Grow Great Zinnias – Floret Flowers

CUT FLOWER GARDEN FAVORITES GROW GREAT ZINNIAS Learn all about these easy-to-grow flowers Spending time in the greenhouse and the garden has been incredibly grounding lately. We just finished sowing dozens of different varieties of tender annuals, including a ton of new celosia, cosmos, nasturtiums, and strawflowers. Envisioning all the beauty that will eventually bloom … Continue reading Grow Great Zinnias – Floret Flowers

Crazy for Cosmos – Floret Flowers

Of all the annual flowering plants you can grow in your cutting garden (or even the back of your veggie patch), none is more productive than cosmos. They truly are a cut-and-come-again flower: The more you harvest them, the more they bloom. A single planting will produce buckets of airy, delicate, daisy-like blossoms for many … Continue reading Crazy for Cosmos – Floret Flowers

Fabulous Foliages and Fillers – Floret Flowers

  Having a steady supply of foliage is key to successfully making bouquets throughout the season—in spring, during the long months of summer, and into early fall. In this post, I’ll share the best staple foliages and foliage-like fillers, along with several of my favorite new varieties for 2020. Most of the varieties here can … Continue reading Fabulous Foliages and Fillers – Floret Flowers

Grow Great Zinnias – Floret Flowers

Nothing says summer more than an armload of cheerful zinnias. Available in a brilliant rainbow of colors, these happy blooms are a must grow for any flower lover. As one of the easiest cut flowers to cultivate, they are a perfect first crop for beginning growers and are reliable, prolific producers for most flower farms. … Continue reading Grow Great Zinnias – Floret Flowers

Heat Loving Flowers and Foliage – Floret Flowers

Learn more about Zinnias, Cosmos, Celosia, Basil and other heat-loving flowers and foliage are great additions to your cut flower garden. Source: Heat Loving Flowers and Foliage - Floret Flowers