Was Four Thieves Stolen?

History of Four-Thieves Vinegar When researching the history of Four Thieves Vinegar I realized there are many more versions of this folklore than I expected. The reason there are so many versions is that the story itself dates back centuries. A popular recount is that during an outbreak of the plague in Marseilles around 1772, … Continue reading Was Four Thieves Stolen?

Four Thieves Vinegar

From what evidence we have, infused vinegar have existed almost since we first discovered vinegar. It's so useful by itself, and infusing it increases its effectiveness and potency. Its many functions include: - culinary - preservation - beauty regimes - cleansing - disinfection - anti-infestation Herb-infused vinegar is natural, organic, non-toxic, inexpensive, traditional technology that … Continue reading Four Thieves Vinegar