How to Use Colors For Health

Colors can enhance our lives for the better. Several of the old civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians practiced a method that uses a system of colors to increase health and well-being. Colors were important to them and they regarded it as symbolic too! Studies have explored the relationship between the human body and colors. … Continue reading How to Use Colors For Health

Color Energy & Color Therapy

Color, or colour as much of the world spells it, is well known to affect us in many ways. In the modern world, it is commonly used to influence us in advertising, decorating, and dress. Color is also used for alternative healing to affect our personal energies and chakras and to stimulate those energies to … Continue reading Color Energy & Color Therapy

Crystals and Color

Stones and crystals are often chosen by color for specific purposes. In fact, for any crystal healing system, color is a primary mode of organization and guide to the properties and functions of the stones for a treatment. You can use color as a rough guideline to the use of a crystal. The area of … Continue reading Crystals and Color

Spellwork and Healing

It is possible for modern and alternative medicines to work together and compliment the other. Spellwork and alternative methods are not meant to take the place of traditional medicine or medical care. These techniques can, however, augment medical treatment by taking advantage of pathways of Energy that science sometimes misses. When you or someone you … Continue reading Spellwork and Healing