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Foraging & Cooking with Ornamental Purple Plum Blossom: Spring Floral Confections! – Gather Victoria

The following creations will give you some inspiration on the different ways you can use plum blossom. They may or may not make it into the final collection spring recipes (and will still undergo some finishing) but here are a few of my experiments so far… I use fresh blossoms immediately and store a few branches in a beautiful vase

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Winter Gathering: Parsnips and Pears

Learn all about growing, storing, and cooking with parsnips and pears. Where I live and farm in Southeastern Utah, parsnips and pears are highlights of the autumn harvest. Pears are picked in late summer when they’re still slightly under-ripe — allowing them to sweeten without becoming coarse and mealy like those left to mature completely on the tree. Growers patiently

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