Just What Exactly Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian stream of medicine, is basically a Sanskrit term that has been drawn from two roots - ‘Ayus' denoting life and ‘vid' meaning knowledge. In effect, life or ‘Ayus' manifests an amalgamation of the body, the mind, the sense organs as well as the soul. It may be noted here that the … Continue reading Just What Exactly Is Ayurveda?

Three Ayurvedic Practices for Fall

The peak of pitta dosha — one of Ayurveda’s three mind-body types — happens in the fall. To harness the season’s energies and benefits, here are three Ayurvedic strategies that anyone can try. One of my favorite things about living Ayurveda is how the strategies for finding harmony with nature change throughout the year. I … Continue reading Three Ayurvedic Practices for Fall


Health Benefits of Goldthread Goldthread, also known as coptis or canker root, is a genus of perennial herbs that have been part of Asian and North American traditional medicine for hundreds of years. The roots of the plant look like a tangled mass of gold thread, hence its name. Herbal goldthread is actually the powdered … Continue reading Goldthread


The most widely used herb combination in the world, Triphala is the flagship of the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia. It's employed to treat a range of both minor and serious conditions, and so highly esteemed that a common aphorism among Ayurvedic practitioners is "when in doubt, the Triphala comes out." The name Triphala means "three fruits," refers to the … Continue reading Triphala

Arjuna {Terminalia arjuna}

The arjuna, scientific name Terminalia arjuna, is a lofty evergreen tree that is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. This tree often grows to a height of about 100 feet or 30 meters and bears yellow blooms and tapering leaves. The bark of the arjuna tree possesses therapeutic properties and has been used by people for centuries … Continue reading Arjuna {Terminalia arjuna}