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Corn Moon Card Blessing Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune

The Full Corn Moon is Thursday! This is a simple ceremony that only requires your cards and optional elemental supplies! Today we will show you how to bless any of your tarot and oracle decks with this powerful card blessing ceremony. Cleansing and blessing your cards periodically can help release stagnant energies and old readings from the cards so you

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New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon — Spirit de la Lune

The New Moon is coming up this week taking place on the 31st of July. It is the second New Moon this month and is considered a Black Moon! A black moon is similar to a blue moon… and like the blue moon, the definitions can get a little confusing. A black moon is typically seen as the fourth new

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Eclipse Sigil-Making Magick Corn Moon: Abundance — Spirit de la Lune

Happy Full Corn Moon & Lunar Eclipse! This month we are tapping into this powerful lunar event and creating sigils for abundance! Keep on reading to learn how to utilize this energy for your prosperity!This is a very powerful Lunar Eclipse with many astrological aspects influencing Source: Eclipse Sigil-Making Magick Corn Moon: Abundance — Spirit de la Lune  

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