The Wishing Moon, Dark Moon Energies

Starting today we are under a beautiful Dark Balsamic Moon in Aquarius. When the Moon is in Aquarius she can bring up complicated emotions as Aquarius is a Moon that has a strong need for emotional freedom. And when we are under a Void of Course Moon the energies of discipline, submission, subordination, and spontaneity … Continue reading The Wishing Moon, Dark Moon Energies

Dark Moon, Virgo

DARK MOON & NEW CAZIMI MOON IN VIRGO We are moving into our New Moon in Virgo this Sunday, September 9th at 11:01 am PST (2:01 pm EST). This is a time to look at what works and what does not work and how to make improvements. Take on Virgo’s ability to organize and shed a few … Continue reading Dark Moon, Virgo

Dark Moon, New Moon, and Partial Solar Eclipse

A new moon teaches gradualness  and deliberation and how one gives birth  to oneself slowly. Patience with small details  makes perfect a large work, like the universe   ~ RUMI We are in our Dark Moon time until tomorrow night when she moves into the New Moon in Cancer at 7:48 pm PST, (10:48 pm EST). … Continue reading Dark Moon, New Moon, and Partial Solar Eclipse

Dark Moon in Aquarius ~ A Partial Solar Eclipse

Today we have a New Moon in Aquarius at 1:05 pm PST (4:05 pm EST) with a partial solar eclipse (which although not as strong as a full eclipse it will still pull on you so best not to make big or new decisions today). We are moving through February with no Full Moon and … Continue reading Dark Moon in Aquarius ~ A Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon In Leo

These are the words that I want to connect with under this New Moon in Leo. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is a masculine, fire sign. When it comes to our bodies, Leo rules the heart, upper back, and spine. This is the time to harness these energies and fill our hearts. Let's empower ourselves and take … Continue reading New Moon In Leo

Lunar Energy

While the majority of the Countries around the world use a Solar calendar to establish the length of a year based on the Earth’s rotation around the sun, some countries and groups use a Lunar calendar. This means that one month is complete with a full cycle of the Moon, from New Moon to New … Continue reading Lunar Energy