process, yet for one beside whom Coyote journeys (a multitasking Totem), this is contrary to their inherent Nature.  Attempting to meet societal expectations and then “failing,” Coyote can become discouraged and lose faith in him/herself.  By recognizing that it is part of their nature to have several projects going simultaneously and combining this self-acceptance with a degree of discipline geared toward finishing those projects (even if this is done simultaneously), the two-legged with this restless Animal Spirit comes to recognize that there is nothing “wrong” with their approach, it is merely unique.

coyote vision quest


In Earth Medicine, it is recognized that each Wind or Direction possesses its own unique Medicine.  In the South, we see the Cycles of Summer and Mid-Day.  The Directional Totem for the South is Coyote with the Medicine of this Direction being that of herbs and the Standing People. Three is the Sacred Count for the South and it governs the Soul with the Powers of Trust, Faith of the Child, Enthusiasm for Knowledge, Understanding forged in the fires of Experience, Innocence and the ability to heal through the use of Herbs and Plants.  The South Wind teaches us the importance of retaining our child-like (as opposed to childish) Faith and Trust despite the adversities and challenges we all must surely face on this Walk of Life.

As the Animal Spirit that is recognized as the Totem for the South Wind/Direction on the Hoop of Life (Eagle is the Totem of the East, Grizzly Bear is the Totem of the West and Buffalo is the Totem of the North), Coyote reminds us of the importance of Keeping our Faith.

Observing the Coyote in his/her natural environment can be a study in comedy and drama as this beautiful wild canine endures all that is currently stacked against it to survive as the two-legged encroaches further and further into the wilderness and is becoming increasingly intolerant of Coyote’s rightful place on the Sacred Hoop of Life.  Yet in watching the enthusiasm of Coyote interacting with members of his/her family, or (as seen in the background to this page) when chasing prey, there is an unbridled and child-like playfulness about this Creature Being that reminds us all of the need to retain our joy and discovery of life.

Coyote as a Primary Totem will bring to the two-legged beside whom Masleca journeys, many lessons in Trust and Seeing through Illusion.  This can be a challenging aspect to Coyote Medicine

At heart, the Coyote individual will be an exceptionally trusting individual who will enter the Sacred Hoop with a heart that is virtually wide open and trusting.  Unfortunately, the two-legged with Masleca as a Totem Spirit begins the process of discovering not everyone is “worthy” of such trust as he/she encounters many individuals who take advantage of their open and trusting nature.

The lessons themselves may be presented in a variety of ways from lending money to a friend under the guise of being reimbursed only to be left “holding the bag” to having unquestioning faith in a romantic partner who betrays such trust in acts of unfaithfulness and/or deceit.  These will be exceptionally painful experiences that often leaves the Coyote with blaming the Self for being so “gullible.”

If the lessons represented by those painful experiences are not embraced and integrated into Conscious Awareness, the result can be a developing sense of disillusionment and the Coyote will become suspicious of even the most trustworthy of individuals.  For those who are operating from a standpoint of automatic suspicion, partners, friends, and associates who are honest and faithful, unable to operate any longer under such questioning of their integrity, will ultimately leave.  Hence, the wounded Coyote’s belief that the individual couldn’t be trusted in the first place will be reinforced and justified as it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The irony is that the Coyote individual is often very keen and perceptive, and on some level, they will intuitively know those who are worthy of trust.  A subtle “knowing” will inform them of those who are out to take advantage of their nature, and they will invariably be proved right every time, yet equally that same inner knowing will tell them when another can be trusted.

When operating from the Shadow or Contrary Medicine, the Soul of Coyote will be untrustworthy themselves, weaving tales and betraying the faith of loved ones.  If this is the instance, then the lessons encountered are much harder, as ultimately the lies spoken or unfaithful acts will ultimately be exposed.  The culmination of these lessons will often result in the Coyote losing one whom they cherish until they are forced to face themselves in honesty and truth.

In both instances, when the two-legged beside whom Coyote trots can learn to listen to his/her intuition rather than what they either want to believe or refuse to see, or if they are the individual who cannot be trusted and learn to become honest and truthful,  the lesson in Trust is well and truly absorbed as Masleca learns to pierce beyond the veil of Illusion of Self and Others to the Truth that dwells beneath.


The desert Southwest is often filled with the haunting cry of the Coyote’s howl.  Higher-pitched than that of their cousin Wolf, the Coyote’s song drifts across mesas and through sandstone canyons with a song that is simultaneously mournful and wise.  It is the call of unity amongst family members sung back and forth across vast distances as a means of staying in contact.

This same song is also a rallying cry between pack members before a hunt or to chase off intruders, or the serenade of a lone Coyote in search of a mate beside whom they will journey the rest of their lives.  As there are so many circumstances in which Coyote will sing, the call has become known as the Song of Life.

The one beside whom Coyote journeys will be an individual that feels they are here for a specific purpose or “mission.”  However, the irony often is that despite this strong sense that there is a goal to be accomplished on this Earthwalk, the Coyote Soul will spend many years in attempting to discern what that special purpose is.  At times glimmers of their “destiny” will appear clearly before their questing eyes only to suddenly disappear as ensuing doubts and issues of self-worth clouds their vision.

Only through exploring many different avenues will the Coyote eventually find the Path that his/her heart resonates to, and along the way, a variety of interests will capture their restless curiosity.  Above all, however, the Coyote individual needs to explore and investigate as theirs is an active and inquisitive mind.  Hence, fields in which they are challenged intellectually or spiritually will resonate the strongest with them as well as a field in which they can share their insights and knowledge gained with Others.

Some professions which the combination of qualities mentioned above might be found are in the communications field such as writing or journalism, the educational field or any Role in which they are able to transmit their philosophy, ideas, and ideals to their fellow Two-Leggeds.

Once the Pathway has been found, the Coyote’s soul with resonate with a sense of ultimate fulfillment as they begin the exploration of their “mission,” their voices will raise in celebration as their Song of Life rings forth.


Spirit of Spider {Animal Totems}

Role: The Weaver

Lesson: Balance

Element: Earth

Wind: West The Quest Within

Medicine: Illusion

 Communication. Creativity. Divine Inspiration. Illusion. Balance. Nurturing Instinct. Mystery. Wisdom. Magic.


“In the beginning, there was the dark purple light at the dawn of being. Spider Woman spun a line to form the east, west, north, and south. Breath entered man at the time of the yellow light. At the time of the red light, man proudly faced his creator. Spider Woman used the clay of the earth, red, yellow, white, and black, to create people. To each she attached a thread of her web which came from the doorway at the top of her head. This thread was the gift of creative wisdom. Three times she sent a great flood to destroy those who had forgotten the gift of her thread. Those who remembered floated to the new world and climbed to safety through the Sipapu Pole the womb of Mother Earth.”


Many Native American tribes have Creation stories that include Grandmother Spider as the Creator who spun the Web of Physical Life. It is the glistening strands of this Web that all life is interconnected, with each creature being (two-legged, four legged, winged or creepy-crawly), Standing Person (tree), Stone Person, and all other forms of life, a vital and integral strand in this most beautiful and sacred Web.

To watch the Spider weave her web is to behold a beautiful artisan crafting a masterpiece of art. The intricate yet interwoven strands are paradoxically complex yet simple, bespeaking of an innate understanding that each Individual fiber is crucial to the balance and completion of the Whole.

What is more stunning than to walk upon a Web unexpectedly as it glistens in the center of a primordial forest, or to see the threads of the same web after a spring shower, tiny rain drops of water caught in the web and glittering as though thousands of tiny diamonds have been left behind, scattered carelessly by the sun. Such creativity is breathtaking to behold, a testament in miniature to the Creativity of the Great Spirit and the loving guidance of the Earth Mother.

For the two-legged beside whom Spider crawls, there will exist a depth of creativity that may manifest in any of a myriad of ways. Perhaps the talent is in writing prose that conveys a depth of feeling and spirituality, or it may be the human counterpart is particularly skilled at creating beautiful and intricate jewelry that will often have an etheric quality to them, much like glimmering strands of a spider’s web.

Whatever channel this creativity flows through, it is a quality and gift that must be expressed and allowed the freedom to flow. If creativity is not acknowledged in the Spider individual, then a very necessary and integral part of their Life’s Purpose is being denied.

Such creativity is divinely inspired and a Gift that is given by the Great Mystery. The paradox in this for the Spider individual may be that they will deny an awareness of their own creativity for many years in deference to other areas of their lives which seem to call for attention. Often, the area that distracts the Spider soul most often is that of relationships as much like Grandmother Spider was forever aware of her Children so the two-legged with this creature being as a Totem will tend to focus much of their attention on loved ones rather than nurturing and fulfilling their own needs. Yet if the Spider Soul does not give license to this creative spark, it will feel as though their life’s blood is slowly ebbing away or they are being “drained” of energy.

For the parent who has a young spider, all effort must be taken to encourage the child to develop their own individuality. Whatever form the Spider exhibits their proclivity for creative genius, that creativity ought to be enthusiastically encouraged, for this will be teaching the sensitive soul the importance of self-love and self-nurturing, while simultaneously gifting the World with the remarkable beauty these souls have come onto the Wheel to share.

As an adult, it is important that Spider Soul indulges in creativity. If the Spider is one of your Primary Totems (Power, Theme or Mission), and you are not currently aware or recognizing the fact that you possess creative talent, it is crucial to discover the buried talent and give it wings with which to fly. In so doing, the Soul is in greater alignment with the Purpose and Beauty of the individual Life Path.


Another area in which Spider has been recognized as being a Creative Force is in a communication of all forms. The Seneca People believe that Spider created the first alphabet of the Two-Leggeds so that we could leave a written history of our travel, lessons learned and progress made on this walk around the Wheel of Life. Following is a recounting of the story behind the creation of that alphabet.

“Spider wove the web that brought humans the first picture of the alphabet.

The letters were part of the angles of her web.

Deer asked Spider what she was weaving and why all the lines looked like symbols.

Spider replied, “Why Deer, it is time for Earth’s children to learn to make records of their progress in their Earthwalk.”

Deer answered Spider, “But they already have pictures that show through symbols the stories of their experiences.”

“Yes” Spider said, “But Earth’s children are growing more complex, and their future generations will need to know more.

The ones to come won’t remember how to read the petroglyphs.”

When Spider is present as a Primary Totem, she will bring with her a gift of communication. Most often, this skill is conveyed via the written word, rather than orally delivered, as Spider Souls can be quite shy, though they are capable of weaving beautiful words in the form of poetry or fiction (think of a Spider spinning its web), that can leave the reader spellbound and enraptured.

If this talent is not obviously present, it has likely been repressed during early childhood. If this is the case, concentrated effort will need to be taken in resurrecting this suppressed talent, as part of what any Spider Soul is here to do, is to convey profound insight and wisdom via the written word. Again, this can be paradoxical, as often times the one beside whom Spider walks will be rather oblivious as to the true power of his/her words and ability to elicit strong emotions.

Parents and loved ones of Spider Souls should take great pains to encourage their child, spouse, or loved one, to explore writing. As sensual beings, the Spider individual will enjoy being given a special journal or book with textured paper, or a special pen with which they can jot down their thoughts, dreams, poetry and vivid plot scenarios.

Dreams are also an important area of the Spider’s life and they should pay special attention to their dreams. The Dreamweaver is a spider, and often it is through the slumbering hours and astral voyages that the Spider Soul will receive his/her greatest messages and insights. Keeping a special dream journal beside the bed to quickly scribble details of especially vivid dreams prior to having them fade in the morning light, is supremely beneficial to both the spirit and creative spark of the one beside whom Spider crawls. If not a journal kept beside the bed, then a tape recorder in which the dream can be quickly related to a recording, to be transcribed via handwritten or typed format later.


As the Master Weaver, Spider spins a web of stunning intricacy and profound beauty. Such artistry is at the very core of many myths and legends that wind their way across every time and throughout nearly every culture, much like the glimmering strands of Spider’s Web.

In Native American tradition, the Dream Catcher is a representation of Spider’s Web. Upon the arrival of a new infant, a Dream Catcher is placed above the sleeping child, the threads of which are formed from sinew and fashioned in a beautiful flowering that can contain anywhere from five to ten individual “petals” with a small hole at its center. It is believed that the intricate pattern of the strands, attract bad dreams and energies to fall upon them. Once the negative dreams are upon the “web,” they struggle to break free and only further entangle themselves where they will be held until morning when the Sun’s rays will dissolve them. Good dreams and energy meanwhile, are allowed to slip through the center where they will travel along the beads and feathers to fall gently upon the slumbering baby below.

The two-legged beside whom Spider journeys, will possess a certain illusive and mysterious quality that is almost magical in its glamor. Indeed, Illusion in all its forms will be a key theme in the life of the Spider Soul.

Often, some of the most dazzling magicians share the Earthwalk with Spider as a Primary Totem with Spider assisting them in weaving a magic spell that enraptures a willing audience. Likewise, Spider is frequently evident as a Totem in the lives of actors and actresses, poets, basket and blanket weavers and artists of many kinds whose glamor is a part illusion, part reality.

When operating from its Lower Vibration, the two-legged is caught in the strands of the personality center wherein unresolved issues that have not been acknowledged and addressed will manifest in a variety of ways. For some Spider individuals operating from this tangled center, lies, omissions, and untruths will be spoken and woven with a complexity that is stunning to behold. Not only are these Spider types able to spin lies and half-truths, but they do so in such a skillful manner that others believe them. Only once this tendency to weave tall tales is acknowledged in blatant self-honesty and addressed, may the Higher Vibrations be given life and the Spider individual steps free of the deceitful past into a new light of Conscious Awareness.

Yet for those Spider Souls operating from the higher vibration, the result is watching a master artisan at work. These are the sensitive and nurturing souls that create a beautiful expression and vision that entices Others to reach for the best within themselves. In this way, Spider and Two-legged merge in a mission of bringing beauty and enlightenment to the All.

Animal Spirit and Medicine: Cougar Spirit

Spirit of Cougar

Role: Leader

Lesson: Proper Use of Power

Element: Earth

Wind: West The Quest Within

Medicine: Emissary

 Leadership. Standing. Behind Convictions.
Confidence. Clever. Awareness. 

Learning the Proper use of Power.
Messenger between Humans &
The Divine Beings. Balance. Steadfast. Responsible. Dependable

Spectral figure
prowls the night,
your yellow eyes burning bright,
as you watch the story
of Humanity unfold

Wisdom garnered
through experiences faced,
a proud lineage of courage traced
back through the haunting canyons
of Time untold

Your chilling scream
pierces the veil,
the resonating echo leaves a trail
that speaks to us
of a soul that stands alone

Emissary & messenger,
of the planes, you travel between,
though rarely heard and seldom seen,
our souls respond in resplendent joy
when you guide us Home.


Watching the Cougar (also known in other cultures and regions as either Puma or Mountain Lion) one is keenly aware of the formidable grace and power that is reflected in every stride taken or leap made. And yet the sense is that the Cougar has a conscious awareness of his strength and the potential to inflict great harm with very little effort, a fact that is reflected in the tenderness with which the female cougar treats her young as a mouth that can easily crush bones is also capable of exceptional gentleness as she bathes her cubs.

Adults can weigh in anywhere between 100 – 200 lbs., with an average length of 48 – 60 inches with an additional 28 inches of tail.  They are renowned jumpers, possessing the ability to leap 30 feet horizontally and up to 18 feet vertically, a testimony to the powerful leg muscles of these magnificent creature beings.

For the two-legged beside whom Cougar strides, there will exist an inherent power and strength that is the very core of their Being.  These are incredibly powerful individuals, though such power is gifted via a process of trial and error as the Cougar soul learns the difference between using such formidable power, and abusing it.

Most Cougar individuals have an inner respect and understanding of their own abilities and hence, will generally not throw their weight around unless they are either backed into a corner from which there is no obvious escape or unless they are operating from an extremely damaged or unintegrated Personality Center.  Yet for those who begin wielding such a gift in a reckless manner, many painful encounters and situations will arise that may initially perplex the one who walks with Cougar, bringing losses in fortune, falls from positions of leadership or even public humiliation and/or scandal.  Eventually, the unintegrated Mountain Lion will reflect upon the choices that have led him/her to such losses and embarrassments and, in new found humility, they will recognize the Lessons behind such experiences and (in most instances) modify their behavior and beliefs accordingly.

One of the hallmark characteristics of the Cougar Soul is an innate quest to reach the best within themselves.  It matters not whether they reach the top of the corporate ladder, excel academically, or are the leader of a cherished cause, these individuals will exude the sense that they are meant to be in the role of leader.

Interestingly, however, most two-leggeds beside whom Cougar pads, will be reluctant leaders and will often find themselves at the top of the chain of command during an emergency or crisis when less capable individuals collapse around them.  Seeing what needs to be done and acting accordingly, the Mountain Lion will stabilize the unbalanced situation and perform damage control.  This capacity to calmly assess and rectify problem situations will not go unnoticed, and here again, may lay a challenge for the Cougar soul.

Because they generally make reluctant admirals (at least initially), the one that journeys with Mountain Lion may appear somewhat unimpressed with gaining the same promotion that may be jealously coveted by their peers.  Such apparent indifference is often misinterpreted as arrogance, and petty envy amongst co-workers often surfaces as a result.

When Cougar Soul can embrace in humility and grace his/her Gift of Leadership and wield such power with compassion and strength, the leap is made to a higher plane of unity with the Soul’s Unique Purpose for incarnating.

Standing Behind Convictions

Most cultures that have Cougar as one of the several key figures of their lore recognize this beautiful cat as a creature of great strength, cunning, and power.  And in observing the Mountain Lion in the wild, it is easy to see where such tales of prowess stem from as they utilize not only their strength alone but also employ their intelligence and stealth.

By looking at the solid and long form of the Cougar, it becomes apparent that these cats are designed for multiple tasks, as their large paws bespeak of an ability to traverse a wide variety of terrain from grassy paths to high granite walls.  Their long, thick tails assist them with balancing in precarious positions and heights, while their muscular legs propel them higher and longer in leaps than any other cat.  Such a diverse design hints at the ability these animals have to gain dominance over their environment and maneuver in areas virtually inaccessible to other creatures of the wild.

As Cougar is sure-footed atop their canyon and desert perches, so are the two-legged beside whom Cougar strides, certain of his/her approach to life.  Much like their Totem Spirit, the human counterpart will exude an aura of quiet strength that will make an impression upon Others.

The impression made will almost always be one of respect and/or admiration, though the Cougar Soul seems to elicit extreme responses in Others.  While some peers encountered taking an instant liking to the Cougar individual, while others will feel immediately threatened by the strong presence and hence an immediate and vehement dislike may ensue.

Yet all who come to know the individual beside whom Mountain Lion journeys will tend to agree that these are souls that stand firm in their beliefs and convictions.  These are the sort of people who appear to have a moral fiber made of bedrock as they will seldom waver or be badgered from their beliefs.

Although their moral/spiritual beliefs may not necessarily be “traditional,” they will have a set of self-imposed code of ethics and morality that they will stand firmly behind.  These granite philosophies are part of what makes these individuals so highly trusted by friends, family and those who know the strength of character the Cougar soul exhibits.

Conversely, there will be an equal number of detractors that would love nothing more than to see Mountain Lion tumult from a position of great height, as perhaps their own honesty and conviction pales in comparison to the Cougar’s lofty spirituality.  Such individuals who are operating from a point of insecurity deeply rooted in a unintegrated Personality Center will tend to project their own unresolved issues off onto the Cougar soul, rather than examine where they may improve and enrich their own lives by living in closer accordance with their own belief system.

When challenged on their morals or beliefs, the Cougar individual will become much like the Mountain Lion defending his/her territory, and an ordinarily placid two-legged can come out with fangs bared when backed into a corner.  Such attacks on their beliefs are capable of cutting right to the core of the Cougar soul, as these are honorable people that do their utmost to be trustworthy, dependable and honest.

If a two-legged with Cougar as a Totem is operating from the Shadow or Contrary Medicine, there may exist a tendency to be dogmatic in their practices or beliefs, holding very little patience for philosophy or belief systems different from their own.  Yet this is rare, as most Mountain Lion’s respect the “spiritual territories” of others almost as much as they guard their own right to think and believe as they see fit.

For the two-legged operating from the Higher Octave of Cougar Medicine, the men are the knights in shining armor of eras long past that live and defend the values of trust, honesty, faithfulness, and honor.  The female Cougars are the “Earth Mothers” that exude an aura of Oneness with the All and a deep reverence for the environment.  In both the male and female, a profound connection and respect for the ancient customs and traditions of indigenous people will be felt and expressed, though they themselves may not have been born with Native American blood and remind Others of the importance of respect for the Wisdom of the Elders.


As previously stated, the Cougar is the top cat when it comes to leaps of distance and height.  This is due to both the strong leg muscles these felines possess, as well as the balancing weight of their tails.

Most often, the Mountain Lion (true to one of its names) dwells atop lofty perches in mountains and canyons, as well as high desert mesas.  Such heights as these animals dwell require sure-footedness and grace of movement, and wherein their long and thick tails are employed to assist with balance as is required of those who exist in such precarious terrain.  Acting as a highly effective counterbalance, the Cougar’s Tail assists in steadying them as they walk along the narrow pathways and crevices etched from the granite and sandstone cliffs in which these beautiful creature beings call home.

For the two-legged with Cougar as a Primary Totem, the keyword of Balance becomes crucial in integrating a holistic Mind/Body & Spirit approach.  Although these individuals are by nature very sensual and “earthy” types (and as such there will be an emphasis on their physical Self), they are also keenly aware of the needs of the mind and soul as well.  If the Cougar Soul is in good physical shape yet is not developing his/her spiritual side, or conversely, if the one beside whom Mountain Lion stalks is involved in spiritual learning and growth but they don’t exercise their body or mind, the unbalance will be more keenly felt than it would be for other individuals.  The result is that there will be much inner turmoil and stress with the questioning of “what is missing in my life?” becoming a predominant pondering.

The best form of physical exercise for the Cougar individual would be one that takes into consideration the Whole Self (again, Mind/Body and Spirit).  An excellent example of such well-targeted exercise for the Mountain Lion would be Yoga, or perhaps Tai-chi, as these are both forms of exercise that employ All levels of the Self . . . the body is in movement, the energy centers are being stimulated and aligned, and the mind is in deep focus or meditation.

If you are a Cougar Soul and are currently feeling “out of alignment,” pay attention to this feeling and heed it, for this is precisely what is occurring.  Stop and take an honest evaluation of your life and your approach to this Journey.  What are you neglecting, or what areas of your life and expression are you over-indulging in?  Because Balance is such a key for you, it is crucial for your development that you become aware of your keen need for a WHOLE approach to life.

Are there certain individuals that are draining you of your energy, freedom or right to express yourself in a healthy and meaningful manner?  If so, then those relationships need to also be evaluated in detached honesty.  Because of you’re powerful, yet unassuming nature, there will be those that will seek to undermine your confidence and balance.  If this is the case, confrontation, restructuring of relationships or even some “endings” may be in order.

The Art of Balancing your life ought to be approached in stages, however, as it is also quite characteristic of the Mountain Lion individual to immediately leap into action and attempt to take on too much at once.  The key here is moderate and progressive steps forward.  No matter how long the journey takes, and regardless of the occasional step or two “backward,” so long as more movement is made forward than back, the Journey is being walked and the goal is drawing ever nearer.  Remember, we all arrive exactly where we need to be, exactly when we need to be there.

Messenger between Humans & The Divine Beings

Native American lore holds the Cougar as the champion of the two-legged who presents the humans “case” to the One Above.  Acting as the emissary on behalf of we of the two-leggeds, Cougar asks for forgiveness for our follies and misbehavior’s while carrying messages between human and the Divine.

Because Humans are capable of intentional and unprovoked violence, spite, hatred and other emotions and behaviors not witnessed in the Creature Beings, the task of emissary for Cougar can be a challenging one.  He/she must find the Light at the center of the darkness, the beauty, and grace that lives beyond the sometimes tangled core of the human personality center.

For his faithful guidance and support of we humans, he is revered amongst many tribes, and given thanks for acting on our behalf.  His belief in us a faith that may best be reciprocated in acts of kindness to All Life, compassion and embracing in understanding the surface and transitory differences of spiritual beliefs, race or economic background of our fellow two-leggeds.  In this manner, we show our thankfulness for his faith and trust in us.

Cougar Spirit will travel beside a two-legged who possesses a keen insight and perception.  This insight may surface via an extra-sensory perception, or it may firmly rooted in a more practical understanding of the human psyche and subconscious mind.  Both mediums and psychotherapists are often found with Cougar as a Primary Animal Ally.

The Mountain Lion Soul will often be a bridge of understanding between two diametrically opposed individuals, factions or groups as theirs are the Medicine of Emissary.  As such, others will often turn to them for their non-partial perspective as the Cougar individual is quite capable of seeing all sides of any given situation.  Then, when he/she becomes connected with a cause or belief, they make excellent, outspoken proponents of such a cause and hence are outstanding spokespersons for a variety of ventures which capture their attention.

While such Medicine brings the Gift of harmony between opposites, the individual with Cougar as a Totem will often find him/herself in the middle of an argument, attempting to bring understanding and equilibrium to both “sides.”  This is a beautiful trait when it is the Cougar’s conscious choice to become involved, yet the challenge is that the two-legged beside whom Mountain Lion walks may often find themselves immersed without a conscious decision to do so.  Friends, family even strangers may take advantage of their inherent drive to be a mediator, and in those moments, the Cougar Soul may suddenly find themselves the target of attack from either side, becoming the “middle person” in an entirely uncomfortable sense of the word!

By establishing clear boundaries and guidelines with Others as to when and by how much, they are willing to act as a “go-between,” the Cougar individual is fulfilling his/her principle Medicine of Messenger without falling victim to the unresolved issues and grievances of Others.  As the Cougar grows from cub to adult (spiritually/metaphorically speaking), the lessons learned in defining boundaries assists as they fulfill their Medicine of Messenger and Teach Others the power of understanding and harmony.


Throughout our lives, we may encounter animals of a special nature that bring to us certain gifts of the Spirit. These are power animals… and they visit us for the purpose of sharing knowledge, giving us necessary abilities, or teaching us wisdom that it is important for us to know. These may be called familiars by some (a common European term), allies (a more common North American Indian term), totems, guides, or power animals. Different cultures and different faiths have different views on exactly what constitutes a power animal. I won’t address those distinctions here. I’m not the end-all expert in every culture’s traditional correctness! But more importantly, there are certain features of power animals and how we can relate and work with them that are true and effective regardless of what they are called.

First and of greatest importance, always understand that power animal is gifts of the Spirit and are never to be taken lightly. They may be sent to teach and guide us, we may draw them or seek them out because of our needs, or we may naturally share their strengths and characteristics. They may be seen in our day-to-day earth walk or in our dream walk. They may be common animals that we encounter frequently, such as dogs, coyotes, birds, or cats. They may be such uncommon animals as dragons, unicorns, or exotic animals that we have never seen (before) in our earth walk. As small as a spider or as large as a whale. But the fact that the paths of these special animals meet ours is never an accident and remains a very special gift that should always be treated with respect and appropriate thanks to the Great One. We who wish to walk the Spirit’s path are responsible to not only carry his gifts to others but to accept and use wisely those gifts that he gives to us. Power animals, and what they share with us, are some of his gifts.


Power animals may visit us as our needs arise, without any specific seeking on our part. However, there are times in our lives when we need the assistance of a power animal, yet one does not “magickally” appear for us. This isn’t surprising when one thinks about it. While many of the Spirit’s gifts are there for us if we will only be willing to observe and receive them, many of these gifts require some dedicated effort on our part to obtain. We are not carried on the Spirit’s path… we choose to walk it. That means we choose to encounter and overcome all of the obstacles that exist as lessons on that path, and we continue on the path nevertheless. In instances where we need the gifts or strength of a power animal, we can seek one out and the Spirit will provide one consistent with what he knows ours needs to be.

A good technique for seeking a power animal commences with our recognition of the need which we have. Evaluate where in your life assistance is needed. Work on clearly understanding and expressing this need to yourself. Don’t waffle, or try to sugarcoat anything. You can’t fool the Spirit, you won’t be able to trick a power animal, and it would be dangerous to try to do either one. When your need is clearly understood by you and you have a clear expression of that need, seek a quiet place, out of doors if possible. Face the world of nature that the Spirit has created, and turn slowly to face the four quarters, east, south, west, and north; and face the Spirit above and the Earth Mother below. As you face each direction, cast your need out and pray to the Spirit to send you assistance in this matter. Needless to say, your need in seeking a power animal should be a need that can be filled with a gift of strength, knowledge, or ability to you. Don’t expect a power animal to appear that will change someone else. Power animals are personal relationships that we encounter for the betterment of ourselves. They won’t make your boss less demanding or your spouse more understanding. They may, however, impart certain strengths or powers to us that permit us to deal with that boss’ demands or help us to explain things in such a manner that our spouse better understands them.

Once one has extended their needs to the Spirit in the form of proper prayers, we need only wait and be observant.


Sought or unsought for, how do we recognize a power animal? They are special and different to us. We may meet them with unusual frequency or in unforeseen places, such as a bird that lands on a tree outside our house every day and sings or watches us as we pass. Possibly a spider that continually weaves their web across our window. Meeting 20 dogs in one day may be significant (unless you work for a veterinarian or animal shelter). The same coyote that howls near your yard every night. The rat that suddenly appears in front of your building every time you leave. An animal that is not native to your region appears to you. And of course meeting these special animals in our dream walk may be a clue. We may find ourselves unusually drawn to them in artwork or clothing decorations. The practice of Shamans the world over applies: BE OBSERVANT. Something will call you to the power animal, just as they have been called to you. They will be special to you. Don’t rationalize their presence away by saying “they are often seen around here,” or “the snake could have crawled into my house accidentally.” There are no accidents with power animals, and you will feel their importance to you if you stop playing games with your logical mind.


One very important way to recognize power animals is the way they communicate with us. Power animal communications are different. Your power animal will naturally draw your attention and talk with you. You will find yourself drawn to them, and usually experience a close feeling of spiritual relationship with the power animal. You may find that you talk with the power animal in your earth walk or dream walk. A close empathy and understanding will develop as the basis of communication between you and the power animal. They become very important to us, and “mean” something to us in ways that we may not be able to express at first.

To communicate with your power animal, it is important to first understand the nature of the animal. There are many good books on the subject (see bibliography). Every animal has certain characteristics, mannerisms, and talents that are unique to that animal. Research them and learn the habits and characteristics of the animal, for these are likely to be important to you. Some animal features are readily apparent. The bat and owl both see well at night. The peacock is notable because of their extravagant tail feathers. Deer is fleet and hides well. Mountain lion is powerful and territorial. Learn all you can about the way the animal lives, their physical strengths, and their spiritual features. Study what different cultures have known about the animal for many years. In NA traditions the coyote is the trickster. The dog is very loyal. Skunk is powerfully defensive. Eagle sees far and is a spiritual symbol. Raven is a messenger of magic.

Once you know the characteristics of your power animal, you are in a position to learn of what value their presence (or power) may be in your life. They are there to share their power and to give you gifts of the Spirit. Search for areas of your life that may be enhanced by developing more of the traits of the power animal. Has owl presented himself to you? You may need to learn to be wiser, quieter or less obvious in your movements or activities. Or you may need to learn to be silent and unobtrusive as you pursue (hunt) for those things that you need in your life.

Learning of your power animal’s characteristics requires some book work and research, but that is only half the effort. The other effort in working with your power animal goes beyond just knowing what bat means, what whale means, what otter means, etc. The rest of the effort involves listening and talking with your power animal.

Talking with your power animal requires a close empathy for the animal, and a willingness to communicate on your part. You must be willing to talk with the animal with no reservations, and listen to or observe their response. It is important to ask the animal questions, or for certain strengths, if you need them. And having asked, be prepared to listen and accept the response! The power animal’s response may be found in the way they move, their actions or change in actions, or a direct response to our questions. Yes, they may talk back. Not in a way that everyone in earshot would necessarily hear (although some might); but in a way that manifests itself to you as clearly as if the animal was talking straight into your ear. Some persons have a difficult time accepting this strength of power animals, and as a result may miss out on one of the Spirit’s greatest gifts. Don’t get caught in the trap of believing that as humans we are nearest the “peak of creation” and are therefore the only animals that can speak! Many animals, and especially our power animals, may speak to us. It is our part to open our souls and listen. Some power animals may never speak in this manner, but others will, and it is our part to respect their gifts and listen up!


With all of the above being said, there are certain techniques that may help us in dealing with power animals:

(1) Observe how the power animal presents itself. Does the power animal appear immediately in front of you, to your side, or only in passing instances, such as in pictures, artwork, occasional instances? An animal that presents itself in front of you in your earth walk usually has a pressing and immediate need to pass a gift to you. An animal that is seen only to your side or out of the corner of your eye is generally making itself known to you in a more subtle way and is tasking you with the job of recognizing the need that may exist in your life for a gift that the animal may offer. Observe the way the animal moves as well. Does the animal appear to follow or accompany you? If so, the persistence of the animal is a key to your understanding. Consider whether you may have an ongoing need for the gift the animal has to offer. If the animal crosses in front of you note whether it passes from right to left or from left to right; bearing in mind that the left side is generally associated with the female, intuitive nature and the right side is generally associated with the male, logical nature. Your power animal may be intentionally drawing your attention toward the side that currently needs your focus.

(2) Is the power animal presenting itself in your dream walk? You may need certain gifts from animals that are not native to where you live, and by meeting you in your dream walk they can provide you with their gifts whether any of these special animals reside near you or not. In the dream walk, you can obtain the gifts from an ocean-swimming dolphin even if you live in the corn belt. A visit by the animal in your dream walk may be significant in other ways as well. It may mean that you may not consciously acknowledge the need for their gift. They may be presenting their gift to you for use in a life circumstance that you have internalized, or for a problem that is so pervasive that you cannot come to grips with it in your common waking state. Power animals do not distinguish between the earth walk and the dream walk, other than the extent to which one means of communicating may be superior to the other. Their reality is no less or greater in one than the other. So in the dream walk, it is important to observe the features of the animal’s movements just as it is in the earth walk.

(3) Is the animal talking to you in a way that manifests itself as ordinary speech? To hear the speech of such animals is a strong force on your being. It implies a very direct and significant effort of communication by the power animal and correspondingly indicates a very strong willingness on your part to listen. Never brush such communications off as “your imagination,” “just a dream,” or something that must have been a mistake on your part. Power animals do not make mistakes.

(4) Always feel free to ask the power animal for clarification. When the message or gift being offered by the power animal is unclear to you, ask! Their path is crossing yours for a reason, and they are generally willing to explain that reason. Although in some instances their gifts may be contingent upon action on your parts, such as an honest recognition of important features in your life, or an important adjustment in your lifestyle. In these cases, the power animal usually doesn’t just leave you guessing… their “clues” are quite clear if we are honest and brave enough to recognize them. Incidentally, if you feel silly or unrealistic about asking the power animal a direct question you will not benefit from their gifts. They don’t question your existence or the importance of your needs; so don’t question their reality or remarkable abilities.

(5) Try mimicking the power animal for clarification. If the reason for the power animal visiting you remains unclear, try mimicking the power animal. Spend some time alone and try to become the power animal. Try visualizing yourself as running like a deer, stalking prey, swimming through the sea, or flying like the power animal. Don’t just visualize the power animal… visualize yourself as being the power animal. In such states you are frequently better equipped to understand the gifts, strengths or abilities that the power animal is there to share. This is also the first step in shapeshifting, so don’t be startled if your visualization becomes extremely real. The more real your visualization, the easier it is to assume the strengths and abilities of your power animal.


Power animals will come and go in our lives. We may have more than one, many or a few, at any one time. Some may stay with us most or all of our lives. The paths of these remarkable animals may follow ours for a long time or may cross ours just briefly, just long enough to share their special gifts of the Spirit with us. Under any circumstances, however, the Spirit sends us these friends in many forms to care for and help in our walk along the path he has set for us. Whenever we receive aid from a power animal, never neglect to offer gifts or extend your appreciation in an appropriate form, such as food or shelter for these wonderful animals that have so willingly carried the gifts of the Spirit to us. And above all, never neglect to extend your thanks in prayer and action to the one who has caused our paths to cross: the Spirit.

Animal Spirit and Medicine: Owl Medicine, Totem


Role: Messenger

Lesson: Trust

Element: Air

Wind: North Land of the Elders/Wisdom

Medicine: Shapeshifting

All Owls are Messenger Totems and each separate breed of Owl will have Medicine that is unique to that specific Winged One while there will also be Medicine (and hence Keywords) that are also shared across all specific Owl breeds.  When looking for the particular species of Owl (e.g. Snowy, Barn, etc.,) it is important to not only consider and incorporate the keywords unique to that specific breed but to also integrate the Shared keywords as well.


Like all Bird Totems, the Owl is considered to be a Messenger Totem, responsible for carrying messages from the Blue Road of Spirit to the Red Road of Physical Life.  As such, he/she delivers omens, messages, and information from the Elders to we of the Two-Legged as we journey along this Earthwalk.

As mentioned above, there are a wide variety of breeds within the Owl family, and while it is important to consider the specific keywords and Medicine particular to each individual sub-species, it is equally important that the keywords that are common to all Owls be kept in mind.  As this pertains to the Medicine of Messenger, each owl will manifest this Role differently.  For instance, the Snowy Owl is the Animal Spirit that is a Messenger who is responsible for carrying Wisdom from the Elders and the two-legged beside whom Snowy Owl flies will have the gift of Channeling the words of the elders via inspired written words or automatic writing.  By contrast, the Great Horned Owl is the Messenger that Portends new cycles and the vehicle through which the two-legged beside whom Horned Owl flies will receive their messages is most often via the gift of Clairaudience.

In assessing what the specific Role is assigned to each sub-species of Owl and blending that with the General Role of Messenger, the two-legged beside whom Owl flies may better embrace and fulfill the unique Medicine of carrying messages between planes, assisting both the evolution of his/her own soul, and enlightening their fellow two-leggeds with Wisdom carried over from the Higher Planes and dimensions.


One of the principle characteristics that all Owls are recognized for is their large and alert eyes.  As most Owls are nocturnal creatures (active at night, and sleep during daylight hours), their eyes must be able to accommodate this lifestyle.  In response, Nature has outfitted these splendid creatures beautifully, giving them a binocular vision and  and to have the capacity to penetrate the darkness in search of food and to alert them to any threat or encroachment upon their territory via the specialized cones and rods of the retina which allow in greater amounts of light in the darkest of conditions.

Much like their Animal Totem, the two-legged beside whom Owl flies will possess an uncanny ability to penetrate beyond the masks, untruths, “white lies” and deceits of others in order to see the Truth of the matter, individual or experience.  Depending upon which breed of Owl one journeys around the Sacred Hoop with, this insight may or may not be shared directly with Others.  For instance, if one has Screech Owl as a Totem, then the human counterpart is not only to be able to see beyond a mask worn, but part of their responsibility is to share this insight with the person of whom the information has been gleaned.  If the breed of Owl is the Barn Owl, then the knowledge is there to either be transmitted via thought to the subject of the scrutiny or to be kept for information purposes only by the Owl Soul.  Again, by looking not only at the broader implications of this Keyword as it relates to Owl Totems in general but to the specific manifestations unique to each breed, the two-legged blessed with this most perceptive and intelligent of Totems may better align with his/her own Life Path.


Throughout the ages, the Owl has been a symbol of Wisdom from many tribes throughout North America to ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Owl is synonymous with the Gift of Higher Knowledge and insight.  In Greek mythology, Athena (the Goddess of Wisdom) was often seen with an owl either perched atop her shoulder or flying along beside her.

The large eyes of these beautiful birds certainly seem to reflect an otherworldly knowledge and wisdom, their stare is direct and penetrating as though they see beyond the masks that are presented to them to the truths that lay beneath.  Likewise, the one beside whom Owl journeys will be gifted with a higher wisdom.  In some instances, this is reflected as one who has attained great academic heights in traditional educational systems and universities, yet more often than not, Owl Wisdom is forged via life experiences which are later transmuted into greater understanding.  At times, this Wisdom is boldly shared and the two-legged blessed to have the companionship of this Totem will often be sought out for advice.  At other times, this Wisdom is very circumspect with the human counterpart reticent to impart the depth of their Knowledge to others out of either a lack of self-worth, or born in the sense that their Wisdom will not be fully understood or embraced, and so they chose to remain silent.

For the one beside whom Owl flies, the Gift of Wisdom is a lifelong quest and within the hearts and minds of these souls is a never ending desire to know more.  Often, they are voracious readers and will feel a little unbalanced when they are not entertaining their minds enough which may eventually manifest as physical and/or emotional ailments, hence it is vital for their sense of equilibrium to challenge their minds via new studies, reading stimulating books or taking up new endeavors that will later be fashioned from the base material of knowledge into applied principles that become another wellspring of Owl Wisdom.


As an Animal Totem, the Owl, with its ability to cross from the plane of the Red Road of Physical Life to the Blue Road of Spirit, symbolizes the continual state of the Soul`s Transformation.  As such, these Animal Spirits have been associated with the process of Reincarnation, or the evolutionary process of the soul as it enters into the Great Schoolroom of Life.

Our souls exist as an eternal spark of energy that then chooses to enter onto the Sacred Hoop via taking up the Robe of Physical Life.  With each successive incarnation, we inhabit a new body, traverse the Medicine Wheel absorbing a new set of Life Lessons unique to each experience, and then transition from this physical plane once more as pure energy.  It is believed that at this point, as the soul journeys along the outer rim of the Medicine Wheel, we review the lessons that have been learned and absorbed from the “life” left behind, and next examine what Lessons & Goals we have yet to fulfill, as well as what Gifts might we bring in with us to assist the All.  At this point, we then re-emerge once more on the Hoop at the Golden Doorway, arriving in a new body with a new set of Life Lessons.

For the one beside whom Owl Journeys, there will be an innate understanding of the recurring cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth.  Often times the Owl individual will have very intense past-life connections and memories.  These will either be subtle nuances that draw them to places and individuals to whom they feel an immediate bond or the memories of lives previously experienced will be brimming so close to the surface that they will often surface as very vivid dreams and conscious recollections.  Equally, it is also quite likely that this same gift for seeing/feeling other lifetimes led will be transmitted to being able to offer insight into the past lives of Others, affording assistance in the understanding of Lessons learned, those still needing learning, and any “karmic” balances left unchecked.  This is a fine line however, as the challenge here for the Owl Soul is to not become so engrossed by memories and fascination with lifetimes past that they lose sight of their Now, for although the past serves as a reminder of where we have previously walked, the soul lessons we have learned and the connections we have made, the focus of the Soul must always be in going forward and embracing with the enthusiasm and trust of an innocent child, the here and Now.


The Owl is thought to be one of the several Animals blessed with the Medicine of Shape-shifting, that is the ability for them to change their form from that of the Owl to a human form, and back again.  With the Owl, in particular, this shape-shifting ability is closely linked with Lunar Magic since this beautiful creature is sister to the Moon.  In observing the phases of the Moon, we witness ever shifting and changing cycles that effect all within the domain of Luna, including the inhale and exhale of the Ocean`s waves.

Much like their Animal Totem, the two-legged with Owl as an animal ally will shift and transform themselves like the waxing and waning phases of the moon and the ebb and flow of the ocean`s tides.  It isn’t so much that their emotions are like shifting, restless sands as that they are always partially attuned to the calls of many different planes and energies.  Obviously, if this tendency to be completely open and receptive is not monitored, some measure of protection taken to guard against becoming drained or distracted, such heightened sensitivity can lead to mental, emotional or physical exhaustion.  Yet when the delicate balance between grounding and receptivity is found and practiced, the Owl Soul takes flight into a higher form of awareness, intuition, and Light.


Role: Extractor of Secrets

Lesson: Timing

Element: Water

Wind: West The Quest Within

Medicine: Clairaudience


The large eyes of the Owl appear to miss nothing as they glimmer into the night, and indeed their vision is amongst the keenest in the animal kingdom, the rods, and cones of their eyes designed in such a way as to allow the smallest amount of light in order to penetrate through the veil of darkness in search of prey.

This uncanny vision has earned the Owl the reputation of being able to pierce beyond the veil that separates the physical world from the spirit world, a reputation that as an Animal Totem is well deserved.  Yet in filtering out the light from the darkness, Owl reminds us that both exist simultaneously and that it is up to us to recognize both.

For the two-legged beside whom Owl flies, the implication of the Gift of such penetrating sight is highly significant, for there will exist the ability to see beyond the masks that are worn by Others to the true face beneath.  This ability may also be nurtured to give the Owl Soul greater insight into the lessons which exist cocooned within every encounter and experience they face while on the Earthwalk.

What the Owl individual does with information received via higher “sight” or intuition, is dependent upon both that person’s level of maturation as well as upon other Primary Totems.  For instance, if one has Owl as their Power Totem yet also has Lynx as a Mission Totem, then the knowledge and insight indicated by both of these Spirit Animals will be kept private and shared in subtle & unobtrusive ways with the person who the information has been gathered about if spoken at all.  On the other hand, if the Mission Totem of the Owl individual is Black Panther, then the information garnered will be spoken directly to the individual involved, then perhaps later utilized as an example to Others regarding the lessons inherent in that “knowing.”

When the Owl soul is not sufficiently mature, or there exist underlying and unresolved issues, the information gained can be either used against the person who has been “sussed,” or the personal details may be shared with others who have no business in knowing such details.  Though most Owl individuals are strictly confidential by nature, there are a few that can`t seem to resist sharing what they know freely despite a breach of confidence.

Yet for the Owl individual that is operating from Higher Intent, their code of ethics and confidentiality will guide them through the decision of whether or not, and how much, of the information received is meant to be shared with the one whom they have unmasked.  These are the souls that constitute some of the finest clergy and therapists, as their insight into human behavior and penchant for confidentiality and respect for privacy engender deep trust in those whom they have been sent to assist.


It has long been believed that the Owl and the Hawk are closely connected and enjoy a symbiotic relationship.  Each has dominion over a territory and share that realm, the Hawk akin to the Sun god Apollo who rules the day, with the Owl the counterpart of the Moon goddess Artemis who rules the night.  In fact, most owls are nocturnal (meaning they are awake and active during the night) and Hawks are diurnal (active during daylight), so this mythological correlation is not far from reality.

During the day, the Hawk flies throughout the territory, keeping the boundaries free of encroaching threat and trespassers while hunting for food.  Hawk`s patrol of the territory is relinquished at dusk as he journeys to sleep, while Owl awakens to begin her night duties.  In this manner, though they seldom (if ever) directly interact, Owl and Hawk are never the less closely linked to one another and their environment.

Each distinctive member of the Owl family is thought to be a counterpart of the Hawk family, for Great Horned Owl, the counterpart is the Red-Tailed Hawk  By looking at this member of the Hawk family, one with Great Horned Owl as a Totem may also gain some further insight as some of the keywords that apply to the Hawk will also ring familiar for this Owl as well.

In the Red-Tail, the Kundalini energy is a powerful energy source that flows through that beautiful raptor.   Some envision the Kundalini as a powerful sexual energy, yet to view its potential only thus, is to limit its true breadth and power of this fundamental energy, for it is then keeping that energy coiled at the base chakra (sexual center), rather than encouraging it to reach further and higher.

At the time the energy is awoken, it begins to rise up through the other six energy centers (chakras).  As it passes through each of these chakras, the lessons, issues, and areas of our lives which are symbolized and or governed by these energy centers, are opened for our acknowledgment through the process of Conscious Awareness.  Thus, when the Kundalini has completely uncoiled, its energy unfurled along the length of the spine and flowing easily through all seven energy points to emerge through the top (or Crown) Chakra, a state of Enlightenment is experienced.

Likewise, for Horned Owl, the Kundalini energy may not be quite so strong or of such focus, yet there will none the less exist within the Owl Soul a deep sensuality that will need to find free expression.  If this sensuality has been repressed due to early environmental conditioning, then there is a good likelihood that the individual with this Totem is not fully expressing themselves in other areas of their life as well.  If such blocks from expressing themselves can be removed, the Great Owl Soul will truly begin to unfurl under the Light of self-acceptance and personal freedom, giving the soul wings with which to fly to newer heights of Self-Expression and releasing a deep power that will otherwise lay dormant, one of the key lessons that the counterpart of Hawk can bring to these wise souls.


Birds and Raptors are recognized in Earth Medicine as Messengers with the type of message and method through which these messages arrive, being unique to each specific breed.  With the Great Horned Owl, it is believed that he/she arrives as a messenger heralding Change and New Cycles.  Perhaps it is her close connection to the Moon with its constantly shifting and changing cycles that are at the root of this particular Medicine, but the fundamental power of this Owl`s ability to alert us to Change and Growth is highly significant when one learns to hear and listen to, the messages this beautiful and wizened creature brings.

When one is blessed to have Great Horned Owl as one of their Primary Totems (Power, Theme or Mission), there will be an emphasis placed upon cycles and new beginnings.  Frequently throughout the life of these individuals, circumstances will thrust upon the two-legged change that will often initially arrive (or be seen) as “forced.”  In reality, the changes occur as part of the process of growth and learning, a part of the process of continual renewal and rebirth, key components to New Cycles.

If the Owl Soul resists such change, the consequences may be quite profound and often very painful, and this arrives to teach the Owl individual the importance of relinquishing control and embracing in faith, the change that is so much a part of their Earthwalk.  In this way, each transition that later occurs in the life of these sensitive and perceptive individuals may then be embraced and seen as the opportunities of growth and evolution that they truly offer, rather than seen as a threat to their basic security.  If this soul can tap into that intrinsic part of their fundamental nature that is excited and stimulated by such change, then they begin to realize their potential in a much broader and deeper sense and are willingly able to let go of models of behavior, thinking and feeling that have out served their usefulness, and step into the light of a new day.

Once the one beside whom Owl flies embraces, with an eager and open mind/heart, the changes they will frequently face, this ability to recognize such transitions as a fundamental cornerstone of new life may be transmuted into assisting Others through their moments of upheaval and accelerated growth.  This ability may be honed into one of intuitively picking up on when new cycles are beginning, and to then assist themselves (and their fellow humans) through the moment of transition that exists in the golden doorway which separates the old from the new.  In this manner, the Owl soulfully embraces the Medicine of Harbinger of New Cycles and aligns him/herself with the beauty of their Life Path.


One of the physical characteristics that easily distinguishes the Great Horned Owl from other members of the Owl family are the tufts of feathers that resemble ears or “horns.”  These remarkable feathers that set this Owl apart, are the reason for the Great Horned Owls namesake.

It has not been clearly established whether these feathers are merely adornments to attract mates, or if they serve a biological function such as increasing and/or filtering sounds as they travel through the air and to this beautiful birds ears.  Regardless of their function (if any), these feathers create a signature appearance for the Great Horned Owl that is also closely linked to his/her Medicine of Clairaudience.

For the two-legged beside whom Great Horned Owl flies, there will be an inherent focus on communication in all forms, but as good as these individuals are at speaking and writing, they will also make excellent listeners.  These souls are the best of friends, providing a listening ear and excellent advice that is based on their own rich experiences.  Likewise, music is deeply stirring to the Horned Owl Soul and they can often elicit healing experiences for themselves by listening to some favorite music, or (if there are other creative Totems that travel beside them) they will be gifted themselves in musical endeavors.

This responsiveness to sound is a reflection of the Horned Owl`s elongated head feathers that resemble ears, and hence much of life is processed through what these individuals hear.  Often, they will pick up subtle voice inflections and tones that will alert them to when another is attempting to deceive them though the process may be so quick and automatic that they may not even be aware of this acuity.

Another form that this ability to “tune in” takes on is Clairaudience.  Where a Clairvoyant can often see other realms, alternate futures, and realities, spirits and all manner of that which unseen to the average two-legged eyes, a Clairaudient will have the ability to hear messages that will elude Others.  This ability may be somewhat startling for those Owl individuals who develop this talent later in life, rather than being born with it, as often the Gift will arrive out of as a result of an accident or a by-product of delving into spiritual and mystical philosophy.

In the instances where the individual has been born with this talent, there is not so much trauma attached to the talent, but for those to whom the blessing of Clairaudience comes later in life, naturally, the emergence of this gift can be quite alarming.  Much stigma has been attached to individuals who “hear the voices” of departed relatives, spirit guides and others who speak across planes, with accusations ranging from “fantasy” to schizophrenia being leveled against individuals who are often fearful of coming forward and acknowledging such unique abilities.  So long as no medical or psychological factors are the key behind the sounds and voices heard, the Great Horned Owl would do well to acknowledge and heartily embrace this Gift, for it has been given by the Great Mystery for a reason.

If the talent has remained thus far dormant, then it may be that the Soul beside whom Great Horned Owl flies still receives messages, yet instead of “hearing” the words spoken, the messages will arrive in the form of vivid dreams and strong intuition.  By embracing this talent with a humble acceptance and enthusiasm to be of service to his/her fellow two-legged, the Great Horned Owl soul matures fully into their unique and mystical heritage.

Animal Spirit and Medicine: Bear Medicine

The Bear is the keeper of the dream time and stores the teachings of dreams until the dreamer wakes up to them. Many tribes have called this space of inner-knowing the Dream Lodge, where the death of the illusion of physical reality overlays the expansiveness of eternity. It is in the Dream Lodge that our ancestors sit in Council and advise us regarding alternative pathways that lead to our goals.

If you like bears, you should maybe look into some books on interpreting dreams; especially if you’re a heavy dreamer. If you need a lot of sleep, it may be Bear working. This female receptive energy, for centuries, has allowed visionaries, mystics, and shamans to prophesy.

The strength of Bear medicine is the power of introspection. Bear is not one to make snap decisions, nor one to ramrod or forced into any position. Bear takes in all available information, takes it into his quiet place, studies that information carefully, give it careful thought for a while, and then reaches his own informed decisions based on the facts at hand. Bear is the one who says, “I have to think about this. I’ll be in touch later.” You can rely on opinions coming from a Bear person as being well thought out and thorough, and based on the facts given. To accomplish the goals and dreams that we carry, the art of introspection is necessary.

Bear is a fierce warrior, especially when protecting their young. They appear to be lumbering and slow but can have lightning speed when threatened. They love fish when they can get it, but they also eat berries, honey, etc. Bear people like home and shelter, and like to be warm and cozy.

With Bear Medicine, the power of knowing has invited you to enter the silence and become acquainted with the Dream Lodge, so that your goals may become concrete realities. This is the strength of Bear.


Role: To Awaken the Intuition

Lesson: To Integrate the Parts into the Whole

Element: Earth

Wind: West The Quest Within

Medicine: To channel the Primordial Forces


The Grizzly Bear is a beautiful example of the Great Spirit`s creative force.  She is a creature at the top of the “food chain” in North America, with tremendous strength and boundless courage, yet her heart is tender and loving as she looks after her cubs, protecting them from all harm while simultaneously teaching them the independence necessary to survive in the ever-changing landscape in which they live.

Grizzly Bear possesses an internal clock that alerts him to the changing of seasons long before obvious indications begin to manifest.  He will store an extra layer of fat that will assist him through the long months of winter in which food is scarce.

Contrary to popular belief, the Grizzly does not go into “hibernation” though his metabolism and heart rate may reduce by nearly half to help preserve the extra calories stored in his fat layer.  This same tendency to go into a state of semi-hibernation translates to the one beside whom Grizzly strides as the need for periodic intervals of solitude and/or introspection, with some human counterparts actually mimicking the Bear’s penchant for longing periods of sleep needed during the winter months.  From the inner reaches of his contemplative mind, Grizzly will find the solutions to any problem, issue or lesson that he is faced with and hence is a masterful problem solver.

What is the internal voice that beckons to Grizzly that the time is approaching to store the food which she will contain within herself?   An inner voice that alerts her to potential danger to her cubs, long before sight or sound of threat is seen or heard?  Some would simply say survival instinct, yet is this the only explanation, or merely the surface answer to a fathomless lake?  Whatever the “true” source of this Inner Knowing, Grizzly listens to the call whispered softly on the breeze and heard echoing from the mountain tops as she awakens to the Voice Within.

One with Power Totem Grizzly Bear is an individual whose Role along the Red Road of Physical Life, is to Awaken the Voice Within, and thus, much of her Life will be dedicated to stirring to consciousness, the Voice of the Soul.  Yet this is only the first step, as the Grizzly Soul is here to teach others to listen to the gentle stirring of the Inner Voice, to awaken to the Music of the Intuition.


bear celestial and cubIn the heavens, the celestial body which represents Grizzly Bear is Ursa Major (Great Bear) the constellation which is better known by most as the “Big Dipper.”  Seven stars comprise this constellation and are said to represent the Seven Rays of Divine Light as follows;

Ray 1:  All are One / Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.

First Stepping Stone along the Pathway of Peace is Spiritual Faith.

Ray 2: Honor one another/Treat Mother Earth, and all that dwell thereon, with respect.

The Second Stepping Stone is Spiritual Awareness.

Ray 3: Honor the Self/Look after the well-being of mind and body.

The Third Stepping Stone is Spiritual Healing.

Ray 4:  Love is Divine Power/Give assistance and kindness wherever needed and remains close to Great Mystery.

The Fourth Stepping Stone along the Pathway of Peace is Spiritual Love.

Ray 5:  Surrender personal Will to Divine Will/Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.

The Fifth Stepping Stone is Spiritual Charity.

Ray 6:  Seek Only the Truth/Do what you know to be right and be truthful and honest at all times.

The Sixth Stepping Stone is that of Spiritual Cleansing.

Ray 7:  Live in the Present Moment/Take full responsibility for your actions.

The Seventh Stepping Stone on the Pathway of Peace is Spiritual Insight.

These are Universal Truths that many philosophies, including Earth Medicine, embrace.  For all souls who incarnate into flesh, the embracing of all seven rays are a key element to the evolution of the eternal spark, the Soul, yet for Grizzly Totem, in particular, there will be a conscious and concentrated effort upon fully understanding and embracing all rays so that Integration can be achieved.

The challenge for one born with Grizzly as their Power Totem is to come not only to understand the true meaning to each of the Seven Rays, it is crucial that they then fully integrate each of the rays into the soul so that it then becomes a “natural” state of being.  Obviously, this is a multi-dimensional task and one which will take more than one lifetime to achieve.  With each cycle around the Sacred Hoop, Grizzly soul learns one of the Rays until he/she reaches that lifetime in which all seven rays have been experienced, understood and integrated separately, and are now to be understood, experienced and integrated as a Whole.

As an example, one may be born with a natural resonance to Ray 2 (Honor One Another) as this has been learned in a previous incarnation, yet may come in with a “weak” understanding of Ray 7 (Live in the Present Moment) and so the challenge for the Soul then becomes to fully understand, absorb and integrate Ray 7 so the Whole may merge and become a “natural” state of Being.

Learning this on the Soul level is just the first step along Grizzly Totems Path however, as then the next step, after the individual integration has been achieved, is to then assist others (through both example and instruction) upon the Seven Rays and how one may then go about integrating the Parts into the Whole.  Yet with the inherent strength of this Totem, all is Possible.


During the autumn, Grizzly Bear begins foraging for food to store the fat necessary to see her through the long and lean winter months.  Her metabolic rate, respiration and heart beat will slow considerably during this vulnerable time, inducing a semi-conscious state that will leave her lethargic and napping for long periods of time.

While in this natural state, nature ensures that Grizzly Bear will survive the winter months when all food sources are scarce.  This is where the slowing in the metabolic rate and the extra layer of fat will be utilized to its optimum.

Since Grizzly is an omnivore, once he emerges from his den in the spring, food will be abundant and varied, yet if not for his storage of winter fat to provide him with the sustenance his body needs, Grizzly Bear would surely parish.

As Grizzly Bear must call upon her layer of fat during the lean months of winter in order to survive until the spring, so must one who has Totem Grizzly go Within to digest new lessons, information, and experiences.  This is the gift of Introspection and a key component of Grizzly Soul`s ability to learn the Medicine of Channeling Primordial Forces.  This also reflects a deeper vulnerability that lies within the Core of the Grizzly Soul, for although these are beings of incredible inner strength, there is equally a deeply rooted aspect of themselves which few will be allowed close enough to see, a beautiful inner child that is spectacular in its tenderness and shining intensity.  Only very select and “worthy” souls that the Grizzly individual can trust will be welcomed in here, yet it will be a profound experience that one blessed enough to witness this “inner self” of their loved bear will never forget.

bear animal totemThe energy which flows as a never-ending stream through all living things is a Primordial Force that can be tapped into and channeled for the benefit of the Self and Others.  However, it is key to understand the power and responsibility that comes with the ability to tune into this Energy, as it needs to be utilized only from Higher Intent/Purpose.  One who chooses to channel the Force for negative purposes or selfish ends will ultimately have a heavy debt to repay.

For this reason, the gift is mastered over many lifetimes and reaches full potential only when the soul has reached a significant level of growth and maturation, yet once this level of maturation has been attained, the Soul will burst forth, much as the Life-giving rays of the sun herald a new day, touching all in its golden brilliance.  Then, Grizzly Soul may learn/remember the Ancient Knowledge and wield the Light of Eternal Energy to benefit all who dwell above, upon or within the Earth Mother as he/she walks in harmony beside the Ancestors, heeding the whispered Wisdom of the Sky Nation as Grizzly Soul fulfills his/her role along the Red Road of Physical Life.


Among the creatures of the wild, Grizzly Bear is one of the most devoted and nurturing of mothers.  There is nothing mother Grizzly will not do to protect the lives and well-being of her cubs up to and including, laying down her own life if necessary to ensure the survival of her offspring.

Bear cubs are born during the long months of winter and are nurtured within the cozy confines of a den or cave.  They will emerge in the spring with their mother as she instructs them in the skills they will need in order to survive on their own.  Typically, the close bonds will not be broken until the Cubs have reached their second year of life, at which time they will leave the protective watch of their mother to face life on their own.

One who walks with Grizzly Bear as their Power Totem is an individual whose heart is limitless in its capacity to feel and give love.  These are devoted parents, children, siblings and friends who sincerely believe that we are here to Love One Another.  Because of their ability to love so completely and with sincere devotion, these individuals may face many lessons with discerning healthy boundaries so that others will not endlessly drink from their beautiful waters without then continuing to send the love and energy on.  This may be a challenge as Grizzly Soul feels the desire to nurture and protect all they come to know, and yet some souls will simply use the energy to sustain their own life, rather than make the most of it gain their footing and continue forward along their own path.  This is where Grizzly must come to recognize the “psychic vampires” for what they are and learn when they are actually impeding the progress of another by allowing the “feed” to continue.

Once the lesson of healthy boundaries has been thoroughly absorbed, Grizzly soul will find him/herself with a partner than is capable of reciprocating the deep and rare love that these souls have to share.  The devotion, purity of heart and depth of love that the Grizzly Soul possesses will be a beautiful Gift that will leave an indelible impression on the hearts and minds of one who is blessed enough to be loved by these truly unique and wonderful beings of light.

Proudly Standing,
full of grace and strength, you appear before us,
your face alight with the wisdom of one who has journeyed far
and witnessed much of man`s inhumanity to man.
Your gentle eyes weep for the pain you have borne witness to,
your soul afire with the knowledge that there is
so much more to the Walk around
the Sacred Hoop.

Your mind blazes with the desire to communicate to we,
the two-legged, that all life is infinitely precious,
and to be held sacred and revered.
There comes a gentle stirring from Within, like autumn leaves
blown by a restless wind, it harkens us back to a time,
when All walked as One.

When the force of Great Mystery moved across the face
of the waters in the veil of silver moonlight,
and rode freely upon the Seven Winds.
Wise Sister, who reminds us that Destiny`s Beginning and End,
resides not Without . . . but Within

I thank you for your Selfless Love, and pray
we will all hear your call to Awaken
to the glowing embers of
the Soul`s Memory.

Animal Spirit and Medicine: Crow Spirit


Role: Carrier of Lost Souls into Light

Lesson: To Understand the Shadow Within

Element: Air

Wind: West The Quest Within

Medicine: Shapeshifting

Night descends upon the ancient forest as a silky shawl of midnight blue,
settling over all that she encounters upon her journey,
she leaves everything she touches changed in
the shimmering veil of her silver light.

Perched atop the hard surface of granite boulders that dot the mountainside,
Crow stands, head cocked to the side, affording him a gaze
of the moon, as she rides the pathway
of the autumn sky.

From the beginning of the time when Great Spirit transformed Crow
from the  form of a two-legged to the shape he now wears,
Crow has dwelled simultaneously in Two Worlds,
one of the earth & the other of the sky.

He is the Watcher that has observed we of the Two-Legged
as we walk along the Red Road of Physical Life.
He stands, ever vigilant, at the Gateway between shadow and light,
watching for the Soul that is beginning to Unfold, and then,
with a beckoning call, black wings touch our face,
and we Journey with him, flying from
the Night of denial, and awakening
with acknowledgments Day.


The Crow is a creature that has elicited much thought and speculation amongst all indigenous peoples and across many cultures and times.

To some, Crow is a harbinger of “evil” or portend of physical death, to others, he is one who offers the choice to fly free of the chains of the past and to soar toward self-knowing, yet all seem to agree, that this Animal Totem possesses a powerful energy (Medicine) contained within his small frame.

One who has the honor of having Crow fly by his/her side is an individual who has the Role of carrying souls lost in pain, denial, bitterness or ill intent, into the light of forgiveness and self-awareness.

When we are reeling in the darkness of emotional pain and turmoil, confused by denying that which we don`t want to see or feeling bitter over the actions of those who have hurt us, betrayed us or rejected us in the “past,” we have become lost on our Path.  It is the Role of one who has Crow as their Power Totem, to then find those lost souls and call to them to make the journey into the light of awareness, and eventually, sincere forgiveness.

For one who does not have Crow as their Power Totem (yet has lost the sense of their Life Path), it is Crow that they would call upon to carry them to re-align with their Path once more, as she is the Totem whose vision sees through the darkest of Nights to find the way back home.

Yet in order that one with Crow Totem can carry others into the Light, he/she must first find their own way free of the shadows of the past.  This can be an arduous task, yet is essential to fulfilling their Role as Carrier of Lost Souls into Light, for how can they fulfill a task that they have not yet completed for themselves?

To assist them in this process, Crow Souls have been blessed with the ability of keen perception, to see right to the core of their own Self.  This is reflected in Nature as the Crow is considered to be the most intelligent and perceptive of all Winged Ones, and she is renowned for her abilities in cognizant thought and strategy.

Whether turned within to gain an understanding of herSelf or reflected back as a mirror to Others so that they may know themSelves, this is a beautiful gift bestowed upon a deserving Soul.


All who hear the caw of the Crow immediately recognize that raspy voice.  Yet, in reality, that particular call is only one of the sounds that Crow will utilize to make a statement, call out his territory, or alert other crows to impending danger, though without a doubt, it is his caw that most two-leggeds recognize him by.

He will also make a very distinct chirping sound when he is singing in the morning or welcoming the moon into the night sky, and he can elicit tingles along the spine of the listener when he is warning others of infringement upon his territory, or of danger approaching, with a call that is halfway between a screech and a caw.

For anyone who is born with Power Totem of Crow, communication is an integral part of their flight along the Sacred Hoop of life.  They are here to express the depth of what they feel, to alternately inspire others with their vision of Life, or to transport them, through beautifully woven words, into other realms and planes of Being.

Yet for their keen intelligence and ability to communicate the intensity, scope, and beauty of their own experiences to Others, Crow Soul is one who struggles to find and define him/herself to the Self.  Years and even lifetimes may be spent in gradually coming to an understanding and embracing of all the facets that make up their Personality, Mind, and Soul.

Part of the process is in uncovering the Shadows Within that all possess along this Earth Walk.  These are the areas of our Self that represent our greatest lessons and opportunities for growth, yet can remain elusive to our grasp and understanding.  However, once these “shadows” have been fully understood and integrated, then the journey upward to the light of the Higher Self can be easily attained and serve as inspiration for Others.

To achieve this demands that one go Within and illuminate all of the corners of the subconscious where shadows still linger.  To open the door to the corridors of pain where the past still haunts the soul and shed the Light of awareness so that true Healing may occur.  Then, Crow Soul may share his/her insight, understanding and awareness with others through words (written or spoken) in either literal or metaphorical language, that will invoke understanding and inspiration within Others to reach for the Light within themselves.

This is the Journey of the Soul from Night into Day . . . the blessing of Crow to both the  Self and the Gift to Others.


Crows are known for their tendency to observe all that is happening around them and to alert other crows nearby at the first sign of an intruder or danger.  Their keen eyes miss nothing, and when an approaching threat is noticed, they will sound the alarm with their throaty caws echoing in the air.

It is believed that because of their tendency to call out when intruders are around, they have been given the task of being the Messengers of the Ancestors.  In other cultures and times, the belief that they are messengers of the Spirit Realm is also predominant, as in ancient Roman mythology, where a white crow was said to have delivered a foreboding message to Apollo, who then turned all ravens and crows black out of his anger at the bad news.

Like their Power Totem, Crow Souls are Sentinels who keep silent watch over all that is happening around them.  They will first observe what is occurring, making mental notes on what has been seen, heard and experienced.  They will then translate these thoughts into either spoken or written format, sharing their observations with the world around them.

In esoteric astrology, the Crow would be considered to be much like Saturn, the Gatekeeper, who stands ever at the ready of the Doorway between Planes, keeping the Ancestors informed as to the progress and evolution of those who walk the Red Road.  Yet Crow will also carry messages from the Ancestors to his/her fellow two-leggeds.  This has earned the Crow Soul the responsibility of being the Watcher and the Sentinel, standing as a messenger between the realm of the physical, and the realm of the Spirit.

If Crow is not your personal Power Totem, yet has suddenly made an appearance in your life, then there are messages that the Ancestors are bringing to you that will likely be heralding significant changes in your life.  The more crows that you encounter, the more likely the message is to be urgent and needing your acknowledgment and attention.  Take the time to quietly go within, asking for clarification on the Message being delivered.  Or it may be that you will be called upon to assist others in their journey from the darkness of denial into the light of awareness.

If Crow is your Power Totem and you are suddenly noticing him/her all about you, it is a time to go within, immersing yourself in quiet contemplation, listening to the messages you are to pay heed to for either your own Path or as a message to relay to Others.


Several creatures of the Earth Mother are believed to have been given the Gift of Shapeshifting, that is transforming from their animal state to that of a two-legged, and back again.  Amongst these Beings who are said to possess this ability is the Crow.

It is said that the Elder Spirits will appear before a two-legged in the form of a Crow so that the strength, character, and faith of the mortal can be tested prior to receiving a special gift or honor.  For this reason, Crow can be clever, attempting to trick the two-legged into folly.  If the two-legged passes the test, then the Crow will transform his shape and appear before the mortal as an Ancient One, who will then deliver a message of great importance, or bestow an ability upon the one who has triumphed in the face of challenge or adversity.

One who flies with Power Totem Crow is an individual blessed with great Insight.

This ability to see to the very heart of a matter serves the Crow Soul well as he/she traverses the Earth Walk.  With the keen perception and ability to grasp complex ideas and philosophies (initially on an intuitive level, followed by deductive reasoning), one with Power Totem Crow may transform the direction of their Journey, their belief system, and understanding, indeed their very Life here in Physical.

More often than not, one whose Soul shares a deep bond with Crow will be an individual who may experience an especially difficult early life, wherein a certain sense of detachment or “dis-connectedness” to other two-leggeds has been felt.  This general sense of not belonging will exist on some level, and at varying intensities, throughout their physical life, or until a deeper level of understanding and acceptance has been attained.

Perhaps it is because, like their Animal Totem, they exist simultaneously within two worlds, that of the Spirit and that of the Flesh, that these individuals always seem to be looking for the answer to all of their questions, and ultimately, a sense of `connection.

Yet the true thirst for connection comes from the Soul of Crow desiring to re-connect with all that was once known, yet lost when the Soul is cast upon the blank shores of forgetfulness that is Physical Life.  He/she seeks to connect all that which was known, is now known, and will one day be known, thus perhaps receiving the Answers to all of the Questions which fill their active and pondering minds.

When one with Power Totem Crow comes to realize that he/she is already connected to that vast repository of Universal Knowledge and that the Earth Walk is the “schoolroom” of that great university, then, the process of transformation begins.  This leads him/her to the discovery that one is never truly disconnected in the first place, merely walking on a different level, plane or experience than some of the other two-leggeds.

Once this realization has been made, then Crow Soul will begin to Shapeshift from the bindings of the past, which have dictated that there must be something “wrong” with his/her way of experiencing, feeling or viewing Life, and can instead, come to Accept, Celebrate and Love the Self.  This is when the integrated human (mind)/crow (soul) may truly fly free.

Animal Spirit and Medicine: Spirit of the Wolf

Wolf Medicine

Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine.

Wolf takes one mate for life and is loyal like Dog. If you were to keep company with Wolves, you would find an enormous sense of family within the pack, as well as a strong individualistic urge, and they live by carefully defined rules and rituals. They are friendly, social, and highly intelligent.

Wolves are the epitome of the wild spirit. Their positive characteristics are numerous. Many believe that the true test of America’s sincerity about protecting the environment will revolve around whether or not the wolf remains protected and is allowed to be reintroduced into areas of the country where it has heretofore been eliminated. The wolf is the true spirit of the free and unspoiled wilderness.

The senses of Wolf are very keen, and the moon is its powerful ally. The moon is the symbol for psychic energy or the unconscious that holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom. Baying at the moon may be an indication of Wolf’s desire to connect with new ideas which are just below the surface of consciousness.

Wolf would not come to you unless you requested the appearance of the tribe’s greatest teacher. The Wolf teaches you to know who you are and to develop strength, confidence, and surety in that so that you do not have to demonstrate and prove yourself at all.

Wolves have a complex communication system – using body language. Usually, those with wolf totems are very expressive with hands, posture, face or in some other manner. If you have difficulty conveying your moods and ideas to others, meditate and study the wolf. It will teach you how to empower your verbal communications with appropriate body language.

The wolf has a capacity for making quick and firm emotional attachments. Learning to trust your own insights and to secure your attachments accordingly is part of what wolf medicine teaches. The wolf can help you to hear the inner and guard you against inappropriate actions. It will guard you as it teaches you – sometimes strongly, sometimes gently – but always with love. When wolf shows up, it is time to breathe new life into your life and rituals. Find a new path, take a new journey, take control of your life. You are the governor of your life. You create it and direct it. Do so with harmony and discipline, and then you will know the true spirit of freedom.

Wolf medicine empowers the teacher within us all to come forth and aid the children of Earth in understanding the Great Mystery and life. As you feel Wolf coming alive within you, you may wish to share your knowledge by writing or lecturing on information that will help others better understand their uniqueness or path in life. It is in the sharing of great truths that the consciousness of humanity will attain new heights.

Traditionally, someone with Wolf Medicine has a strong sense of self and communicates well through subtle changes in voice inflection and body movements. They often find new solutions to problems while providing stability and support that one normally associates with a family structure.


Role: The Teacher

Lesson: Adaptation to Change

Element: Water

Wind: West The Quest Within

Medicine: Shapeshifting


As the cub first enters the physical plane, her eyes are frozen shut and she is, in essence, blind.  Yet as she matures, her eyes open, revealing a splendid new world to explore and investigate  As her eyes turn from the gray-blue hue of youth and innocence, to yellow/gold, burning with the inner fire of experience, she becomes a fuller extension of all that she is capable of being.  She is ever changing, transforming herself throughout her cycle of life, attune with the process of renewal.

Often, the soul who has inherited the Gray Wolf as their Power Totem is a soul who is constantly transforming themselves, improving themselves as they encounter the lessons and challenges of Life.


The Gray Wolf is constantly presented with change and opportunities for growth.  Despite all that is thrown in the Path of the Wolf, however, he adapts himself to change.  To understand this, one need only look at the environment the Gray Wolf inhabits.

Currently, there are a number of gray wolves that were reintroduced in Yellowstone National Park in an attempt to bring natural balance and order back to the area.  The region covers a portion of Northwestern Wyoming and extends partially into the southern tip of Montana.

The fluctuation in the season where the Gray Wolf dwells necessitates that he adapt to change as the warm, golden days of summer when prey is plentiful and the whole pack can be fed quite easily, is replaced with the shortened days of Autumn.  The Wolf begins to grow his winter coat in preparation for the long, cold months of winter which loom over the distant horizon of red and yellow leaves.  Then, winter arrives.  The cold breath of the North winds blows across the forest and plains, blanketing everything for a time in the snow that glitters like miniature crystals sprinkled by a Divine hand.  Gray Wolf searches for food with which to sustain the Pack, and always the elements, the threat of starvation, keep him on the move.  And then it is Spring once more and the welcome rays of the Sun penetrate the frozen landscape, encouraging new life.

It is said that at the door of each of the Four Winds, a wolf keeps silent vigil, each bringing change to the life of those who walk the Good Red Road, and with the change, a lesson unique to that Wind.

Gray Wolf is the Wolf who stands at the Western Door.  The winds of change will gently flow through the life of the Gray Wolf Soul, stirring her to greet the change with the knowledge of the lessons that such transitional times will herald. Gray Wolf Soul understands that Change is merely Growth, an essential part of Life, and thus, embraces Change easily.

The essence of the West Wind is Adaptation to Change through the Quest Within.  This is the land of Wakan Tanka where the individual journeys within to divine the mysteries of Soul`s Purpose in order to integrate personality with spirit.  Gray Wolf Totem stands on the cliff of evermore gazing across the misty chasm of tomorrow in quiet contemplation.  She doesn`t strain to see what is not yet visible on the other side, merely acknowledges that the changes will surely take place and that the choices she makes, will fashion the bridge across


The complex social structure of the Wolfpack is a society that is formed with the primary intent of Survival of All.  Therefore, all pack members take guardianship of one another, assisting in the hunting and killing of prey so that the pack can be fed, huddling together to provide warmth to the very old, young or ill when the cold settles in, and guardianship in watching over the cubs of the Pack, as all members participate in the rearing and educating of the young.

The Individual with the Totem of Gray Wolf understands the importance of protecting and nurturing Life in all of its varied and brilliant forms.  He is the Soul that desires to be of service to others and thus enters a profession which will be in alignment with these principles.  She is the soul who desires to nurture the spark of soul awareness in the other members of her society, so as to ensure the survival of the species. In whatever form this urge of Guardianship manifests itself, the Gray Wolf Totem will always strive to be of Benefit to the Whole.


Among all of our winged, finned and four legged brothers and sisters, Wolf is one of the few who mates with one for life.  Once they have “chosen” one another and are recognized by the rest of the Pack as the dominant male and female, this Alpha couple will share a deep and abiding bond that will only end with the physical transition of one of them as that mate departs the physical plane to wander the grounds of the Blue Road.  Only then will the surviving mate contemplate another to be by his/her side.

In addition to the bond between mates, the bond is nearly as strong to the other members of the Wolfpack, as each member will lay down their very life if necessary to protect another.  It is this deeply rooted sense of loyalty that reminds us of some of the best qualities within our own nature.

Wolf Soul is one who understands the depth of connection with another, be it mate, friend or family member.  These individuals will tend to be monogamous in nature.  If a mate is not found that shares this same sense of loyalty, then Wolf Totem will choose to live as a solitary wolf yet will still have deep and abiding bonds with friends and/or family.


Gray Wolf is known to be a skilled hunter, capable of taking down the game of both a much larger size and strength, from their own.  This is due in large part to their ability to recognize opportunity and to intuitively know when to strike.

The hunt is initiated when keen observation is employed to select the best prey candidate . . . often one that is either weak, very young, or old.  This is the process of cognizant thought.

When the prey has been selected, a silent communication takes place as pack members fall into the intuitive dance of the hunt, moving in silent unison, sensing the thoughts and energies of both one another, and their prey.

Gray Wolf Totem is drawn to individuals who possess the ability to employ rational thought coupled with intuitive understanding.  As he walks through life, Wolf Soul uses his keen intelligence to assess issues and situations which demand resolution.  He then follows the prompts he receives from his own higher sense of knowing to achieve necessary growth and learning.


Role: The Teacher

Lesson: Learning & Using Potential

Element: Earth

Wind: North Wisdom

Medicine: Manifestation


Arctic Wolf lives in a land frozen in time where, for three-quarters of the year, frigid winds blow across the tundra, creating landscapes of sculpted ice.  Here, all life holds its breath while awaiting longer days that will bring the sun to gently bathe all in its golden light, coaxing the emergence of new life to dance for awhile in its brilliant rays.  Walking across these bridges and valleys of glimmering snow, the Arctic Wolf, thick white coat ruffled in the frosty breath of the Northern wind, is in a state of contented Oneness with his surroundings.

It is said that at the door of each of the Four Winds, a wolf keeps silent vigil, each bringing change to the life of those who walk the Good Red Road and with the change, a lesson unique to that Wind.

The Arctic Wolf is the Wolf of the North Winds.  He stands quietly in rigid determination, unyielding at times, much as the barren landscapes of his home appear to resist the beginning of Spring.  She is a soul that is comfortable with her surroundings and therefore sees no “reason” to change.

Yet the promise of the North Wind is Wisdom unfolding through gratitude and acknowledgment.  This is the Direction in which Wisdom is sifted from the sands of experience and then fashioned into a Red staff of Manifesting that wields personal potential.  Therefore, if White Wolf Soul can accept change when it appears, yet remain true to his/her values, then the higher vibration of Wisdom and Truth can emerge from beneath stubborn resistance like shoots of sweet summer grass bursting forth from a blanket of winter’s snow.  Thus, Personal Power can be embraced, understood and ultimately, the soul’s individual potential manifested.


In a climate in which very little life can exist, Arctic Wolf thrives.  Drifts of snow gather in intricate patterns and shapes, castles of frozen snow glittering in the brilliant light.  The Wind, cold enough to freeze exposed flesh, passes nearly unnoticed by Arctic Wolf as he roams the blinding white expanse of his territory, thick white fur keeping him well insulated . . . Mother Earth has prepared him well.

The individual with Arctic Wolf as their Power Totem is one who is capable of withstanding numerous challenges and setbacks, only to emerge stronger than before.  It is little wonder that these souls will often face adversity in their lives in order to build the resilience with which to overcome obstacles?  Paradoxically, they are also gentle souls with a great deal of emotional sensitivity . . . and this is the area in which they are likely to encounter their greatest lessons.  Yet by calling upon the inner strength and resilience of the Arctic Wolf, they can triumph and raise their heads with gratitude to the loving rays of the Sun.


The Arctic lands stretch for miles, blinding white expanses that demand respect of all who dwell there.  Upon this vista of pristine white, the Arctic Wolf roams his territory in search of food, a mate or any encroaching threat and will travel up to twenty miles a day, or more, to perform his tasks.

To withstand the harshness of the unrelenting winds, the brutality of an unforgiving and bitterly cold climate, and to do this while traversing many miles, the Arctic Wolf has been engineered with tremendous stamina to fulfill her role in Nature.

Arctic Wolf soul is an individual who is capable of performing nearly miraculous bouts of stamina that would weary other souls as she travels the good Red Road.

He possesses within him the ability to push his body and mind to the limits, and in fact, can appear to even derive pleasure from doing so.

With each new goal that has been met, Arctic Wolf individual will then set his/her sights on the next task at hand.  Preferably the new goal will be even more challenging than the one just completed, as this engenders the acknowledgment within their own reasoning that they are worthy of that which has been given to them, yet the truth of the matter is that anything they have received, has been honestly won.


Role: The Taskmaster

Lesson: Vulnerability

Element: Earth

Wind: West The Quest Within

Medicine: Transcendence

When manifesting as a Shadow Totem, Arctic Wolf brings lessons in the life experience that will tend to build up a defensive wall around the Shadow Wolf Soul.  These individuals enter onto the Red Road with a good deal of vulnerability, in many instances a higher degree of sensitivity to their environs than most two-leggeds.  Yet, as time goes by, extremely painful circumstances are met that will either construct a fortress of solitude or a friendly barrier that keeps Others at a “safe” distance, thereby decreasing the chances that the individual may once again be hurt.

These individuals are the stoic and resolute individuals who appear to weather any storm with a spirit of strength and perseverance.  And indeed, they are quite capable of enduring many hardships, yet the true lesson for the Shadow Arctic Wolf individual is the act of maintaining a certain measure of vulnerability in the face of the brutal lessons they encounter.

When operating from Contrary Medicine, these souls may appear to be quite aloof, particularly to those who have hurt them, going into a frigid distancing that is equaled only by the frosty winds of the Arctic blowing upon the tundra.  Though it is not that they don`t feel or don`t care . . . merely that this is their way of gaining detachment from the pain of the encounter.

Though Shadow Arctic Wolf is a naturally geared toward a mostly solitary existence, he/she will have a couple, to a few close & trusted friends that will be more like family members than their own biological family.  The reason for this is due to the fact that the Shadow Arctic Wolf soul will often grow up in a family that is either highly dysfunctional, or in circumstances where one or both parents are absent, be this as in the sense that the parental figures are deceased, or where the mother and father are emotionally unavailable.

Again, trust is hard won in the two-legged beside whom Shadow Arctic Wolf walks, and bonds once forged in trust will rarely be broken unless there is an extreme betrayal on the part of their loved one.

The ultimate challenge of these individuals is to learn to be open, vulnerable and trusting in the face of a lifetime of lessons in rejection, disillusionment, and betrayal.  Yet it is interesting that these two-leggeds will often be the ones to break off relationships, and are seldom the one to be “left behind.”

The lesson, here again, is to face the lessons that the relationships represent (for it is in their interpersonal relationships that these souls learn their greatest lessons), else they will meet the same issues again and again until the lessons they represent are resolved.

Through determination, the Shadow Arctic Wolf individual will persevere despite all odds stacked against him/her and ultimately transcend beyond the past, retaining the openness of Divine Love.


Role: The Teacher

Lesson: Life, Death & Rebirth, Unexpected Change

Element: Fire

Wind: South Recalling the Child

Medicine: Creation’s Flames

The Red Wolf stood upon the crest of the sun bleached hill, her eyes cast across the valley spread out before her, searching, yearning to see another, such as she.  Yet none came.

Where had they all gone, her Brothers and Sisters?  This valley had once rung with their sweet music, washing across the rolling hills and nestling into the dips of the valley like gentle ribbons of morning mist, vibrant and alive.  Now . . . the silence was thundering.

As she turned toward the setting sun, her eyes caught the sight of an approaching wolf.  Red Wolf`s noble heart leapt in joy.  Then she noticed this Wolf was unlike any she had seen before.  The approaching figure was larger than any other clan member she had known, and all about his reddened fur, was a white light that glowed and pulsed like the fading sun. 

Then, as the Other One raised his head and called to her, she knew . . . she was returning Home to where her Brothers and Sisters would greet her with howls of ecstasy and joy.


The Red Wolf is now considered to be extinct in the wild, having been slaughtered by humans and robbed of their natural resources by the encroaching spread of the two-leggeds.

In 1973, the US Fish & Wildlife Service garnered protection for the Red Wolf with the passage of the Endangered Species Act.  A captive breeding program was then successfully initiated to bring back the Red Wolf from the brink of complete extinction, and thus today, the population of Red Wolves has reached the near 300 mark.  Perhaps through the awareness of, and the due respect of this beautiful creature, we can prevent what would be a tragic demise of a splendid and wise fellow inhabitant of Earth Mother.

It is said that at the door of each of the Four Winds, a wolf keeps silent vigil, each bringing change to the life of those who walk the Good Red Road and with the change, a lesson unique to that Wind.

The individual who has been blessed to have Red Wolf walk beside him/her as their Totem can expect a life blessed with abundant change and, hence, tremendous growth, as this is the Wolf that stands at the Southern Gate.

Growth is often initiated for the Red Wolf with unexpected events catapulting the Red Soul into action.  She does not assess the change in logical, controlled movements; rather she approaches these changes with instinctual timing and instantaneous decisions that lead her exactly to where she needs to be.

If Red Wolf Soul can tap into her ability to elicit positive change and growth in this life, then the full potential of her ability to Create Positive Change will be manifested.


The heart of the Red Wolf beats strong as he gazes into the eyes of the prone female, listening to her faint cries and whimpers.  His mate is dying, her physical form writhing with the currents of pain that assault her and he, Alpha male of the last surviving wild red wolf pack, is powerless to help his beloved.

Finally, the transition comes and he watches her form go still, watches as the air leaves her lungs and her chest sinks back, then watches as the sparkling mist of energy leaves the body and feels her as she moves through him on her way to the Blue Road of Spirit.

Sensing their pack leader`s grief, the other pack members gather beside him, eyes cast at the lifeless body before them as they huddle close to comfort him with their presence.  Then, on some silent cue, they all raise their heads and sing a song of temporal parting to a friend, and a song of comfort to the one left behind.

The individual with the Soul of Red Wolf is one who is profoundly compassionate, sensitive to the pain of others and will do anything within their ability to alleviate suffering.  As such, these individuals will often be found in the healing professions, either in terms of “medical professionals” or as energy/spiritual healers.

One of the greatest challenges of one who has Red Wolf Totem is to learn that true compassion comes from knowing when to assist another, and when to draw back enough that the one they are assisting can walk the Path they have come into the physical plane to fulfill.


Red Wolf trusts that all that which she needs will be available to her, be it the prey she will eat to sustain her own life or the shelter of the earth in which she makes her den.  She knows that Nature is Kind, Loving, and Provides.  She has a belief based upon experience that tells her her pack members will defend her if/when needed against attack.  She gives love and receives love with the acceptance of one who has known no rejection, no judgment, and no fear . . . she is the essence of Innocence.

Red Wolf Totem walks with one who operates from an innocent heart, and thus, the individual blessed with this Totem is either born with an instinctual innocence, or they have come into this lifetime with one of their key lessons being that of maintaining, or re-kindling, innocence.

This is where they facilitate their primary Role of Teacher, to teach others the humbleness of Innocence, the gift of Belief and Trust.  Yet in order for the Teacher to impart his Knowledge and Wisdom, he must first walk through the experience himself in full awareness and face his own personal Truths.

To do so, and then embrace others, free of judgment for the betrayals that may have gone before . . . to come back to himself with belief that all will be exactly as it is meant to be, is the returning Home to Self, it is the Return to his own Innocence.

Animal Spirit and Medicine: Totem Of The Lynx

Role: Knower of Secrets

Lesson: Uncover the Hidden

Element: Water

Wind: North Land of the Elders & Wisdom

Medicine: Invisibility


The Lynx is a beautiful member of the cat family, distinguished by its compact body and long legs, bobbed tail and tufts of fur that sprout out the top of each ear.  Their coats are thick and luxurious in the winter to protect them from the icy winds that prevail in the high mountainous environs of their Canadian and Alaskan homes.

Across centuries and woven throughout the lore of many Peoples, the Lynx has long been recognized as a silent witness to the foils and follies of humankind, a wise and silent sage that possesses knowledge of the secret mysteries of both Heaven and Earth.  He is not the Gatekeeper to this fountain of eternal wisdom, he is one of the Totems that possess the knowledge of these secrets that other Totems are assigned to protect.

The tufts of fur that adorn the ears of a Lynx are thought to serve much like a receiver for the secret knowledge and wisdom transmitted from the Ancestors.  Like their Animal Ally, the two-legged with Lynx as a Primary Totem will enter upon this Earthwalk with a keen sense of, or interest in, the deeper mysteries of Life.

Often, the childhood is one of heightened emotional and/or psychic awareness wherein the Lynx Soul felt somehow distanced or removed from those around them.  Their gift for sudden flashes of Insight would have been noticed at a very early age, and either encouraged (if the adults in the Lynx cub`s life were open-minded or metaphysically inclined individuals) or attempted to be thoroughly squashed.  As this would have taken place during that individual`s formative years, the adult Lynx may not have conscious recollection of this squelching of their psychic/perceptive insights, yet as adults, and if this has not been resolved, there will exist a reluctance to share their insights with others for fear of rejection or ridicule.

And in part, this is because the one beside whom Lynx Totem pads simply know the deeper mysteries and secrets of Life and it is this inner Knowing that guides and directs their decisions and choices as they walk their Path of Physical Life.  They are not necessarily here to divulge that knowledge on a broad basis, unless other Totems walking, flying or swimming beside them dictate otherwise.  For example, if one were to have Power Totem of Lynx, yet have Mission Totem of Crow, then not only would Lynx provide the Knowledge of Universal Secrets, Crow would be present as Mission Totem to carry the message of such secrets to Others.  Hence, when examining ones Animal Allies, it is crucial to take the entirety of the Animal Spirits into consideration, as well as examining the Medicine and Lessons unique to each Totem.


The Lynx has been well equipped by Mother Earth to survive in climates and seasons that demand only the “fittest” will survive.  She has gifted the Lynx with a thick coat to protect against the ice and snow of a bitter winter, as well as having outfitted this graceful creature with large paws that serve much like snowshoes that keep the Lynx aloft on drifts of snow, in order that he/she may easily chase the fleet and sure-footed snowshoe hare that is the primary source of the Lynxes` diet.

It is the ability of the Lynx to blend in with his/her environs and move silently and swiftly across varying terrain, that are the primary factors in this cat`s ability to approach prey nearly unseen and unheard.

This beautiful animal is a species soon to be threatened with extinction, and hence is awaiting a listing on the endangered species list, so encounters in the wild in this current age is, tragically, highly unlikely.  Equally, these elusive creatures have always been difficult to catch sight of due to the fact that they have an uncanny ability to slip unnoticed long before a human has the opportunity to realize they were even present.  The Lynx, however, will often observe the two-legged with a mixture of caution and curiosity, staying hidden in bushes, shadows, or any other form of concealment that is available.

This ability to move so silently and pass unseen was noted by indigenous peoples who understood the Medicine of the Lynx to be one of slipping effortlessly between planes and dimensions.

For the Two-Legged with Lynx as a Primary Totem, there will exist the inherent ability within these souls to uncover all that which is “hidden” from the eyes of a less observant individual.  This is not necessarily an immediate or intuitive sensing, but rather a gradual process of uncovering hidden corners and shadows through silent observation, much as the Lynx in the wild will quietly observe prey, trespassers into their territory and potential mates.

Lynx Soul will be able to see right through the outer appearances and what Others might choose to present to the outside world, to the very heart of all that is Hidden beneath.  This means that the one beside whom Lynx pads will have an uncanny ability to recognize the fears, secrets, agenda, and feelings of guilt or remorse that are all but invisible to most other souls.

There are other Totems (such as Black Panther) who possess the ability to see into the hearts and minds of their fellow two-legged, yet where part of the Black Panther Soul`s Medicine is to point these areas out, it is not the Medicine of Lynx to do so.  Lynx Souls merely uncover the hidden and store the knowledge away, perhaps transmitting this knowledge to the one whose hidden feelings and thoughts he/she has successfully uncovered telepathically, yet they remain silent on these things until such a time that they are approached for “assistance.”

Even then, the Lynx soul is very cautious about how much is revealed or shared of their Inner Knowing, as they are not here to point these areas out to Others, nor does this knowledge necessitate they must share it, they are purely and simply the Detectives of the Animal Spirits and uncover Hidden Truths.

If there is another Totem within the individual`s Personal or Primary Totems that is a relater of such information (such as Crow), or a “counseling” Totem (such as Dolphin), then the information Lynx uncovers will be utilized for therapeutic reasons by that other Animal Ally.

The caution for the Lynx Totem, however, is that the Uncovered Hidden Truths must never be shared with anyone other than whom that truth has been revealed, and certainly never used as a weapon against that soul, or as a means to exert control or power over them.  Revealing unhidden truths for such willful and egotistical purpose would be an example of the Contrary Medicine (Shadow element) of the Lynx.”


Like most cats, the Lynx will spend much of its life alone, and it is typically only when the female is in estrus that Lynx will seek out a mate.  Then, once the mating is complete, the pair will part and go their separate ways, with the female raising any kittens that might be produced from the coupling.  The kittens (generally born in the late Spring months) will stay with their mother only until February or early March when the female will once more go into estrus.

For the two-legged beside whom Lynx pads, they will find themselves alone at intermittent intervals throughout their Earthwalk, via either desire or design.

In some instances, this is a literal “aloneness” that comes with separation by either death of a loved one or the disintegration and parting of a relationship.  Yet in other instances, the Lynx soul will feel separate from Others, even while sharing the same physical space, a trait that can often be misunderstood by loved ones.

It is not that these individuals do not desire companionship, and this tendency may be substantially reduced if there is another Primary Totem that is either Mate or Group oriented (such as Wolf, Hawk, Eagle or Dolphin), it is simply that the area of Partnerships and emotionally intimate encounters will either be a highly charged area of their current Earthwalk, or it will be next to non-existent.

In the instance of the former, the Lynx individual will meet many of his/her Life Lessons through disappointments, disillusionment or losses in love that will leave them with the desire to be alone, or feeling abandoned and rejected.  And in the case of the latter, this may either be an extremely sore spot for the two-legged with Lynx Totem or will simply be an area of nonconcern.  Much depends upon the other Primary Totems that surround the individual.


Each Animal has its own Medicine which is unique to that specific Creature, as gifted by the Great Mystery.  For the Lynx, it is the Medicine of Invisibility, or the ability to slip unseen/unnoticed between planes.

This Medicine serves the Lynx to observe in silence, the foibles, follies, falsehoods, and triumphs of the Human Spirit.  This information is then carried to the Elders that they may determine the course of Humanities spiritual progress.

The two-legged beside whom Lynx walks will have the ability to slip unseen into any circumstance or environment.  Once “there,” they will quietly observe all that is around them and often appear either extremely shy to the casual observer or are labeled as “aloof” and/or “arrogant.”  In both instances this is usually not the case, it is simply that the Medicine of Invisibility requires the Holder of the Medicine to remain a part of the backdrop unobserved, rather than to take center stage and be noticed.  The difficulty sometimes arises when they become conspicuous in their inconspicuousness.

In some tribes, the Shaman is well versed in the Medicine of the Lynx, which assists them as they quite literally disappear into other planes and dimensions.  Yet this is a Medicine that is perfected over many lifetimes and with due work, diligence, and sacrifice of will and desire to dominate either circumstances or others.

As the Ultimate Responsibility of this Medicine is to serve as a sounding board and silent, non-judgmental witness to friends, strangers, family, and co-workers who find the Lynx soul to be comforting in their ability to listen without offering advice, and to offer support free of judgment.  When following this pathway of Proper Silence, the Lynx individual is answering his/her Higher Calling to be of benefit to both their fellow two-leggeds and to serve the Purpose of the Elders.

Lynx Medicine

Lynx medicine is strongly related to the planetary energies of Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto and thus one must reach very deeply within to understand both the messages that this medicine brings and the people who carry Lynx medicine. The bottom line is that neither the Lynx person nor the messages will be easy to figure out especially as the energy itself is well known for being extraordinarily tight-lipped!

Lynx medicine is that which empowers and gifts an individual to have amazing powers of intuition and clairvoyance. Just the same as there are great masters in music, literature, the arts, and healing to name a few areas, so too are there great masters who can effortlessly pull from the ethers the intuitive and psychic messages that one needs at any given point in time. The Lynx person may not understand themselves why they have this ability for it simply pours through them. “Something turns on” within them and suddenly the person just knows what other people cannot or perhaps I should say are unwilling to see or hear.

Yet the Lynx person sees it all too clearly though they are normally less than willing to share all that they know! It is simply part of the Lynx person’s nature to keep things under wraps for they have also learned the painful lessons early on of trying to share what they see only to be shunned or even abused for their powerful abilities. Many people simply don’t want to hear the messages that the Universe is trying to send them until they get themselves in a right pickle and then wonder what happened! At times the Lynx person may be blamed for not “warning” the person ahead of time though along with the knowing of what lies ahead there is often too a sense that no matter how often the Lynx person tries to pass the messages along, some folks just won’t get it until they walk right into a quagmire.

It’s not that the Lynx person wants other folks to get into trouble, it is simply that they understand better than most people that the ways and means of the Soul are vast and incomprehensible to the rational mind. It is not up to the Lynx person to “save” others from their own creations but to pass along the messages that they do feel inclined to share, again being guided by the same Universal force that has given them these abilities, to begin with. The Lynx person can watch someone walk straight towards an open manhole and sensing that to try to warn the other person would be fruitless, they must sit back and allow the other to carry on as they will, even if that means the person ends up going straight into the hole!

Yet because of Lynx’s watchfulness and higher awareness, they also have the solution to getting the person back out of the hole and on their way again IF the person is willing to hear and act upon the messages/solutions that are being given. The Lynx person knows that sometimes we all create bizarre or even painful situations in our lives to trick ourselves into getting our lives back on the right path for us as individuals. Sometimes it does seem awful that humans have such a knack for learning things the hard way! Yet for those who are ready to move onto the path that is much more effortless and joyful, the Lynx person/totem shall be right at hand to help them make that shift and can be counted upon to bring a seemingly never-ending bounty of messages that lead directly to the treasure one is seeking! Again, it is not that the Lynx person doesn’t want to help it is simply that they know some people need to get into and out of their own problems in order to grow and develop.

Lynx medicine people can see that which is hidden and even though others may think that things are on the up and up, the Lynx person knows better or if they don’t they shall soon find out! Nothing escapes Lynx’s watchful gaze for long. A Lynx’s eyesight is excellent and they are always watching people see what they do rather than relying on what they are saying. The Lynx person knows that what people do is the real expression of where they are really coming from! If you ever wonder whether someone can be trusted ask a Lynx person. If they know you well enough they may give you an answer! Often though the Lynx person will look at you as though to say “If you have to ask me, well don’t you think you ALREADY know the truth?!” It is the rare soul however that ever asks a Lynx person for their “seeing” as to what they may be hiding from themselves.

This is the real purpose of Lynx medicine, to assist those who truly want to understand why they keep creating the same problems in their lives or why a situation happened to them when they believed they were working so hard inside only to have things blow up in their faces! It can even be highly frustrating to a Lynx person to see what is happening so clearly and yet they know to divulge what they see will lead to nothing good but may even make the other person more intent on their own self-destruction. At those moments, the Lynx person may find they simply need to move on in their own lives, allowing the other person to do as they see fit.

It may also behoove the Lynx person to begin examining what they too might need to be looking at in their own lives as the contrary medicine of Lynx may be at play. Fortunately, many Lynx people are good at admitting to themselves where their issues and problems lie, even though they may not be prone to sharing these bits with others. Yet they will if they honestly feel it might help someone else take a closer look at their own circumstances and creations.

Lynx people can be very much like the Cheshire Cat. Frequently they disappear and then reappear when least expected which can be very confusing to those who are close to such people! Lynx’s are solitary creatures though and so are the folks that carry their energy. They need to have much space and time to themselves so they are not flooded with other’s energies and thoughts or beliefs. To step away from others from time to time helps the Lynx person to keep the waters of their knowing flowing clean and pure so that when they hear the call to step in and help another, the information that comes through them will be of true service and not clouded by the mass consciousness.

In this way too the Lynx person carries the energy of Pluto which also requires much time alone to navigate the deeper labyrinths within. The Lynx person understands the need to step back and do their own deep inner work if they are true to be of service and that does require a solitary approach to life for no one can do that for us. This is not to say that Lynx people cannot form strong solid bonds with other folks for in fact many do! It is simply that it requires much time and patience for the most part unless the Lynx person remembers the other person on a soul level. These folks know beyond a shadow of a doubt who belongs to their true soul family and who does not! It is very important that the Lynx person heeds this inner knowing for if they do not, they may find themselves being badly damaged by someone they have given their trust to only to have it abused which can leave the Lynx person feeling absolutely gutted for quite some time and unwilling to trust anyone new until they jump through many hoops to prove themselves! So much of this can be avoided though if the Lynx person can keep reminding themselves to step back and LISTEN to their own knowing!

At times Lynx people become confused as to why others do not seem to be able to see their own problems quite as clearly as the Lynx person does. Many Lynx medicine people don’t realize that they were born wise beyond their years and what comes so naturally to them doesn’t always to others. Often times Lynx children are shamed for saying what they know to be true thus enforcing their need through life to keep quiet about what they know. yet when the truth of a situation does come to light and the Lynx child or adult does speak up and say “see, I knew this all along!” others may become quite angry or defensive with the Lynx person and wonder why for heaven’s sake didn’t the person speak up before!

This is what confuses so many Lynx people, others say they want to know when they really don’t and become angry when the Lynx person does speak up and yet they also become angry when the Lynx person stays mute until others finally “get it’! No wonder these folks are so secretive! They simply have had this need to be this way so heavily reinforced by those around them that it takes them much time and trust to be able to share what they see with others.

Lynx children especially need to feel that what they have to share is valuable and important, otherwise many become depressed and withdraw from peers or other family members. Many may become fearful as well if they are having psychic or clairvoyant experiences that family members discount or ignore thus leaving the Lynx child with no one they can share these things with. The Lynx child may then wonder if there is something “wrong” with them and as an adult may even fear they are going mad! These folks more than most truly do need others of like mind with whom they can share their experiences and knowledge with! Yet because of past experiences of being shamed or ignored, it makes it that much more difficult for the person to truly open up.

Lynx people make fabulous confidants and counselors as they are unlikely to “spill the beans” to others and because of their highly secretive nature, they often do attract many people who feel they can really trust the Lynx person and share their innermost thoughts and feelings with them. If there is a “sin” to a Lynx person, it is the sharing of secrets or other information that another has shared with them. Many Lynx people feel they will be “punished” somehow for sharing what they know and this can be a carry over from past lives where they were indeed punished or singled out because they tried to share information with those that were not ready or able to receive it.

Yet this instinctive need for staying quiet can be such a gift for other people who desperately need a safe space to share their secrets and innermost feelings with! They know that because of the Lynx person’s ability to interact with the Higher Planes and bring forth wise wisdom and guidance when the time is right, that the Lynx person is also less likely to be judgmental of others for they do glimpse the bigger picture. Yet it is important that the Lynx person also finds a safe space where they too can unload what has been shared with them though it is rare, if ever, that they will share it with another human being.

This is why Guides and Totems are so important for Lynx people in general and why they must learn to work hand in hand with them for it is with their Guides and Totems that the Lynx person can release all that they know and all that has been shared with them. Lynx people, in fact, may have many Guides and many other totems aside from having the Lynx itself as a primary totem. These folks have come here to watch, to listen, to observe so that when the time is right, others can benefit from their knowledge and not have to make the same mistakes as others have done in the past. So much is handed to Lynx people that they need the extra support that so many Guides and Totems can give them.

Lynx people can also make wonderful teachers for those who truly seek to be empowered through the teachings and are willing to try things out for themselves to see what truly works for them instead of just buying into whatever anyone else says is the right or correct way to do things. Lynx teachers never hand out all the answers on a silver platter but expect the student to figure it out for themselves. They can help to point the way and yet they will never try to force their own thoughts and beliefs on others.

Because of their ability to work so closely with the higher planes, they understand that what is true for one person may not be for another, that there are many truths and many realities that exist side by side. They will do their best to help the student find the doorways to these different truths and realms yet they also know that if the student is not ready that handing them the map so to speak would only do them more harm than good. When one is truly ready to know more, the Universe will find many ways of bringing the teachings and information to them!

Some people fear Lynx medicine people for they sense that this person is able to see straight through them into their heart and soul. This can also cause the Lynx person to feel rejected or unwanted as from their perspective, they so rarely judge others and cannot understand why others would want to reject them outright! It is then important for the Lynx person to remember that others may not understand that they don’t feel the need to share all they see with anyone else.

Lynx medicine people tend to have large or wide feet just the same as the actual Lynx itself has feet built like snowshoes that they may traverse snowy ground and catch prey with greater ease. Because this ability to maneuver is so important to the survival of the Lynx it is also important that those with this totem take good care of their own feet as well. Shoes that fit properly and are comfortable are a must and many Lynx people I have known prefer not to wear shoes at all (myself included) because they feel shoes interfere with their ability to stayed earthed and grounded.

Because Lynx people are always somehow involved with the receiving of information from the psychic realms (it is always “on” though the person can learn to shift the energy into neutral so they do not feel so bombarded with it) it is extremely important that they feel that sense of groundedness and support from the earth itself. Unlikely to become space cadets yet it can be easy for a Lynx person to feel drained or overwhelmed by all the information coming through and being in contact with the earth helps them to sort things out and also earths the incoming energy much the same as electrical energy need to be “earthed” in order to be used with safety.

These folks often have quick reflexes as well and often find in their own lives that they need to “change directions or gears” so to speak at moments notice in order to manifest what they desire in their own lives. This too can be confusing to some folks who wonder why the Lynx person suddenly hares off in another direction and may think the Lynx person is not terribly stable when in fact the Lynx “sees” the “rabbit” (the Lynx’s preferred food) they are chasing has, in fact, changed direction and if they are to catch it, they too must move in that new direction. Because of this, it is so important that the Lynx person trusts the information and guidance they are receiving for themselves and not be swayed by others who do not see things as clearly as the Lynx does.

Some Lynx people do go through a process whereby they allow others to cause them to doubt their own knowledge and then live to regret it deeply. Yet the Lynx person must also remember that this is part of their own learning process and to start again, this time making a commitment to only following what they know to be true for them!

Because of their ability to navigate on ice and snow, the Lynx person is also able to help others become more aware of where they are “frozen” especially on the emotional level. The Lynx person may be drawn to those who are emotionally frozen only to realize that they too may be freezing out many of their own emotions. The reason some of this occurs for the Lynx person is that they see and hear so much throughout their lives, starting at such a young age, that they feel the need to shut down or distance some of their own emotional energy lest they walk around as an open wound in response to others suffering. If this is the case, it would behoove the Lynx person to examine carefully the placement of Neptune by sign, house and aspect in their natal chart which can help them understand other ways of working with their own emotions so they do not deny them but give them a fuller range of expression that can be more beneficial.

For the most part, Lynx is a totem one is born with and I have yet to hear of anyone who gained Lynx as a totem later on in life though of course, anything is possible! Yet a Lynx may come to work with someone for short periods of time if the person is truly open to hearing what this medicine has to communicate to them. Usually, the Lynx will appear when people or things are not as they seem and it takes a great deal of discernment in order to get to the truth. Sometimes as the truth becomes known it can be very painful and yet the Lynx also knows that it is even worse to continue to be blinded by another person or situation that will only lead to one being pulled off their right path.

If Lynx has appeared for you as a temporary totem, it would be wise to pay extra attention to people and things that are around you at this time for it is likely that things are not what they seem! You may have to dig deep and play “detective” to get to the truth and yet if you are truly wanting to know, Lynx will ensure that you are able to see it.

Compatibilities and Associations for Lynx people are:

  1. Rabbit – which is the balancing medicine of the Lynx. It also helps the Lynx person to feel fed and nurtured when others shy away or appear to be having trouble accepting the Lynx person.
  2. Champagne Topaz – Helps the Lynx person to understand their Highest Destiny and the purpose for the energy they carry.
  3. Black Opal – A strong energy hat helps the Lynx person to recognize their true worth if they have been shamed or rejected by others.
  4. Raspberry Tea – For the times the Lynx person doubts their own knowledge because others do not see things the same way.
  5. Green with Perlite Obsidian – May help ease feelings of rejection and isolation.



Keeper of the ancient secrets,
Teacher of the hidden skills,
Open my heart and mind to wisdom,
Fill my days with strengthened will.
Reveal the fearful truth of being,
The part of us we fail to see.
O lynx of smiling, hidden secrets,
Bring aid and wisdom now to me.


Lynx is the keeper of lost magic
and occult knowledge.
Lynx is the guardian of the secrets
and, more importantly, the knower of the secrets.
Lynx medicine is a very specific type of clairvoyance.
If the medicine is strong in you, you will get mental pictures concerning people
and the secrets they hide. You will see their fears, lies, and self-deceptions.
You never speak of these revelations – but you know.
With a Lynx totem, people will share their secrets with you.
They will take you into their confidence and you will “accidentally”
discover things about people (whether you want to or not).
You must be very careful not to break confidences.
Your words must be chosen carefully and used cautiously.
Strength through silence must be your motto.
You do not have to do anything with the secrets you learn,
you, like the Lynx, are the keeper of secrets.
Listen to your higher self.



Seer of the Unseen. Solitude. Reservation. Vigilance. The Hermit. Understanding Spiritual Mystery. Sphinx Energy. Invisibility. Knowledge vs. Superstition. Play. Perception and Protection on All Levels. Seduction and Eye Contact. Manipulation of Time & Space in Otherworlds.


The Lynx (including the bobcat) taxonomically consists of four species within the family Felidae. They are a shy, secretive medium-sized feline with tufted ears and a bobbed tail common to the western hemisphere. The prefer to live in mature forests and mountainous regions, but can be found in deserts and heath/scrubland. They are often noted for their haughty or imperial gaze. They tend to be most active at dawn and dusk, but are also nocturnal. Their diets consist primarily of rodents and hare. Lynx is quite dependent on hare populations, and lynx numbers are thought to be directly proportionate to hare numbers. Lynx is mostly silent, and use body language and scent to communicate most often, however they will yowl and hiss in mating season. They are hunted for their pelts, and kittens are at risk of predation from coyotes, owls, and foxes (among others).


Please remember that if this animal is contacting you, it will often be the best resource for teaching you what its lessons are. What I write is only intended to be a guide, it is not absolute, nor is it infallible.

  • Lynx tells us it is a time for caution and vigilance, and often comes into our lives through dreams or visions to tell us that we need to pay more attention to our surroundings even when we know we aren’t in any danger. Reservation when going about our lives also teaches us to think before we act, and Lynx can come into our lives to curb impulsivity.
  • Lynx can bring clarity to the understanding of spiritual mysteries, this clarity, in turn, enables us to learn hidden secrets and understand how these mysteries apply to our lives and those around us.
  • Lynx tells us it is time to become a bit more of a skeptic, it is time for knowledge vs. superstition. Lynx energy tends to put a bit of a skewer in the habits of superstitious folk and teaches us to overcome our blockages to learning new things due to a deep-seated grounding in superstition.
  • Lynx is an ideal energy for perception on all levels and the growth that this implies. When we learn how to perceive in all areas of our lives, we grow immeasurably. This perception leads to a protection on all levels. Lynx is an extraordinarily strong energy for the cultivation and maintenance of personal boundaries and barriers.
  • The nature of the Lynx to operate alone enables it to understand secrets and to be secretive. This nature is neither deceptive nor deliberately malicious, rather it is an energy that simply stands apart. Lynx is The Hermit from the standard Tarot. People with Lynx in their lives often find that they connect best with others and themselves when they deliberately disconnect from overly-socializing or stretching themselves too thin.
  • The presence of Lynx in our lives also reflects the presence of Sphinx energy in our lives, and it may be important to connect with this mythological creature and its symbolism and heritage also.
  • Are you a solitary person who takes yourself too seriously? You very well might be if you’ve attracted Lynx into your life. Well, the good news is that Lynx has an excellent sense of whimsical, kittenish, light-hearted play, and it’s time for you to find the things in your life which make you child-like again, laugh again, and live again. Solitude is no excuse for taking oneself too seriously after all, and like any Lynx will teach you – you can certainly play and have fun by yourself.
  • On a shamanic or spiritual level, Lynx teaches manipulation of time and space in other worlds. This is a necessary tool of the shaman, and Lynx is one of the few animals who willingly teaches it. This manipulation enables us to visit memories and the future, bend and fit multiple spaces, and lengthen or shorten the time in order to better understand energy and in order to better heal when shamanising. This ability is of itself a mystery, which is why Lynx is one of the better teachers of this lesson.
  • Seduction and eye contact is a realm in which the Lynx is a master. It might be time to learn how to use the expressiveness of your own eyes to sway others, or it might be time to learn how the eye is significant as a symbol of your spirituality. What does it mean to look, see and record information? What are the colors you can see? What can other creatures see that you can’t? What are the mysteries implied in this? Is the idea of seeing more seductive? Or frightening? What can you see that others can’t?
  • Lynx is the Seer of the Unseen, and comes into our lives to draw our attention to that which we need to focus on, and have glossed over for whatever reason. Additionally Lynx can teach us how to see that which cannot be seen by the human eye on a day to day level – how to discern auras, spirits, ghosts, ley-lines, energy fields, shields, magical residue and even the memories and blockages that hang around people, are all the domain of Lynx. If we start seeing Lynx in our lives, it might also be time to do ourselves a tarot, oracle or rune reading for we are most likely to be objective (or learning to be objective) when viewing ourselves at this time.


People with this animal as a totem will often manifest traits similar to the animal itself. I work on the philosophy that we only have one totem, and it teaches us lessons as well as representing the core aspects of our personality. Therefore –

  • Lynx people in their less developed stages tend to be a bit frustrating to the rest of us, they can be superior and haughty, they have a tendency to be a know-it-all. It’s important for all (including Lynx people) to realize that they do have the answers and the knowledge, it just might be hidden under the trappings of the ego or the desires of our emotional existence.
  • Those with Lynx medicine are good at keeping secrets hidden, they are also excellent at giving advice to those who need to know when it is time for a secret to be revealed. In order to know when to be silent, Lynx implicitly knows when to speak also and gives wise council.

There will be other ways your totem manifests, and you will recognize them with awareness and communion.


The shadow totem is the animal we often fear irrationally, that teaches us things about ourselves that are profound and difficult to confront. Often the traits we fear most within the shadow totem, are the traits that we dislike in ourselves. We must scrutinize why this is, and learn how to work with them.

  • People may fear Lynx because they have something to hide, or because they feel as though they will be ‘revealed’ if their secrets are discovered.
  • Those who fear Lynx may also have low-self esteem which is revealed in argument or debate. These people resent feeling lectured or dismantled in debate and need to learn when to keep silent while they start the process of self-confrontation. This is an important lesson for those with Lynx shadow energy to learn.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Lynx tends to respond best when one attempts to commune with the energy in quite and silent spaces, particularly those in woodland and forest. Meditation that requires a change in breathing technique and inner focus is more likely to be successful in contacting Lynx than out and out drumming. Lynx will quite readily respond to rattle or flute when they are ready.

Lynx is a solitary creature, and will only appear when they feel like appearing. They are not to be commanded, at our beck and call, and this is another mystery that Lynx will aid us in understanding.

You know the secrets
So very well,
The Dreamtime and the magic,
But you’ll never tell.

May I learn to hold my tongue,
Observe like the Sphinx,
Powerful, yet silent,
The medicine of Lynx.


It is said that if you want to find out a secret, ask Lynx medicine. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get the silent Lynx to speak. To be confronted by the powerful medicine of Lynx signifies that you do not know something about yourself or others.

Lynx is the keeper of the secrets of lost magical systems and occult knowledge. Lynx has the ability to move through time and space and to go into the Great Silence for unraveling any mystery. Lynx is not the guardian of secrets, but the keeper of secrets. The problem lies in getting Lynx to instruct you. He or she would rather be off chasing a bird or kicking sand in your face than running circles around you.

Lynx medicine is a very specific type of clairvoyance. If this medicine is strong in you, you will get mental pictures concerning other people and the exact things they have hidden, either from themselves or from others. You will see their fears, their lies, and their self-deceptions. You will also know where they have hidden the treasure if there is any. You never speak of these revelations ~ you simply know.

The only way you can coax information about yourself out of a Lynx medicine person (in case you have forgotten where you hid the treasure) is to respect the practices of his or her tradition. If you go to a Gypsy with Lynx medicine, you must show your respect by paying with money after the reading. If you go to a Choctaw medicine person, he or she will reach into your midsection, or use other traditional methods to help you. A blanket or tobacco should be given in exchange for the medicine he or she has performed for you. This maxim is known as the law of the Lynx people and is practiced by Native American, Gypsy, Sufi, and Egyptian cultures, among others.

If you have pulled the Lynx card, you can be sure that “secrets” are afloat. If this is your personal medicine, you should listen to your higher self. Be still and pay attention to the revelations you receive either in the form of mental pictures or through a high singing voice in your inner ear. Perhaps you will receive information in the form of omens. You can be sure that Mother Earth is signaling to you in some manner.

If Lynx is at your door, listen. Brother or Sister Lynx can teach you of your personal power and of things you have forgotten about yourself. Lynx can lead you to lost treasures, and connect you to forgotten brotherhoods or sisterhoods.

Some medicine people believe that the Sphinx of ancient Egypt was not a Lion but a Lynx. This Lynx does not say much. With an enigmatic smile, the great cat watches over the sands of forever.


If Lynx has appeared in the reversed position, it is time to shut your big mouth. Something you are jabbering about has let the “cat” out of the bag. Are you defiling a sacred trust, or have you broken a promise to a friend? If not, you may have pulled a good prank on yourself by blabbing your latest idea to the friend of a competitor. Watch your tongue and see if you are able to refrain from gossiping, or talking about your latest romantic conquest. Look and see if, in your present state, you are able to listen and truly be interested in someone else’s stories or ideas. On this level, Lynx is telling you to become worthy of trust. Then the secrets will be available to you.

You might look at choosing to have your brain in gear before your babble starts, or your foot may have to replace your tongue. This is the “know it all” syndrome. Fine ~ if you want to talk, just sew up your ears. After all, talking leaves no room for hearing or learning. Lynx is a tough teacher, and if you have let the cat out of the bag, be ready for the consequences.

Become Lynx and wear the Mona Lisa smile. Only you will know what you are smiling about. The cat will not have your tongue ~ you will ~ as well as the power over it.

(Lynx pardinus)

Length: 26 in. to 32 in.

Maximum Weight: 35 lbs.

Est. Pop.: Fewer than 200

Status: Critically endangered

Threats: Illegal hunting and trapping, depletion of Rabbit prey by disease

Habitat: Forests and scrubland

Man Eater?: No

The World’s most endangered wild cat

Relies on rabbits for 85% of its diet

Totem Animals and Spirit Guides

Totem Animals, Power Animals, Creature-teachers, Elders, Ancient Ones, and Spirit Guides are all terms used to describe different spiritual entities that will work with us as teachers, protectors, and companions. They are there to assist us as we discover ourselves and other realms of dimension where we learn the true teachings of our spirituality and path work. In meeting our Guides we may experience entities, voices, physical encounters, or shamanic journeys to which we can relate on an intimate level. How do these Guides contact us? Spirit sends them with a message to convey and they have to reach us in any way they can.

Perhaps they will nudge you to turn on the TV only to find a program that catches your eye on the subject they need to address, as a response to something you have on your mind, or as a topic you need to focus on. This program will point out to you the message they want you to embrace. Now that may not be enough for you to accept it as a truth and another method may well be used to strengthen the first. It is taught by many of the world’s traditions that such messages need to come in sets of three. They can come in the same form or three different ones. As you become adept at reading the situations and speaking with these Guides the repetitions are not quite as necessary to judge by since you know how to recognize when the moment arises and contact is being made. Until then, they may direct your attention to a place where you will find the same message being presented. This could be a newspaper article, a conversation between strangers overheard in a public place, a phone call and flippant remark by the caller, or a chance event out of context in a given situation will stand out in some way. Whatever form this message takes, it will come and it will impress you with its relevance to your own life. As you progress these basic rules change only slightly and according to the way in which you have chosen to work with them.

animal-spirit-guides-2Once we learn to recognize these signs passing in our life things begin to take on a new clarity. The subtle voices we come to hear as we develop a sense of humor about their methods will guide us well. People often ask me how to recognize the signs and omens when they come. I tell them to pay attention to everything and when things start standing out to them they will definitely know something is taking place. We have to look and listen with our hearts, hearing the whispers and seeing the shadows that move. It can come as an experience in the wild, in dreams, visions, on TV, through an elemental force of nature, or anywhere your attention can be focused. If you want an answer to appear in a specific place you can focus your attention there and it will come. Spirit uses every medium available to reach us all the time. We just have to remain open to it. This does not mean that all day long we are being given critical signs of things, we do have to apply some common sense.


When we are troubled, when we are struggling with an issue, feel lost, or are being warned of a risk, we can call out for answers. It is also a time when we usually are best at blinding ourselves to them because of preoccupation with the situation itself. Sort of like not seeing the forest for the trees. For this reason, it takes a conscious effort to be aware and look for them. The rest of the time we will usually pick up on these methods of receiving information quite naturally if we simply trust our own instincts and intuitive natures. We know when we are in the flow of life and energy currents are broken by something. It grabs our attention and speaks to us in a variety of ways. Now, as you learn how to see through the eyes of the shaman it will appear that these messages or lessons are coming at much more frequent intervals. The truth is that they have always been there, you are just now becoming aware of it.

Your Guides have always been sending you signs that signal you to pay attention, and you will come to realize how many times you have chosen to ignore them. Hindsight is a beautiful teacher. Our Guardian Spirits seem to have some very challenging jobs, don’t they? It makes me wonder about the people who go through life ignoring their Guides and how frustrated those Guides must be. It’s up to each of us to choose to be aware, to become enlightened, and to listen when they present us with valuable information. Some of us never do learn to listen and I’m pretty sure those Guides just have to be content with having a deaf mule in their care. Imagine the frustration of having to turn to nudging those individuals around in the right direction. Their job is clear, your charge is to help yourself and them by opening to that guidance. It’s got to be an exhausting process when working with those who wear blinders all the time.

Our Guides will speak to us when we learn to let them be themselves and observe their actions. Do not expect them to change to your standards, but you can ask them to clarify issues you can’t understand. They will not change who they are, but they will do all they can to get a message across to you. By understanding their natures we can learn to behave as they would…to shapeshift. By practicing this art and mimicking their acts, thinking as they would think, responding as they would respond, we grow to know them, to blend and meld as we develop an ear for their method of communication. Their voices grow louder in our ears and we end up speaking their language a new language but a powerful one.

In understanding the animal’s characteristics we learn much about it. It’s environment or habitat will teach us many things. The two combine to demonstrate its vulnerabilities and its strengths. How it hunts, explores, discovers, fights, defends, feeds, lives and its foundations are all important aspects that point out critical issues that are a part of the honing process. The element they abide in may be dry, wet, hot, cold, or any combination that will be a clue to its presence when you are being approached. These approaches come on all levels be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Remember it is the spiritual essence, not the animal itself that is your guide though that animal may physically appear as a representative of the essence to lead you somewhere or demonstrate something to you.

A study of the animal, in all its environs and within the context of its character traits will tell us much more than just the universal interpretations of, say, Lion representing courage, Bear symbolizing introspection, Eagle bringing a message to or from Spirit, or Crow telling of change that is on the way. There is more definition than just that. The direction it comes from and heads into will speak as well. Understanding the traits of the four elemental forces will help to interpret even more. The environment not only dictates the lifestyle of the animal but its hazards and vulnerability. These dangers tell us of its ability to adapt to a given terrain or situation that will speak of its prowess or survival skills. What the animal hunts and feeds on will tell us what we should seek to gain. All aspects tie into our understanding of what the essence of its spirit really represents and how it pertains to our life. We can learn from these issues many of the things about our own natures and lives that have remained hidden from us in the past. We start to grow. In the process, we learn to assimilate those traits in our own pathway. Evolution becomes a second nature to us and we come to know ourselves very well.

When Totems, Guides, or Messengers come to us they are speaking volumes, a subtle language of life begins to unfold…that of the shaman who has the eyes and ears to see and listen, who understands the way of Spirit, life, and of living it. Once you understand the Seven Sacred Directions (See the article on this subject here in the Knowledge Center) and how these creature-teachers utilize them you begin to see so much symbology surrounding the events that take place. To interpret what is being said by any given spirit or Teacher all this will come into play. While it may seem overwhelming initially you simply need to let it all simmer and rise to the surface as it begins making sense. It’s quite logical to apply the teachings of the Seven Sacred Directions and the Medicine Wheel to this symbology as it all ties together…the wheels within wheels of the spiritual realms become visible. It brings additional insight as to what is being gifted to you.

To see two messengers of the same species at the same time would indicate that a balance of masculine and feminine energies (if they are male and female) was required. If it is not gender oriented then it becomes double the emphasis on the issue at hand…which is the first thing that comes to mind that is relative to your life when you see them. Seeing them repeatedly three times or more is a definite sign that Spirit or a creature-teacher has come to you for a specific purpose…IF they are going out of their way to get your attention, behaving abnormally, or using their normal behavior patterns to pantomime a message for you.

Some examples of what might be being offered to you through the Feathered Ones are:

Eagle, a creature-teacher who carries our prayers to Spirit and the answers back to us. It teaches us how to fly high so we can see the bigger picture and see our place in the world, or the places others have as well. We learn to honor all positions and be tolerant. We learn to see what catches our eye and then dive deep and swiftly to grasp its wisdom.

Goose would come to address the issue of shamanic flight or journeys, of entering Otherworlds and seeing enlightenment. It addresses new beginnings, a happy marriage, children, wisdom, and inspiration.

Sea Gull is a messenger to humans from Otherworlds urging you to open yourself to the communication with Spirit. These creatures are scavengers and will eat almost anything as well as make a lot of noise calling out their actions. They may be telling you that the issue at hand should be looked at deeply rather than accepting just anything that comes along and calling out about it too soon may draw too much attention to you before you are ready. They also appear when you are nearing your goals.

Blue Jay addresses courage, shouts a warning, or encourages eloquence. It points out trouble areas in your life. Woodpecker warns of trouble that is approaching, so it is considered good luck since it forewarns. They are also associated with prophecy and divining methods that should be used to verify areas of concern.

The Messengers are representatives from every species that walks, crawls, swims, or flies. Just seeing them or hearing them is not enough. They need to be distinctively interacting with you in some fashion. The behavior patterns need to stand out. While they do speak out in life’s daily activities, not all their conversations are meant for or directed toward us. Knowing how to recognize when they are is something that comes with experience, and some serious common sense is required. Otherwise, you fall into the trap of depending on your own false flattery to direct your life and then generally end up paying some very foolish prices along the way. Study of totemic interpretations is vast and fascinating, but the foundations to actually glean wisdom from these Messengers comes with a lot of practice. Learning what the animals represent will tell you of their essence and you will begin to see how to apply the teachings.

Worlds within worlds begin to open up when we learn how to listen and work with our Guides. The doors just seem to swing wide open and realms reveal themselves. One such realm is that of the lucid dream and it can be a very powerful tool. In Native American terms, this is the context of the Dream Lodge. Everyone works just a little differently there but the fundamental issues remain the same. While many books on the market tell of various techniques to achieve success, we each have to experiment and find out what works best for us. The simple reality is a shift in awareness during the dream state does take place. Being aware that you are dreaming and seeing through the eyes of your inner spirit allows you to literally dwell inside yourself and see the vastness of that microcosm. You can act on your own will to learn or change things simply by thinking about them. You can plant seeds that will manifest later in the physical reality. You can meet and study with your Totems, Guides, and Teachers. You can explore other realms of reality and grow beyond what the physical world presents to you. I tend to keep my changes to a minimum, preferring to receive information, request something specific be addressed, seek out an answer, or to know a proper tool I wish to work with. I might seek a portal to enter or any number of other issues relative to my path. Often these things just appear and serve to expedite the journey and its exploration.

Your Guides are always there in these instances and if you are new to this you should be looking for them. They will stand out in a crowd in some way. Perhaps with glowing eyelids, as animals that speak, or having some distinctive character trait enhanced through their appearance. Whatever the case may be, they will come and you can practice entering the Dream Lodge meanwhile. Begin with the simple technique of seeing the back of your hands or your feet while you are dreaming. As you get better you can begin to move things around, change your location instantly, alter events that are taking place, and much more. Initially, you will want to explore these options just to see how they work and what benefits they may hold for you. In this realm actions, settings, and events are literally thoughtforms comprised of spiritual energies be it our own or that of our Guides. Understanding this helps to perceive things a bit differently and allows the subconscious to work without competing with the logical mind.

The settings and entities we encounter appear just as solid and real as they would in the mundane world because we are equal in form or density when sharing the spiritual realms with them. It is a bit more fluid as the density varies depending on the level we are working at, it is somewhat thinner and we can easily weave with it as we choose. I choose not to change a lot of events I experience in the Dream Lodge as it truly is a classroom for me and I allow my teachers control over the situations so I can remain focused on following their instructions. I tend to learn more that way than I do when I play around with things. Initially, I think everyone likes to test their ability to shift things around, but once you see you can do it you tend not to need to. You simply know that you can and if a situation should arise where you feel the need to do so it’s there for you. My Teachers have always provided safe settings that compliment the issue I’m faced with. If there are no Teachers present and it is simply an exploration then you have an excellent arena in which to practice that art. That is where the fun of shifting lots of things around comes in. Your personal preferences and what you choose to do are up to you.

Whether you are on a shamanic journey or working within the Dream Lodge your senses become very keen at these times. To practice focusing on each one and honing your abilities with them will allow you to combine them later as a comprehensive tool to work with. By honing your ability to use them at this level you explore new facets of each sense and begin to recognize that they are capable of speaking to you, of expressing things in a new language or voice you can trust. Feeling your emotions, seeing colors, smelling odors, feeling textures, hearing sounds, sensing temperatures-all your senses need to be honed just as they are in the mundane world.

It is possible to request a specific Teacher or Guide come to instruct you, a specific issue to be addressed, a certain setting or location of choice, or to continue with a past session before going to sleep. Announcing that you will be entering the Dream Lodge opens that door for your Guides to appear or the results to come. At other times they may present themselves to you on their own and you will simply realize that you are in the Dream Lodge as the clarity begins to take its place in your sphere of knowing. While we are not likely to dream in this fashion every night it is frequent enough to keep us quite busy with lessons. I find that the cycle of Grandmother Moon enhances these dreams well, usually strengthening them during the waxing phase and reaching a peak in the second quarter. This is a general rule of thumb for me specifically and yours may differ. If the Teachers want to show up they will come when they feel it is necessary. My idea of control is control over my own actions, not those of others who may choose to teach me things. It is a dream journey, a bit different from those that stem from our meditative and imaging sessions, but just as valid.

When our Guides come to us in dreams it is usually because they can take up a voice and use it there, they can transfer thoughts, and they can act in ways they might normally be restricted from in the physical reality. By entering our Dream Lodge they can shapeshift into the world that meets their needs and ours. We have a tendency because we are in a dream state and have already accepted its flexibility, to accept them there as the easiest of all places initially and so it is often one of our first classrooms to explore.

Animal environments do figure into their interpretations just as the universal meanings of the essence of these animals will play a part. We look into these when we have a Sacred Dream or encounter with our Guides, but our own symbology and meanings carry greater weight when deciphering what has taken place. These events are meant for our benefit and what we see as symbolic of something may differ from what someone else would choose. Our Guides know how we think and perceive and they use the thought patterns in our minds to create the events that will make the most sense to us. It’s our job to learn to listen to them and be One with them so we know their thought processes too. When an Animal Spirit takes the form of our Totem or Power Animal we have a much deeper look at the particular importance it blesses us with and to know it at a much deeper level. We start to see they reflect our own nature in some way and thus begin understanding ourselves better as well.

A study of the creature-teachers is fascinating and there are many good reference books out on the market today. I encourage my students to begin with those of Sams and Carson’s Medicine Cards/Book set. This is a fundamental and charming introduction to Totems and creature-teachers. It is presented in a format that allows you to open to any page and explore their teachings. It is simple to use and can be read and re-read time and again. Another book on the top of my list is by Ted Andrews entitled Animal-Speak; oh yes, and his book Animal-Wise too. These reference books are in-depth and filled with some very valuable information. They are resources guide that you will want to keep by your side at all times. Some other sources are Spirits of the Earth by Bobby Lake-Thom; Totems by Brad Steiger; The Once Unknown Familiar by Timothy Roderick; and Animal Magick by D. J. Conway.

In working with Guides there are also other elements that come into play. A study of the Seven Sacred Directions will allow you to apply that knowledge to the animal and suddenly a whole new visual begins to open up to you as well as another language or voice. Out of the Seven Sacred Directions, there are three worlds. The Above World of our Guides, Protectors, Guardians, or our advanced Teachers. These spirits are sent to us for a purpose. If a spirit comes to you from the Above World it will be for the purpose of higher learning or spiritual evolution. These are the Sky People who know our future path and help us to walk it and grow. From the Below, World comes the Ancestors, Elders, Ancient Ones, Totems, and Power Animals. They hold the old mysteries, the old teachings, the magicks both lost and hidden, and they guide us in the discovery of applying them to our own work. They teach us about us, about why we are here, about the ways of the world we live in and ceremony. They accompany us as we journey into other realms of dimension and as we bring the Above and Below Worlds together we exist in the Middle World-the present-the Now. It is in the Middle World that we work within the context of the nature spirits that inhabit that realm. Here we find creatures of all shapes and sizes, the minerals, plants, Standing People (trees), the Winged-Ones, Two-Leggeds and Four-Leggeds, the Crawlers, the Finned-Ones and much more. We walk between these worlds understanding their principles and we walk as one.


From the four quarters, the Totems or Spirit Guides come to us too. The type of spirit that comes addresses what you are to learn about as far as subject matter goes. An Ancestor will teach you of heritage, of bloodlines, of culture, of spirituality as it pertains to you or your family. An Elder will teach you of the ceremony, of mysteries, or magicks that are ancient and lost to any other way of discovery for you. A Totem will teach you about yourself and your life on any level. Each of the Four Sacred Directions addresses an elemental force and the entities that dwell in that dimension so you can have an entity from there approach you as well. In other traditions, the elemental forces are seen to hold entities that are either of that realm or angelic with attributes that compliment the essence of the elemental force being confronted. From Air we have the Sylphs (Faeries), Fire brings us Salamanders (lizards), Water has the Undines (Mer-People both male and female, or mermaids), and from Earth, we have the Gnomes. Now, these are terms that are relative to the Old Religion, witchcraft, folklore, pages of myth and dimension, but they exist and are very real.

Shamanically we have the Spirit Keepers who represent the qualities of each element and the essence of that manifestation. The East brings Eagle. As the Messenger to and from Spirit, it represents the higher mind, higher psychic abilities, philosophies, conceptual and new beginnings of the Spring season all without the constraints of emotions. It speaks to pure truth, pure logic, and pure intent while addressing new beginnings, seeds being planted, the concepts we have seen but not yet acted on. The ideas we hold in our minds come to fruition or are born here seeded by the enlightenment we have received out of chaos. This is the quarter of birth, the newborn that needs to be tended until it can stand on its own, so the lessons relate to getting to that point. The element is Air.

In the South, we have Mouse who teaches us the scrutiny of life, the examination of even the smallest details and trust in Spirit to provide all that we need. We learn there that as we explore we do face dangers and we have to rely on our senses and passions to see us through. Here our lofty ideals become faced with the reality of the moment and falsehoods as well as illusions shatter. Coyote is there too, to teach us the humor as well as the lesson and to distract us when we are being tested or to offer us a much-needed crash course. Our ideas now begin their manifestation and we explore them to find our realities. This is the season of Summer, growth, adolescence, and the youthful exploration of life knowing no fears for there is no prior experience to base them on. Coyote teaches that experience, the vulnerability lays in the passions that drive us forward (sometimes blindly), and the consequences purge us through the explorations. We learn through trials-by-fire, by being blind-sided by our passions, and not seeing the dangers that exist. It’s the growing season. The element is Fire.

From the West comes Bear. Here we learn of nurturing, protection of those we love, introspection to understand ourselves, and deeper psychic abilities such as the shamanic journey and Dream Lodge work. We also learn how to heal ourselves and others through the soul-searching or soul retrieval practices. We learn to examine our wounds, embrace them as lessons, and cleanse them of the infections they carried. In that process, we are renewed and enlightened and we learn to share this with others. This is the home of the emotions and maintaining them with the strength and love that Bear brings to the perspective. It is the season of Autumn, of harvesting the things we have sewn and tended, the coming to know the self as the self. The element is Water.

In the North, we have Buffalo as a Spirit Keeper. The teachings pertain to the foundation and sustenance of our lives. Buffalo provided food, clothing, shelter, tools, and all with a gentle giving nature. As a gentle giant, it is non-aggressive unless threatened so it also teaches that the heart is important. It shows us the proper way to give of oneself and that it must come from the heart as a desire. In that lays the key to proper prayer as well. What we give is not a valid gift if there are strings attached to it. It must be given freely and the rewards for doing so coming in the fulfillment of the heart’s desires. The North is the season of Winter, of sleep, a reflection of the past year, the ending of a cycle and starting a new one. It addresses the transformation that comes about as a result of the cyclic patterns in our lives and it addresses old age along with its wisdom. It teaches us that death is not to be feared, that it is not an ending but a transition into yet another cycle our spirits must experience. In the lesson of the cycles, we see their birth, fullness, and the culmination of the transformation into the next phase can take place. It is where we store our life’s lessons and the wisdom we have gleaned from them. All that we have learned culminates there as we come back to the East and the beginning of yet another cycle as it renews our pattern. In this, we have the promise of eternity as our foundation and sustenance being held close to our heart. The element is Earth.

When a creature-teacher or Guide comes to you from one of these directions what you need to do is pay attention to the direction it appears from. Is it an elemental direction or from one of the Three Worlds? What does that tell you about the way you are to approach the most immediate issue in your life? Can you see where it will give you the topic matter of the message? The direction it comes from or the quarter it presents itself in will tell you about that perspective. East relates to the mind, South relates to passion, West represents emotion, and North brings the culminated wisdom present in our heart. The direction the spirit departs to will tell you what you must seek or explore within that context.


Coyote shows up in the South and heads North. Coyote is the Great Trickster. She is telling you that there is humor here if you can find it. She nudges you to see yourself through the situation with that humor as you have allowed your passions to blind you to some risk. Heading North she is telling you to draw on your life experiences, wisdom, and to follow your heart in that matter to bring an end to it and move ahead. You have to look to the most immediate issue in your life at that time, the first thing that comes to your mind, and see what she is addressing specifically. It has to match the passion you feel and what she is addressing. If you are blocked from a spiritual ability and trying to explore why she would tell you to look at your life, see the moments that made you smile as you learned something and draw upon those lessons to find your answer. You have to do that with caution because she is tricking you into seeing this and you need that life’s wisdom to guide you.


Buffalo comes from the North and heads East. Buffalo is the sustenance and foundation of your life. The culmination of your heartfelt wisdom and treasures reminding you to share them from your heart and not be selfish or they will be lost to you. These are the fundamental issues that can be the focus and whatever stands out in your life at the moment is what is being relatively addressed. Heading East he is telling you to think about those things, through the eyes of the heart, through your own experiences, and plan to look for new ways of applying them as you give birth to your plans. To do what needs doing. You are being told to plan carefully, securely, and with compassion for others…to wait to put those plans into perspective at the proper time.

The timeline for the actions we are to take depends on the direction the spirit is taking you into. Everything we do needs to follow the cycle of seasons. What is to grow and become manifest is begun in the spring, the foundation begins in the summer as new growth fills out, and rewards are achieved in the fall. Winter is the time to store those rewards and lay plans for the next cycle of transformation or growth. You can’t buck the seasonal cycle. By doing this you maintain clarity, work with the energies of the universe, and follow the flow of life so things remain positive. If you break the cycle and try to do it any other way it becomes a struggle to maintain, the pattern works against you, and success tends to be minimal if there is any at all. When our Guides appear to us they are speaking volumes, they speak a language of life, the language of the shaman who has the eyes to see, the ears to hear, who understands the way of Spirit, of life, of living it.

Once you understand the Seven Sacred Directions you begin to see so much in their symbology. Each time you face a direction it will hold that knowledge for you. If you look to the East it begins to speak to you of new horizons, the break of day and all that the East represents. The South is relaxed or playful, the noontime hour, the lazy days of summer where work is mixed with enjoyment. The West is the twilight hour, the end of the day, the border that shifts us into adulthood and it’s realities. It is the storing of things for the time being or the reflection of the events we have undergone. North is the midnight hour, the bitter winds that force us indoors during Winter to slow down and think about what needs doing, and then laying of plans to do it. We can clock the day, year, or our lives this way when we understand what we are being presented with.

To interpret what is being said by any given spirit all this comes into play. Added to it are the essence and the lesson that Spirit uses to teach us. While it may seem overwhelming to you at first, let it simmer and you will find it starts to make a whole lot of sense, it’s quite logical, and you will begin to understand the power behind this Medicine. You will come to know the language of Spirit. While we don’t always get a sense of direction when we are in different dimensions, we can occasionally pick up on it anyway through our senses and what they are attuned to. When you allow your senses to independently explore the elemental quarters you also begin to recognize their energy signatures…what they feel like. You might be in another dimension but suddenly the light there is like dawn. You may feel a breeze that is like the breath of spring…the elemental force of Air is speaking to you. It may be a blinding light, heat…the South. It may be a darkening or moist air…the West. It may be darkness all around, cold…the North.

You may be in the physical world and these sensations may call upon you in their own way to draw your attention to the presence of an elemental force or entity. Somehow you will be touched and shown so you can relate to it. It could be that a Spirit Keeper will appear or more than one allowing you to explore various perspectives on the same issue. If they do not move in another direction they are telling you to look at the immediacy of the Middle World, the Now, and what is immediate to you…the oneness with Spirit and the wholeness unto yourself…your life on all its levels.

Whatever direction is to our back is the view we are taking and the direction we face is what we examine from that perspective as it relates to our most immediate issue and the spiritual essence that is addressing it. Everything cues us to what we need to do when we understand the language. Life speaks. When the creature teachers and spirits come they address these things. If you look at the West with emotion to the East you add emotion to the unemotional logic for a sense of balance. Sometimes it is needed to soften an approach.

Through what is being presented here a pattern of interpretive skills has also emerged. To understand our Guides we need to first know what they are about and the areas of our own self-being relative to them. In other words, in what capacity do their teachings apply to our personal life? Then we need to see where they are coming from so we can recognize the immediate issue we are being faced with. Once we know where they are “coming from” we can see where they are going. That tells us the focus we need to apply. Who they are and what they do speaks loudly when you understand the pattern they use. You will find the actions they take often demonstrate to us what we are to do about the issue. Whether the Guides come as Messengers or Teachers, as Protectors or Guardians, as Totems or some other Spirit Helper it is serious business when they appear. We need to know how to work with them and the foundations of the classrooms we enter. In the spiritual realms, nothing is trivial. No Guide comes for the fun of it. They all have something to impart to us on some level. Learning to work with them is an amazing experience and one that everyone has the ability to achieve.