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How to Make Natural DIY Cleaning Products

We all know that many conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to both our bodies and the planet (not to mention the budget-busting expense and all the waste produced by those empty plastic bottles and extra packaging!). We’ve been creating our own cleaning formulas for years, and we love how easy and inexpensive they are to whip up.

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Making Potpourris for Yule Celebrations {DIY Recipes Included}

Potpourris {‘fermented in a pot’.} The term potpourri (pot-pour-ri) is basically a French expression. When literally translated into English, it denoted ‘fermented in a pot’. And this is what actually makes a damp potpourri – a moist, aromatic, herb-like substance that is fermented, normally with salt and in a pot. The dry potpourri, a companion of moist potpourri, is a

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Lilac Water | Feasting At Home

Lilac Water- water infused with lilac blossoms calms and restores the spirit. Perfect for weddings or celebrations, a lovely way to celebrate spring. Source: Lilac Water | Feasting At Home Lilacs have a history rooted in ancient Greek mythology.  Pan, the god of forests was head-over-heels in love with a nymph named Syringa. One day while he was pursuing her through the

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Making A Yule Log/Having A Old Fashioned Christmas

Make this Yule Log use as a handcrafted herbal gift for family and friends this holiday season. Yule Log Recipe The Yule log is traditionally burned on New Year’s Eve to usher in good fortune for the coming year. It is created in the spirit of prayer or ritual for the fulfilment of dreams, hopes, and wishes for prosperity, happiness,

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DIY: Mini Crystal Succulent Garden

Crystals and succulents have become some of my latest obsessions. Both are naturally beautiful and when put together make for a breathtaking combination. This has sparked my latest project- making my own mini crystal + succulent garden. Source: DIY: Mini Crystal Succulent Garden Here is a lovely tutorial for creating a crystal succulent planter that brings a little bit of

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