Sunflower Lore

COMMON NAME: sunflower GENUS: Helianthus SPECIES: H. annuus-grown for seed and flower FAMILY: Compositae BLOOMS: summer TYPE: annual DESCRIPTION: Characterized by its height and size of the flower, the sunflower has earned a welcome place in the summer garden. Many varieties on the market now offer diversity in color {even a white sunflower!}, size of the flower, and plant … Continue reading Sunflower Lore

Mythology and Folklore of Deer

In many European mythologies, the deer was associated with woodland deities. Two tales of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the wilderness, tell of her wrath and retribution visited upon those who trespassed into her domain. By controlling the weather she kept King Agamemnon's fleet bound for Troy confined to port, to avenge the killing of … Continue reading Mythology and Folklore of Deer

Primrose; The Flower of February

COMMON NAME:  primrose GENUS:  Primula SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: P. denticulata-lavender, purple, or white flowers; grows to 12 inches. P. japonica 'Millar Crimson'-flowers whorled around 24-inch stem; blooms May-June. P. polyanthus-best known; colors are red, pink, blue, gold, and white, all with small yellow eyes. FAMILY:  Primulaceae BLOOMS:  spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Primroses form an attractive … Continue reading Primrose; The Flower of February

In a Vase on Monday – Pink Valerian and Purple Toadflax | The Evergreen Diary

As part of the ‘In a Vase on Monday’ meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden  – do go along and have a look at the other vases – my vase this week is made up of thing… Source: In a Vase on Monday – Pink Valerian and Purple Toadflax | The Evergreen Diary

Late Spring Flower ~ Wallflower

COMMON NAME:  wallflower GENUS:  Cheiranthus SPECIES:  C. allioni, C. cheiri FAMILY:  Cruciferae BLOOMS:  late spring-summer TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Wallflowers come in lovely shades of orange, apricot, and yellow. Plants grow to a height of 14 to 18 inches. Numerous flowers occur at the ends of spikes. Leaves are long and narrow. CULTIVATION:  Wallflower plants cannot … Continue reading Late Spring Flower ~ Wallflower


COMMON NAME:  hyacinth GENUS:  Hyacinthus SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS, H. Orientalis 'Amsterdam'-bright red to pink. H. o. 'Anne Marie'-light pink. H. o. 'Carnegie'-creamy white. H. o. 'Delft Blue'-blue FAMILY:  Liliaceae BLOOMS:  early spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Hyacinths are widely used as a spring bulb. The top flower size is 7 to 7 1/2 inches in circumference. … Continue reading HYACINTH

The Making of a Maiden The Folklore of Blodeuwedd’s Flowers

“So they took the flowers of the oak and the flowers of the broom and the flowers of the meadowsweet and conjured from them a maiden, the fairest and most beautiful that man ever saw … and they gave her the name of Blodeuwedd.” - from the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion(Math fab Mathonwy). Most … Continue reading The Making of a Maiden The Folklore of Blodeuwedd’s Flowers