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Herb Fairies: A Magical Tale of Plants & Their Remedies

Herb Fairies is a children’s herbal learning system that engages kids through stories and encourages them to learn more by providing exciting hands-on activities. Download our Herb Fairies cookbook as our gift to you. Source: Herb Fairies: A Magical Tale of Plants & Their Remedies Herb Fairies will only be open till this coming Tuesday, April 30, but might close

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Attentive and Calm: Herbs, Food and Lifestyle Therapies for Creating Mental Clarity

For many contemporary humans, work and play center on electronic devices and continual communication. With conversations that come in abbreviated snippets, fast-paced scrolling of images, and memes; continual multi-tasking has become the norm. We are energetically in three places at once. No wonder many of us aren’t fully here and feel challenged staying on task. In addition to a busy

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Magic, Wonder, Science and Exploration: The Educational Value of Fairy Villages

Atop a hill at the center of our outdoor classroom at the Fiddleheads Forest School in Seattle, Washington, is a sprawling fairy village. Scramble up a looping pathway past a few western red cedars and a bed of native Mahonia and evergreen elderberry and you’re there. It’s a little metropolis, complete with gardens, a town circle (much better than a

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