April 2020 Issue of AromaCulture Herbalism and Aromatherapy Magazine — Aroma Culture

I hope you are well and safe. I'm checking in to let you know that the April issue of AromaCulture Magazine is now available. In this issue, some of our most beloved teachers are discussing such topics as: a special nervine herb that most of us could use right now the bitter herbs of the Passover … Continue reading April 2020 Issue of AromaCulture Herbalism and Aromatherapy Magazine — Aroma Culture

Rosemary, “Remember Me”

The Illustrated Herbiary Collectible Box Set: Guidance and Rituals from 36 Bewitching Botanicals; Includes Hardcover Book, Deluxe Oracle Card Set, and Carrying Pouch (Wild Wisdom) Rosemary is the smell of deja vu and the after-breath of nostalgia. Her gift is the faint scent that teases and vanishes, leaving you longing for something you can't quite … Continue reading Rosemary, “Remember Me”

Spring Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for the Season of “Wood”

Classical Chinese Medicine recognizes five steps in the transformation of matter (Yin) into energy (Yang) and energy back into matter. Yin and Yang are primordial forces that together form the basis of everything that exists and their ceaseless transformation from one into the other is what creates and destroys everything around us, including our health. … Continue reading Spring Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for the Season of “Wood”

Lavender and Aromatherapy

Lavender is one of those scents that have the power to evoke the senses.  Most notably, feelings of relaxation and well-being.  In fact, it was long believed that Cleopatra's secret weapon, in love, was Lavender. Calm and refreshing it’s not surprising the word Lavender in Latin (Lavoie) means for wash or bathe.  Because of its … Continue reading Lavender and Aromatherapy

The Practice of Aromatic Alchemy

When we approach an essential oil with concentration and mindfulness it begins to reveal hidden dimensions of beauty, power, and intelligence that are not ordinarily noticed. As we integrate these new perceptions into a greater awareness of our own physiological reactions to the plant’s essence, we begin to understand how we are deeply connected to … Continue reading The Practice of Aromatic Alchemy


So much of the holidays get lost behind the buying and gifting that it's easy to lose sight of the fact that this time of year is about love, family, and doing good in the world. Gifting with intention has been our goal when it comes to thinking about the holidays, and it seems especially … Continue reading GIFTING WITH INTENTION: HERBAL DIY

Aromatherapy Oils for Summer

Dinners at dusk, afternoon barbecues, and sleeping under the stars happen to be as inviting to bugs and mosquitoes as they are to vacationers. Fear not: There are lots of oils that will keep you bite-free—and plenty that will prevent you from smelling like an exterminator. My power players for summer are ones that are … Continue reading Aromatherapy Oils for Summer

Aromatherapy with Damask Rose Essence Reduces Pain Caused by Treatment of Burn Injuries

Damask Rose (Rosa damascena, Rosaceae) Aromatherapy Burns Pain The severe pain of serious burns is exacerbated by the need to clean, debride, and redress wounds daily. Pain control is important in healing and recovery from burns, with narcotic and non-narcotic drugs most commonly used. Adverse effects and/or increased tolerance may limit their efficacy. Aromatherapy is … Continue reading Aromatherapy with Damask Rose Essence Reduces Pain Caused by Treatment of Burn Injuries

Relaxation Techniques: When Can They Be Used?

Everyone experiences stress in one form or another, but the way that it affects each person differs. Some people may need to reduce their stress, and relaxation techniques are one option for doing this. In stressful episodes, the nervous system is forced into a "fight or flight" response. This response triggers the release of certain … Continue reading Relaxation Techniques: When Can They Be Used?

Aromatherapy: Neroli {Citrus aurantium}

Neroli essential oil is obtained from the flowers of the Seville orange trees. This essential is obtained by water distilling the orange blossoms since they are very fragile and, hence, cannot undergo the steam distillation process. The aroma of neroli essential oil has a lot of resemblance to bergamot. Neroli essential oil possesses an invigorating and typical, zesty fragrance with … Continue reading Aromatherapy: Neroli {Citrus aurantium}