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Cocktail Recipe: Borage Fizz

Borage flowers, according to sixteenth-century herbalist John Gerard, “exhilarate and make the minde glad.” One look at the vivid, star-shaped blue flowers and I tend to agree. Gerard wrote that a syrup of the flowers could “comforteth the heart” and “purgeth melancholy.” It also captures the plant’s lovely cucumber flavor. So we have gorgeous edible flowers, cucumber-flavored syrup … a

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Homemade Chocolate Recipes for Decadent Herbal Chocolates

Let’s be honest here. Chocolate is awesome. I could sit and eat chocolates until every last one is gone and everyone is wondering who ate all the chocolates. I never realized how easy it could be to make my own chocolates until I found a simple recipe in one of my mom’s chocolate cookbooks. I took that recipe and reworked

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Lettuce and Sorrel Salad Recipe with Parsnip

Sorrel leaves give this salad a lemony bite, which is augmented by a lemony dressing. Use any lettuce, but the red-leaf types contrast well with sorrel’s green. Homemade parsnip croutons are semi-crisp, butter-poached nuggets that take the place of croutons made of bread. You’ll find the parsnip version absorbs much less butter than bread croutons would, and any butter left

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Lime-green succulent spears of winter’s released slumber, daylily greens are a relished early spring wild green. Daylily’s pleasant mild flavor is excellent paired with the more pungent creasy greens or wild turnip. To prolong the season, cut the greens right at the ground, and daylily will send up tender new growth. You can cut your patch two or three times

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Sautéed Dandelion Greens with Cherry Tomatoes & Garlic

When we think of herbs in the kitchen, we usually think of the spices that impart the wonderful variety of flavors to our foods that let our taste buds – and brains – know when we’re eating Italian, Mexican, Indian, or Ethiopian fare, for example, each so unique in taste. Spices have played such an important role in human history

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Benefits Of Cinnamon And Honey

Since ancient times, people have been using a blend of cinnamon and honey to heal several ailments. While honey is readily available in most countries across the globe, contemporary scientists also acknowledge the benefits of honey as a ‘Ram Ban’ or extremely useful medication for almost all types of maladies. What is more significant is the fact that ingestion of honey does not lead

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