Primrose is Considered the Flower of February.

COMMON NAME:  primrose GENUS:  Primula SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: P. denticulata-lavender, purple, or white flowers; grows to 12 inches. P. japonica 'Millar Crimson'-flowers whorled around the 24-inch stem; blooms May-June. P. polyanthus-best known; colors are red, pink, blue, gold, and white, all with small yellow eyes. FAMILY:  Primulaceae BLOOMS:  spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Primroses form an … Continue reading Primrose is Considered the Flower of February.


COMMON NAME:  iris GENUS:  Iris SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: There are over 200 known species of iris. Some of the most popular garden irises include {in order of succession of bloom}:  I. reticulata, Dutch, dwarf bearded, Siberian, Spuria, Louisiana, Japanese. FAMILY:  Iridaceae BLOOMS:  spring-summer TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  The bearded irises are composed of standards {petals that … Continue reading Iris

Happy May Day

Happy May Day! Maybe you've already had a little basket of flowers left on your door handle on this first day of May. We enjoyed making and delivering May baskets. For those who don't know about the tradition, May baskets are delivered on May 1. They are traditionally filled with flowers and treats and left … Continue reading Happy May Day


COMMON NAME:  vinca GENUS:  Vinca SPECIES:  V. major, V. minor; both perennial FAMILY:  Apocynaceae BLOOMS:  spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Perennial vinca is a fast-spreading vine with blue flowers. V. major is a more vigorous grower and has larger leaves and flowers. The annual bedding plant vinca {actually Catharanthus roseus} has attractive five-petaled white and pink-to-red flowers … Continue reading Vinca


COMMON NAME:  tulip GENUS:  Tulipa SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: The most commonly used hybrid tulips are Darwin, Darwin hybrid, cottage, breeder, multi-flowered, and lily flowered. Popular species tulips include T. kaufmanniana, T. fosteriana, T. praeslaus, T. greigil, T. kolpakowskiana, and T. pulchella. FAMILY:  Liliaceae BLOOMS:  late spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Though there is tremendous variation in … Continue reading Tulip


COMMON NAME:  peony GENUS:  Paeonia SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: P. lactiflora {Chinese peony}-many hybrids; single or double. P. suffruticosa {TREE PEONY}-shrub; does not die back in winter. FAMILY:  Ranunculaceae BLOOMS:  late spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Peony greets spring with offerings of very large, beautiful blossoms in pinks, white, and shades of red. The foliage is neat and … Continue reading Peony

Early Spring Flowers

BASKET OF GOLD COMMON NAME:  basket of gold GENUS:  Alyssum  {although this plant is generally listed in catalogs as Alyssum saxatile, it can also be listed in the genus Aurinia} SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS, A. saxatile  'Citrinum'-pale yellow flowers. A.s. 'Compactum'-bright yellow flowers; shorter plants. A.s. 'Flora Plenum'-double form; bright yellow; each flower is like a miniature … Continue reading Early Spring Flowers

Sweet Pea

COMMON NAME:  sweet pea GENUS:  Lathyrus SPECIES:  L. odoratus {annual}                  L. latifolius {perennial} FAMILY:  Leguminosae BLOOMS: early spring TYPE: annual or perennial DESCRIPTION: The pastel blossoms of sweet pea come in a lovely array of hues including nearly every color except yellow. Their growth habit varies from … Continue reading Sweet Pea


COMMON NAME:  scilla GENUS:  Scilla SPECIES:  S. sibirica FAMILY:  Liliaceae BLOOMS:  early spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION: Scilla has short {4 to 6 inches} spikes of bright blue or white flowers. The foliage is attractive and the growing habit neat, making it an excellent plant to use as a border or edging plant. It also lends … Continue reading Scilla