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Handfasting {More Thoughts}

We came across this dialogue that intrigued us immensely. We did not correct the spelling so it is in its original form. More thoughts about handfasting: These articles were posted on the Celtic Christian Mailing List From: Father Sean, written in March 1988 and re-posted May 1999: Hand-fasting is a symbol used in Celtic and other cultures to express marriage. It is non-religion-specific,

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Hazel Tree: August 5 ~ September 1 {Celtic Astrology}

Celtic Symbol: The Rainbow Salmon Zodiac Degrees: 12º00` Leo – 8º59` Virgo Ruling Planet: Mercury – Mugher; Element: Air; Color: Orange Ancient Gods Associated With Mercury: Greek – Hermes; Celtic – Ogma, Manannan, Artemis, Diana Symbolism : Wisdom & Divination, Poetry & Science, Playfulness & Enchantment, Healing Arts Gemstone: Amethyst, Topaz, Pearl Birds: Crane Flower: Vervain Folk Names: Coll   In Irish Celtic mythology, the hazel

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Tree Agate

The markings on the Tree Agate crystal resemble the branches of a tree, some even compare them to veins in the body. This stone is used for all sorts of Nature and Tree magic, and some suggest placing Tree Agate stones in the garden or in plant pots to encourage healthy growth. This is truly a stone of growth and

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The Holly Tree {Celtic Astrology ~ July 8th ~ August 4th}

The Fire Festival Of Lammas Celtic Symbol: The Unicorn And The Flaming Spear Zodiac Degrees: 15º00` Cancer – 11º59` Leo Ruling Planet: Earth – Abred; Sabbat: Lughnasa, Celtic festival of the Sun God Lugh, Lammas; Color: Red; Element: Fire Ancient Gods Associated With Earth: Greek – Gaia, Ceres, Persephone; Celtic – Danu, Lugh, Tannus, Thor Symbolism: The Sword of Truth, Unconditional love, sacrifice, reincarnation, noble, high ideals,

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Much has been said about the Celtic Druids. But despite all the traces of evidence, they still remain cloaked in mystery to this day. There is no evidence that can prove how the Druids looked or how their ceremonies and rituals were conducted. Even the ritual sites and the few symbols that point to Druid influence cannot be concretely tied

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Celtic Animal Zodiac

According to ancient Celtic lore, every person has a Celtic totem animal. This symbolizes the main qualities of the individual, comparing them to an animal with those same qualities. The period of the Druids who were responsible for Celtic signs, was a period of history in Britain and Europe, lasting from 500BC and 400AD. Like most Shamanic cultures, the Celts

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