Introducing Sheen Body Oil

We are excited to introduce our latest product - Sheen Body Oil. A lightweight, nourishing and convenient alternative to chemical-laden products, Sheen Body Oil will leave your skin moisturized and supple without feeling heavy or greasy. Sweet Almond Oil, nutrient-dense Maracuja Oil, healing Vitamin E and pure essential oils will feed your body head to … Continue reading Introducing Sheen Body Oil

Our Five Favorite Essential Oils for a Healthy Sleep

For some people, it takes about ten seconds from their head hitting the pillow before they’re fast asleep and dreaming. But for others, sleep can prove to be an elusive state of being that they can never quite get to, no matter how hard they try. Sure, maybe you can fall asleep (after about an hour of … Continue reading Our Five Favorite Essential Oils for a Healthy Sleep

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil has a steady, reassuring strength. It’s versatile, gentle, and powerful. It offers support in a wide range of blends, from respiratory inhalers to skin care creams, and both adults and children love its warm, woody aroma. Something about Cedarwood reminds me of sitting on a park bench under the shelter of a tall … Continue reading Cedarwood Essential Oil