Full Moon Flower Essence Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune

We are in the season of blossoming and blooming though it may not feel like we can do this at the moment. The Flower Moon opens your heart to the potential you have no matter what situation you may find yourself in. Under the full Flower Moon, we will teach you how to create a … Continue reading Full Moon Flower Essence Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune

Essential Oils and Flower Essences

Essential oils and flower essences bestow a concentrated dose of plant energy. In most cases, however, you may want to work with the whole plant. You may find that if you wish to work with a particular plant, you're obligated to grow it yourself. This may be for a variety of reasons. * Some plants … Continue reading Essential Oils and Flower Essences

The Essence of Your Essential Oils

About Your Essential Oils... The Essence... Essential oils are organic, volatile, liquids that are secreted by tiny structures in a plant’s various parts such as the seeds, leaves, fruits, flowers, resins, and woods. An essential oil gets its name from the plant from which it is derived. These oils were given the name “essential,” because … Continue reading The Essence of Your Essential Oils

Introducing Evoke by Plant Therapy

Evoke by Plant Therapy is our new line of natural fragrance products, characterized by their complex, emotive scents, derived from the natural aromatic components of essential oils.  Fragrance has the power to transport you because scents can tap into the part of the brain responsible for mood, emotion, and memory. Introducing Plant Therapy's Evoke: The … Continue reading Introducing Evoke by Plant Therapy


While there are a number of variations on the theme, below you’ll find a simplified two-part method for creating your own flower essence. While you might choose to add other aspects to your flower essence creation process (such as prayer, chanting, placing the bowl on the ground instead of on a table, or surrounding the … Continue reading HOW TO MAKE A FLOWER ESSENCE

Dew and Flower Essences

In most cultures, dew is seen as a life-giving substance both in terms of providing necessary physical nourishment and that of spiritual sustenance and transformation. The droplets of water that appear in the early morning light are an important source of moisture and nourishment for many plants and animals; dew has also been collected by … Continue reading Dew and Flower Essences


The nectarine and plum trees outside my kitchen window are just starting to show the brilliant white and fuchsia blooms, harbingers of spring here in the foothills of the Bookcliff Mountains. We have lived here on this homestead for over 10 years now, and I still find myself anxiously awaiting the flowers of spring, which … Continue reading INVOKING OUR PLANT ALLIES