Plan a Moonlight Garden

Focus on white and light-colored flowers to create a garden that glows in the moonlight.

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the more subtle floral colors, not for their daytime hues, but for how magically they transform after sunset, even in simple starlight. And all of those brilliant blue and crimson flowers I love in the daylight literally disappear from view at night.

I sometimes stroll through my garden enjoying how different it is at night. Not only do the white flowers glow with unexpected light, the pinks and lighter yellows seem to have a vibrancy totally absent in daylight. Flowers I’ve overlooked during the day, such as white cosmos, appear to actually glow at night.

A moonlit garden has a different set of fragrances, as well, some subtle, some pronounced. In the heat of the day, many essences are lost to our senses because the heat evaporates them so quickly. At night fragrances are considerably more noticeable. Dianthus, of any color, which has lovely, clove-scented fragrance by day, is absolutely delicious at night.

Plants such as the often overlooked yucca even change shape after dark! In the daytime, the waxy, cream colored blossoms hang down like little bells. But at night when the evening has cooled, the young, recently-opened flowers turn somewhat upward, releasing their scent to attract the evening moths that pollinate them.

I have light-colored gravel pathways in my garden, which are unremarkable by day but are almost like lighted walks by moonlight. In the background, I have a little fish pond fountain, and the sound of trickling water adds a peaceful backdrop to the allure of the garden.

The simpler elements of my garden, such as a light gray limestone bench, look most inviting by the full moon. During the day there are often so many interruptions, noises, and responsibilities that I seldom get to sit and actually enjoy my garden space. But at night, when the world is quiet and others’ demands on my time have ceased, I like to retreat to my nighttime garden. Many times I’ve sat on the bench with a midnight snack, enjoying the serenity, and sometimes, when friends are willing, we have a picnic by moonlight.

There is a myriad of plants to choose from which magically transform themselves from almost invisible in sunlight to glowing performers at night. Any plant you choose with the name, ‘alba’ after it, will be white, such as Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria ‘Alba’) for example, or Dianthus deltoides ‘Alba’. White, yellow and pink hollyhocks shine like subtle beacons of lights, even in hushed starlight. Glowing additions of white Echinaceas (like ‘White Swan’ and ‘Fragrant Angel’) seem to pop into heightened reality at night. Angel’s Trumpets (Datura inoxia), white salvia (Salvia coccinea ‘Snow Nymph’) and Shasta Daisies all show up like little walkway lights.

Even the gray-colored plants, Gray Santolina (Santolina chamaecyparissus) or Curlicue Wormwood (Artemisia versicolor ‘Seafoam’) seem to awaken at night, as does Dusty Miller (Senecio cineraria) and Curry Plant (Helichrysum italicum). Plants with fuzzy, gray leaves like my favorite, Silver Sage (Salvia argentea) seem more alive and vivacious under the moon. All of the clary sages look fanciful at night as well. Silver-Leaf Creeping Thyme and Dwarf Ribbon Grass (Phalaris arundinacea ‘Dwarf Garters’) glow subtly at night. And the common native plant, Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is most showy at night with its yellow flowers and fuzzy, light colored leaves and stems.

Any plant with silver in its name, like Silver Southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum ‘Silver’), is a good choice too. Vines such as Moonflower (Ipomoea alba) add additional charm. The Moonflower’s 6-inch diameter blossoms are open only at night when they release a rich, enticing fragrance and attract fascinating large moths. The flowers themselves, on a moonlit evening, are so deliciously bright they appear to be lit from inside and almost as beacons floating in the evening air.

A moonlight garden should have lots of fragrant things to smell, including plants to walk on along the pathways. Creeping Thymes, such as Caraway and Lemon Thyme, are a good addition because while their scents may not be noticeable in the daylight, you will become aware of their fragrances at night when your senses are more attuned.

Other plants to add for moonlight viewing and fragrance include White Spider flower (Cleome hassleriana ‘Helen Campbell’), white peonies, white roses, and Night Phlox (Zaluzianskya capensis), which is also called Midnight Candy — a clue to its charming appeal. Any of the Evening Primroses, (Oenothera spp.), including our Missouri native (Oenothera macrocarpa), send forth their fragrance in the evening.

There are special considerations to making a moonlight garden. First, you need full sun for most plants. Also, a spot that gives full sun will generally provide full moonlight as well, and you don’t want big moon shadows blocking out the night light. I like to bunch the brighter whites together rather than scatter them about. The duller whites and yellows can be clustered as well. These will cause the darker colors of plants to be seen in daylight, while at night those contrasting colors come into their own, as the red, blue and orange flowers recede in the darkness.

I have learned to appreciate a lazy walk in the garden by moonlight, enjoying beauty not visible by day. All of the colors I hadn’t earlier enjoyed are now the stars of my night time garden, and they shine brightest when the rest of the world is resting.


We are entering a Full Moon in Scorpio this afternoon at 2:42 pm PST (5:42 pm EST). I am always one to fall deep into the preparation for a Scorpio Moon and find that it is a few days before this particular Moon that I can truly find what I need to release. Scorpio is a sign that delves deeply into the emotional waters and communication is one of the themes of this Moon as she is sitting in the Third House.

I have been preparing for a Full Moon Ceremony tonight and what came forward for me this Full Moon is the Nautilus. The Nautilus brings messages from the depths of the oceans connecting us to our ancient wisdom and knowledge. She is a living fossil that has survived the earth’s oceans for over 500 million years! As the Nautilus grows it continues to stay connected to its central point. This is a beautiful reminder that as we grow and evolve we become more centered and move back to our center ~ your experiences lead to wisdom. This beautiful Cephalopod also teaches us to grab opportunities as they come our way and her medicine will guide you to connect to your intuition and let go of past emotions that do not serve you. The nautilus shell is a perfect spiral and reflects the order of the universe connecting us to our ancient wisdom and knowledge.

I offer you a simple yet beautiful way to work with today’s Full Moon in Scorpio and the Nautilus ~ today, tonight, or tomorrow.

  1. Below are two Nautilus Mandala’s ~ choose one and print it out.


  1. Tune into the energy and wisdom of the Nautilus. Let her help you to unfold life mysteries to you. Connect to your ancient wisdom.
  2. Grab colored pencils, crayons or markers to color your mandala.
  3. Choose a number between 1 and 10.
  4. Look below to see the word and energy connected to your number.
  5. While coloring your mandala use the colors, the energy of the nautilus and the energy of this Full Moon in Scorpio to release what you need around the word you are working with.For example ~ if you are working with the word resentment ~ think of all the ways you hold on to resentment and how you can learn to release it, or bring to mind what/who you are holding resentment for and laugh at how much time/energy you have spent on holding that resentment…use the mandala to create new space around the released energy and fill it with thoughts that bring you joy or happiness as you color. 
  6. Once you have finished the coloring the mandala write down three words that you want to carry forward that came to you while coloring. For example, it could be …release, joy, centeredness.
  7. Place the mandala somewhere you will see DAILY for the next two weeks. Use it to discover the intention you will place under the New Moon in Gemini on May 25th.

Words to work with on releasing

  1. Resentment
  2. Jealousy
  3. Revenge
  4. Vendettas
  5. Betrayals
  6. Blocks to transformation
  7. Destructive relationships
  8. Unhealthy joint financial situations
  9. Obstacles to having a healthy sex life
  10. Resistance to changing paradigms

Lunar Energy

While the majority of the Countries around the world use a Solar calendar to establish the length of a year based on the Earth’s rotation around the sun, some countries and groups use a Lunar calendar. This means that one month is complete with a full cycle of the Moon, from New Moon to New Moon. The Lunar calendar year consists of twelve months, just like the Solar calendar, yet each month is slightly shorter. Rather than the average month lasting more than 30 days such as in the Solar calendar, each month in the Lunar calendar is approximately 29.5 days.

The different phases of the Moon bring different Energies. You are able to channel each phase and her Energy, depending on what your desires are. Recognizing how each Moon Phase works will ultimately prepare you to use the Lunar Energies to your advantage.

The Full Moon:

The Full Moon encourages you to follow your Heart. The Energies embodied by the Full Moon are at her strongest, because of this the Energies last almost a full week—three days prior and three days after the Full Moon. It is a significant time to focus on your heart’s desire’s and follow the guiding force of her Energies.

The New Moon:

The New Moon signifies Commencement. The Energies that this Moon offers, are for starting anew. This could be beginning a new project or relationship, a career change or making a new life alone or with your partner. Whatever the undertaking may be if you are embarking on a new unknown journey, it is best to begin under the New Moon.

The Waxing Moon:

The Waxing Moon signifies Growth. This is when the Moon enlarges herself, as she grows you will feel the Energies growing more powerful and your wishes and desires strengthening. With the Energies of the Waxing Moon, it is wise to continue complementing your endeavors from the New Moon to draw positivity and prosperity into your life.

The Waning Moon:

The Waning Moon signifies Purification. During this Lunar phase, the Moon is shrinking and taking with her all that we wish to purge. It is a time to rid yourself of negativity whether it be stress, an addiction or a person. Use her Energies to banish the negative influences that linger in your life.

The Dark Moon:

The Dark Moon encourages you to pause and take a breath. Although there are those who choose to use this time to carry out Curses as it is ideal for negative workings. For most within the Craft, the days that the Moon is not visible will use this time for Meditation and relaxation as Luna, is also recharging her Energy.

The Moon is often attributed to Goddess and thus plays a very important role in life. While the Sun is constant and remains in the same place in the celestial sphere, the Moon is constantly changing and evolving like humanity and the seasons. As opposed to being called Lunar Phases, these are called Seasonal Moons.

Each month has a seasonal Moon with their own unique set of names and characteristics:

January: Wolf Moon
February: Snow Moon
March: Worm Moon
April: Pink Moon
May: Flower Moon
June: Lover’s Moon
July: Deer Moon
August: Sturgeon Moon
September: Harvest Moon
October: Hunter’s Moon
November: Beaver Moon
December: Cold Moon

This month’s Full and New Moons are quite special as both Moons in May’s Night Sky will be an occasion to marvel at.

The Full Moon of May known as the Flower Moon will sparkle in all her glory the 10th of May and will be the sole day the Moon remains in the sky. Known as the Flower or Hare Moon, it is a time to gain wisdom, find love, take care of your health needs and allow your personal energy to overflow into other people’s lives.

The New Moon of May is a Supermoon that will grow in size May 25th. It will be the first time in 8 years that a Supermoon is a New Moon instead of a Full Moon.

The Moon generates Energy that flows throughout this realm and the next. This Lunar Energy affects us and the things that surround us. The Moon is an important aspect of life as well as in Magick whatever the circumstances may be that cause you to call upon the Moon, the aftermath will certainly leave you surging with Energy.

What is a Supermoon?

A Supermoon or the official name “Perigee Moon” occurs when the Full or New Moon is the closest to Earth, thus it appears much larger, stronger and roughly 30 times brighter than it normally is.

important datesImportant Dates:

Monday, May 8th
Moon Phase: Second Quarter and Waxing, Incense Rosemary, Color – Silver

Tuesday, May 9th
Moon Phase: Second Quarter and Waxing, Incense Ylang-ylang, Color Red

Wednesday, May 10th
Moon Phase: Full Moon, Incense – Honeysuckle, Color – Yellow

Thursday, May 11th
Moon Phase: Third Quarter and WaningIncense – Nutmeg, Color – Purple

Friday, May 12th
Moon Phase: Third Quarter and Waning, Incense – Orchid, Color – Pink

Saturday, May 13th
Moon Phase: Third Quarter and Waning, Incense – Sandalwood, Color – Blue

Sunday, May 14th
Moon Phase: Third Quarter and Waning, Incense – Frankincense, Color – Orange

Dancing Under The Full Moon Of March

We are entering the Full Moon in Virgo on March 12th at 7:53 am PST (`)~ also known as the Worm Moon by Native Americans as this is the time of the year when the earth begins to soften and the earthworms begin to make their way to the surface. Tomorrow we also turn our clocks back ~ creating more light in our days.

Full Moons are in opposition to the Sun ~ this month the Full Moon is in Virgo while the Sun is in Pisces. It may feel as if they are working against each other, however, they are really working towards the same goal from different directions. According to Beatrix Quintana ~ this Virgo Moon/Pisces Sun is a time when you may find the tension between doing your work and finding your path.  Looking at things from different directions can shift your perspective and healing. And remember even small shifts can lead to big awakenings and healing.

A Virgo Full Moon is a time to work with your Throat Chakra. Clearing the Throat Chakra helps you to have good, clear communication enabling you to express yourself authentically. The Moon in Virgo opens up your energy around seeking your path and encourages you to bring your radiance into the world to support healing for yourself and others.

Full Moon Ceremony

Taking the time to create and share in ceremony/rituals under the Full Moon can be food for your soul. This is a time of the month when many women ovulate, symbolizing Purna energy, a time of fullness, expansiveness, and productivity. Rituals/ceremonies deeply nourish our spirit and soul and afterward, you will find that you are more clear and connected to your center.

Here is a simple chakra ceremony that you can use under this Virgo Moon ~


  • Start your day with a blueberry and coconut water smoothie ~ healing and energizing for your throat chakra with the healing blue color and cooling liquid.
    • Blend together blueberries, coconut water, avocado and a protein powder of your choice in a high ~ top with your favorite toppings (roasted sunflower seeds, bee pollen, coconut sprinkles etc).


  • Prepare for your evening ceremony by gathering the following:
    • Music: I recommend downloading the Song: Dancing Through the Chakras by Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati (you can find it online)
    • Pick out a Mandala Picture here & print it out on a heavy stock paper for coloring later;
    • Coloring pencils, watercolors, markers or chalk for coloring your mandala;
    • Candles;
    • Sage
    • Gemstones (emerald, turquoise, aquamarine);
    • Lavender essential oil
    • Tea;
    • Blue or turquoise pajamas or something colored to wear while you dance, color and sleep!

Your Ceremony ~ you can do this in the evening or in the morning during the Full Moon ~

  • Find your space where you will be able to hold your ceremony (preferably somewhere you can experience the light of Grandmother Moon’s fullness) and create a small altar using your gemstones, candles, tarot cards and a blue, green or earth tone colored cloth or pictures.
  • Lay out your mandala paper and materials for coloring on your table/floor.
  • Light your sage and cleanse the room, yourself and your altar.
  • Light your candles and use the lavender oil on yourself and around the room to lightly permeate your senses and surroundings.
  • If you use tarot cards, draw a card to work with during your ceremony. One card is good as it can speak to you more clearly when you ask a clear and concise question.
  • Light your candles and turn out the lights ~ if not candles turn your lights down low or off if you feel so inclined so that you tune into your body fully.
  • Start your music and follow the dance through all your Chakra’s paying special attention to the Throat Chakra. When you are done ~ stop and take a deep breath. Take a few minutes feel your body and energy. Where is the energy moving? How do you feel? Notice your throat chakra.
  • Move to your space to create and color your mandala… stay connected to your body and the energy from the dance. If you are drawn to write ~ do! This is a great time to listen to what your body wants to share with you.
  • Make your tea and sip on your tea and write in your journal before bed.

Place your mandala somewhere that you will see if often during the next two weeks ~ for me this is an important part of the healing power of ceremony. To bring it forward is how we hold onto the power and healing we experienced during the ceremony.

I will be sharing chakra ceremonies throughout this year during the Full and New Moons. Regularly dancing through the charka’s helps you to feel more alive and energized, bringing balance to your whole body. I think by the end of the year you will be able to notice very real changes in yourself and so will others!

Here are a few questions to think about during your ceremony:

  • Have you every taken time to contemplate what it means to express yourself authentically?
  • Do you take the time to listen to others and yourself daily?
  • What words do you choose daily to speak out to the world?

Moon Light Your Way,


About That Snow Moon

Unlike January’s ‘Full Wolf Moon’, the ‘Full Snow Moon’ doesn’t have a long history of mythology, legend, and lore associated with its name, but much like its predecessor, February’s moon was so named thanks to the experiences of the Native Americans, settlers, or other cultures of the area. In most areas of the United States, the month of February sees the largest amount of snowfall and frigid temperatures. Native peoples in these areas would have associated this time of year with the frozen ground, dangerously cold weather, and other factors which made finding food difficult, and life dangerous.


The Full Moon for Feb. 2017 will occur in the afternoon of February 10th for the United States and just after midnight on February 11th for Europe.

February’s Full Moon is commonly known as the Full Snow Moon or Hunger Moon by the American Indians. The Apache Indians referred to it as the “frost sparkling in the sun” Moon while the Omaha Indians referred to it as the “moon when geese come home”.

February: The Snow Moon
Snow piles even higher in February, giving this moon its most common name. Among tribes that used this name for the January moon, the February moon was called the Hunger Moon due to the challenging hunting conditions.

February meaning might best be kicked off with a quick look at the etymology of the month’s moniker. The word February is born from the Latin word Februarius, from Latin februare meaning to “purify” or “expiate.”In ancient Rome, Februarius was the “Month of Purification” and great festivities were held to reestablish the empire’s focus on righteous living.To me, this idea of devoting a month to the process of purification is invigorating. The hustle-bustle of the holidays are left behind – February finally sees many of us getting our first breath of fresh air. And, by this time of year the pressure of New Year’s resolutions is either incorporated itself into healthy habits or dropped by the wayside (depending upon if we’ve kept our resolution vows or not :).February is a transitional month, and so February meaning and symbolism will have a transitional feel too. There is a change in the air this time of year, and we can see this manifested in certain festivals & holidays in this month.Where I live, up in the cold regions of North America, the Earth begins to kick just a bit. Everything is still clutched in snow and ice, but February marks the forward momentum of the seasonal procession and offers a reminder that Spring is not far.To give you a feel for symbolic February meaning, I’m offering a few symbolic lists for your contemplation.

Symbolic Trees of February:

We can learn more about this transitional month through exploration of symbols sacred to February. Here are a few:

Rowan as a February symbolRowan:
In ancient Celtic thought, trees offer magnificent wisdom and open up new branches of understanding about everything, including phases of the year. The Ogham is a sacred system of tree knowledge used for many purposes, including the passage of time. The Rowan tree twists in February’s awareness as a tribute to Brigid, a matriarch, Celtic goddess and magical maven in Irish mythology. With this association, the Rowan is a symbol of protection, discernment, transition, and balance. Rowans are ideal witching sticks (for locating “power-pockets” in the earth, finding water for wells) – this is symbolic of finding our spiritual paths. When invoked in February, the Rowan can help us clarify our vision and seek advantageous routes upon our life’s journey.

Ash as a February symbolAsh:
February is shared by both Ash and Rowan in the Celtic lunar calendar. According to the ancient Druidic Ogham, the Ash is also a transitional symbol – making it a fitting icon for February – a month in which Spring is just beginning its ascension. Ash is a sign of creation and connects new life to our awareness where once there may have been a bleak outlook. In-line with many festivals of renewal in February, the Ash is also symbolic of rebirth. In your February meditations, incorporate the expansive Ash for protection, earthy connections and bolstering inspiration/creativity/motivation.

Symbolic Flowers of February

Violets will bloom in very cold weather. Sighting their bright petals in the snow is a picture of hope, inspiration, and promise. Spring is not far when the Violets come to call. The Violet is a symbol of the ancient city of Athens. Its fragrance is sweet and the Violet has been used for centuries as a key ingredient for perfumes to arouse and stir whirlpools of love. In ancient festivals & ceremony, Violets were often woven as a crown to be worn upon the head. This signified high-minded intentions as well as protection from mental ruin. Folk medicine prescribes Violets for protection against headaches and hangovers. The color violet, a mix of blue and red (purple) is symbolic of the Crown chakra and also represents the connection between heaven and earth. Incorporate these attributes of the Violet during your contemplative moments in February. Violets are also featured at the Feast of Feralia.

The Primrose is included in February meaning because of its initiatory nature – it’s one of the first to herald the forthcoming of spring. Its name, primrose is derived from the Latin primus meaning first. Primrose symbolism includes courage because it takes moxie to blossom in the face of stark cold conditions -it also takes gumption to be the first to come out in the open. Primrose symbolism also includes renewal, love, and devotion – all themes germane to this month of February. Primrose is also a sacred symbol of Freya, the ancient Norse goddess of beauty, refinement, fertility, love purity and youthfulness. Ancient Celtic wisdom cites the primrose affiliated with the fairie realms. Seeing a patch of primroses is a landmark or gateway into the fairie lands. Meditate on the primrose and pay homage to this delicate beauty. Doing so will elicit a levity within your heart – promoting elevated states and blissfulness.

Symbolic Festivals of February:

We can learn a lot more about symbolic February meaning when we investigate the rituals, parties, holidays, ceremonies and festivals that take place this time of year. Here are a few:

This is a fire festival (one of four) devised by ancient Celts to mark the halfway point between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox. This day (Feb 1st) is symbolic of the light half of the year returning. Bone-fires are lit, as are candles as a representation of the sun’s light returning to the lands. Consequently, abundant living returns to the clans too (agriculture begins anew, birth, renewal of spring, etc). As mentioned, February is a transitional month. The Celts knew this, and Imbolc is a festival honoring the transition unique to the birth process of the seasons – particularly the transition between winter and spring. Brigid, the exalted Celtic goddess of many aspects including attributes of fertility, fire, water, healing and smithery. The goddess link to fertility sense as one translation of the word Imbolc is “of the belly” – this festival commemorates the potential of all things…there is potential in the belly; it’s only a matter of time when potential is made manifest. This February, consider the potential indwelling your soul and light a candle to coax the birth of your inner light to be made visible in the world.

Fortuna Dies (Day of Fortuna):
February meaning is made more invigorating when we explore ancient Rome for festivals held this month. The Roman goddess Fortuna holds her debut in February (around the 5th, but often these festivals honoring various deities lasted for weeks in old Rome!). She is the goddess of luck, fortune, marriage, fertility, and fate. Her symbols and her visage are commonly seen on the Wheel of Fortune card of the Tarot which might be a useful meditative card this month. Fortuna Dies is the day devoted to Fortuna, and is a day for practicing divination and “fortune telling.” Roman sorceresses, magicians, seers, and oracles were all honored on this day. It was a day for paying respect to the invisible powers that influence our lives. A day for becoming more mindful of the signs and symbols of the environment with a goal to foretell upcoming events.

Any discussion about February symbolism without mention of Valentine’s day is criminal. Whether you are in the “bah humbug” camp about this day (February 14th) or don your own cupid wings – there is no denying Valentine’s day is devoted to love. There are several St. Valentine’s associated with the date in history. Several theories surface at the explanation of the holiday, one depicts a rebel St. Valentine administering the sacred vows of marriage to military men and their wives even though Claudius the Second banned marriages (amongst soldiers). Another theory links Valentine’s day with Lupercalia, an ancient festival (also Roman) of fertility and purification. Lupercalia is derived from Lupa, the legendary she-wolf who nursed the founders of Rome: Romulus & Remus. The feast of Lupercalia is symbolic of the founding, provision, and growth of the empire. Therefore, Lupercalian ceremonies and rituals were performed as a means to galvanize the proliferation & expansion of the empire.

 Feast of Feralia:
One of my favorite observances. Around the 21st of February, ancient Romans honored their ancestors, the souls of their deceased (aka “Manes”). Feralia is the public festival, whereas Parentalia is the private observance of loved ones passed from physical realms. Parentalia was a week-long observance conducted privately among Roman citizens. Behind closed doors, words of honor were spoken in reverence to ancestors, special meals were eaten in observance of transitioned souls and ceremonies were held within the family to pay tribute to loved ones of days gone by. After a week of somber devotion, Feralia sparked a public festival. Feasts were consumed and offerings were left at gravesites to publicly convey love, honor, and remembrance of the dead. Violets were strewn everywhere, particularly upon gravestones to make the memories of loved ones immortal. Special artisan bread and wines were also left as offerings to the dearly departed. Salt was also sprinkled around altars and graves as a symbol of preserving (curing) the memories of loved ones. There is the legend that states Romans eventually neglected the public feast of Feralia, and ultimately, the result was Rome’s decline. Perhaps the symbolic lesson here is to remember the spirits of kin and clan and honor them, otherwise, succumb to a life of ambiguity and decrepitude.


The arrival of the full moon each month may highlight what is no longer serving you. As the moon reaches its fullest and brightest, much in your life will also have come into full illumination, highlighting both what is and isn’t working.

Particularly if you set new moon intentions, the full moon may shed light on what is holding you back from progress and is a perfect opportunity to remove what stands in your way.

Many people feel energy intensifying in the lead-up to the full moon. If you have felt the pressure building, perform a full moon releasing ritual to cast off what is no longer serving you.

Even if you’re new to harnessing the energy of the moon and not sure what you’re experiencing at an energetic level, you can still perform a releasing ritual at the full moon. Remember, you can release physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually – you may wish to clean out your possessions, take an inventory of thoughts and beliefs no longer serving you, release pent up emotions or perform a chakra cleansing meditation.

You can also seek guidance from your guardians, spirit guides or angels to help illuminate what is ready to be shed from your life, through journaling and/or automatic writing, pulling an oracle card or sitting in quiet meditation.

The Good Witches Homestead full moon releasing ritual:
  • Gather special items to create an altar and sacred environment. This might include crystals, oracle cards, journals, candles, incense or oils, or any other items that speak deeply to you. For example, feathers are a great symbol of connection to guides and angels, so you may wish to have one present.
  • Weather permitting, perform your ritual outside under the full moon, or perhaps inside by a window overlooking the moon.
  • Set your intention for your ritual. Take a few deep breaths, center yourself and articulate what your ritual is for. Allow this to come from deep within your spiritual heart, not your head. (That means, don’t think about it, feel it). For example, “I create a releasing ritual to cleanse me of old behaviors and patterns I’ve now outgrown.” Saying this out loud does have power, as well as committing it to paper in your journal.
  • Write down all the things you wish to release, remembering you have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This month you may just release from one body, or you may focus on all four. Journaling will help you see the connections from month to month, across all four bodies.
  • Give thanks for what it’s already served. Everything happens for a reason and while you’ve now outgrown whatever you are releasing, be sure to give thanks for its arrival, for showing you a new way forward and adding to your growth and development.
  • Symbolically cast off your list. You may wish to now burn the paper you wrote your list on, tear it into little pieces, or simply blow out the candle with the intention to set free all you wrote down.
  • Visualize the release. Sit for a moment, visualizing all you’re letting go of. You might like to imagine it as a symbol now floating off to the moon, or perhaps you hand your list over to your spirit guides and angels to carry and heal for you. Either way, see yourself freed from the heaviness of that which you no longer need to carry.
  • Do something healing for yourself. This may be simply enjoying a cup of tea, eating a nourishing meal in the moonlight, lighting another intentional candle or cleansing your crystals in the full moon light. Mark the occasion in some way. Give yourself the gift of time.

Calling Down the Moon

Calling Down the Moon, sometimes referred to as Drawing Down the Moon or Calling to the Sky Goddess, is a very wonderfully mystical experience, for you are standing before your Goddess, by whatever name you call her, asking that she descend to you, sharing with you, her knowledge and power.

This joining with the Goddess is sacred and should be approached with immense consideration for the honor held within this rite, for you are not only requesting the Goddess be with you but you are also welcoming her into your actual spirit.

I was not to fully understand all the amazing events I witnessed around my Great Grandmother until much later in life. My Great Grandmother was a Witch of great wisdom and understanding raised in the old world. Through her, I saw and experienced the marvels of magick.

Whenever I call unto the Goddess beneath the Moon’s bright and smiling face, there is a sense of my Great Grandmother standing beside me, as I stood with her when I was but a child.

I remember thinking that I was so much luckier than my friends, all of them having to go inside or to bed when it became dark. I got to play well into the night, underneath star-blanketed skies.

I always knew which night was going to be one of those special nights outside. It would begin early in the day with my Great Grandmother calling me to help her pile firewood beneath her big black wash pot, the one that stood on three legs behind the house. We would gather up fresh herbs and pick flowers, sometimes to make special necklaces to wear depending on the time of year. We would fill the pot with water freshly drawn from the well and put the lid on it so no unwanted bugs or dust would fall into the clean water.

Before night completely closed in, we would light candles and kerosene lamps in the house and on the back porch, since my Great Grandmother had no electricity. We could hear all the marvelous melodies from the creatures that came out to sing in the warm night air.

Then my Great Grandmother would tell me stories of her childhood and how she would learn of the Earth Mother and Sky Goddess from her mother and how we must respect the gifts bestowed upon us. Then we would walk along the narrow path to the big black pot we had readied earlier in the day. We carefully placed a quilt on the ground close by the encircled area and my Great Grandmother would light the wood we had piled under the black pot during the day.

Soon we would have a glorious blaze crackling within the night. How I loved watching the flames leap high into the sky as if trying to douse the stars with their very glow. Each spark seemed to carry a message up and beyond the world I knew, into the heavens.

Positioned on that quilt I watched my Great Grandmother as she cast the herbs and flowers we had picked during the day into the pot. She would sing and chant the most beautiful words and I tried to sing along with her. Within my mind, I can still hear her words and smell the wood burning as the aroma of the bubbling three-legged pot filled the air.

Before the night ended, my Great Grandmother would call me to stand beside her. We would stand with arms outreached and call to the Sky Goddess for her wisdom and power. It was wonderful, though I didn’t completely understand that this was something Witches had been doing for as long as time had been time.

The origins of this ritual, what we call Calling Down the Moon, can be traced to ancient times. Thessalian Witches are the first recorded in history to perform this rite. Witches throughout time were believed to control the Moon. In truth, we seek the strength found within its power: an understanding. We cannot command what we do not have faith in. In faith, we can control and command the universe

Witches love the Moon and the calling of her energies for empowerment. From full to dark we celebrate each wondrous and magickal change. It is the Goddess we call on within these Moons since the Goddess rules the Moon and it is her energy that we celebrate. Whether for ritual or merely to take pleasure in the powers of the Moon, it is that special time each month set aside for your relationship with the Goddess and to focus on her and her alone.

Witches today still perform this powerful rite of Calling Down the Moon. It is no longer the same rite the ancient ones would have performed, due to the many natural, environmental and regional changes, as well as generations of time.

When you know you are ready to seek the Goddess by calling her down, or Calling Down the Moon, you must understand that you are standing before your Goddess. Think of yourself standing before crowned royalty within a magnificent temple sanctuary. You would not be thinking of the coffee you spilled on your new carpet or if it might stain. Your mind would be on what was going on around you and what was about to happen. In the calling of the Moon, your Goddess, in this same way, your heart and mind should be concentrating on that moment in time. That moment you shall be sharing with your Goddess and nothing more.

When Calling Down the Moon, it is best if you can be outside under the night sky. But since many Witches live in cities and apartments it is not always possible. So be situated where you can best feel the powers from her, because she is always there, whether you see her or not. Constant as the Moon.

Calling Down the Moon: A Meditation Ritual

I have been fortunate to participate in many Rituals and Gatherings for Calling or Drawing down the Moon, standing beneath the full Moon’s glowing face and feeling the sensation that runs through you with the energy from her power as it encircles all the souls united as one.

But life, for whatever reasons, does not always make such gatherings with others easy to find or attend. You should not allow anything to stand in your way along your personal journey with your Goddess.

Before you begin, you should have all electrical items that make noise turned off: phones, cell and otherwise; TV; answering machine; door bell; pagers and so on. I know some of these are just a part of day-to-day life, but unless you are truly able to leave the cares and sounds of this world behind, you will not be able to completely enter into the veil of the Goddess.

If you are going outdoors, it is a good idea to place any items you need for meditation in a small basket or box. You don’t want to get started and then have to stop and start again. If you are inside, you should make sure you have everything with you in a place where you will not be intruded upon.

Items needed:

  • Candle to represent your Goddess: if you are working outside it should be in glass so it will not blow out and you have to stop and relight it during your working.
  • Incense to represent your Goddess.
  • Flowers favored by your Goddess to give as a gift unto her blessings.

Again, life will try to push in and break your concentration. If you have a family that is going to be knocking on the door asking what you are up to, or children (or husbands) that will be wanting attention it may be best to do this meditation ritual late at night or early in the morning when everyone is in bed.

Dress or not according to your tradition in a way to free you from this world’s constraints.

Now you will need to find that place that is empowering to you and your Goddess.

You may if you wish cast a simple circle around where you will be. Light your candle and incense.

Sit and get as comfortable as possible. Stretch and take some deep breaths in and out.

Focus your vision on the candle’s flame as you relax your entire body and mind. Using your third eye visualize yourself moving through time and space into the world between the veil of color and light. Allow yourself to open the curtain of time and pass into another plane of existence. This is not a place I can describe for you, it is the world only you can know and you will know when you arrive.

At this time take a deep breath of air. As you release it, open your eyes. Before you, see your Goddess in whatever form she desires to visit you. Spirit, being, animal, star or Moon.

Talk to her, tell her all your dreams and desires. This is your time with the Goddess. Time has no meaning here.

When you have finished or the Goddess has removed herself, close your eyes and return through the veils as you entered into this sacred place.

Stand, facing the Goddess in her Moon form. Holding your hands to the sky, give her blessings and honor with your words and gifts.

When finished blow out the candle and return to this world, refreshed by the powers of the Lady.

Moon Names

A List of Full Moon Names that Include:
Native American, Chinese, New Guinean
Colonial American, English Medieval
and Neo-Pagan. 

Colonial American
January: Winter Moon July: Summer Moon
February: Trapper’s Moon August: Dog Day’s Moon
March: Fish Moon September: Harvest Moon
April: Planter’s Moon October: Hunter’s Moon
May: Milk Moon November: Beaver Moon
June: Rose Moon December: Christmas Moon
January: Holiday Moon July: Hungry Ghost Moon
February: Budding Moon August: Harvest Moon
March: Sleepy Moon September: Chrysanthemum Moon
April: Peony Moon October: Kindly Moon
May: Dragon Moon November: White Moon
June: Lotus Moon December: Bitter Moon
American Indian (Cherokee)
January: Cold Moon July: Ripe Corn Moon
February: Bony Moon August: Fruit Moon
March: Windy Moon September: Nut Moon
April: Flower Moon October: Harvest Moon
May: Planting Moon November: Trading Moon
June: Green Corn Moon December: Snow Moon
American Indian (Choctaw)
January: Cooking Moon July: Crane Moon
February: Little Famine Moon August: Women’s Moon
March: Big Famine Moon September: Mulberry Moon
April: Wildcat Moon October: Blackberry Moon
May: Panther Moon November: Sassafras Moon
June: Windy Moon December: Peach Moon
American Indian (Dakotah Sioux)
January: Moon of the Terrible
February: Moon of the Raccoon, Moon When Trees Pop
March: Moon When Eyes Are Sore from Bright Snow
April: Moon When Geese Return in Scattered Formation
May: Moon When Leaves Are Green, Moon To Plant
June: Moon When June Berries Are Ripe
July: Moon of the Middle Summer
August: Moon When All Things Ripen
September: Moon When The Calves Grow Hair
October: Moon When Quilling and Beading is Done
November: Moon When Horns Are Broken Off
December: Twelfth Moon
January: Quite Moon July: Moon of Claiming
February: Moon of Ice August: Dispute Moon
March: Moon of Winds September: Singing Moon
April: Growing Moon October: Harvest Moon
May: Bright Moon November: Dark Moon
June: Moon of Horses December: Cold Moon
English Medieval
January: Wolf Moon July: Mead Moon
February: Storm Moon August: Corn Moon
March: Chaste Moon September: Barley Moon
April: Seed Moon October: Blood Moon
May: Hare Moon November: Snow Moon
June: Dyan Moon December: Oak Moon
Neo Pagan
January: Ice Moon July: Rose Moon
February: Snow Moon August: Lightening Moon
March: Death Moon September: Harvest Moon
April: Awakening Moon October: Blood Moon
May: Grass Moon November: Tree Moon
June: Planting Moon December: Long Night Moon
New Guinea
Name: Rainbow Fish Moon Name: Black Trevally Moon
Name: Parriotfish Moon Name: Open Sea Moon
Name: Palolo Worm Moon Name: Tiger Shark Moon
Name: Flying Fish Moon Name: Rain & Wind Moon

May 21, 2016 Full Moon

May 21, 5:15 p.m. EDT — The Full Flower Moon. Flowers are abundant everywhere this time of year. This moon was also known as the Full Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon. Under the old rules originally set forth by the Maine Farmer’s Almanac, this is also a Blue Moon. Typically, there are three full moons for each season, but sometimes a season will have four full moons. This is the case for spring 2016; the full moon on June 20 occurs less than 12 hours before the official start of the summer season, making that moon the fourth full moon of the spring. Under the Almanac’s rules, the third full moon in a season that has four is referred to as the Blue Moon.


Making clear and honest choices and action towards your greatest dreams and visions is illuminated by this full moon. The blue flame of the Sagittarius invites us into deeper Presence within, so that we can explore important paths/options/choices to support our life path from our intuitive guidance and body wisdom, rather than solely from the logical mind. It is a potent time to focus on celebrating the paths you have chosen, and give thanks for all the blessings already alive in the form of action.

Just as flower blooms, in this Flowering Moon, you can take action by honoring yourself for all the ways in which you are already expanding and growing. Self-Love Rituals to nourish the body and mind are especially powerful. This is a time where a new version of the ‘bigger picture’ of your life may emerge and you may experience revelations to weave and connect the dots in the mythical sense for the path you walk.

Flower Moon Attributes

  • Tarot: The Lovers
  • Herbs: Elder, Mint, Rose, Mugwort, Thyme
  • Colors: Green, Brown, Pink
  • Stones: Emerald, Malachite, Amber, Carnelian, Moonstone
  • Animals: Cats, Lynx, Leopard, Swan, Dove
  • Goddesses: Maia, Venus, Aphrodite, Artemis, Bast
  • Moon Medicine: Creation, Love, Intuition, Divine Connection, Connection with Nature, Sexuality, Sensuality Beltane


Ritual Suggestions

  • Make Love to Life: Whether this means literally making love with the intentional celebration of your creative forces and pleasure, or metaphorically, this is time to put your hearts desires into motion. Dance. Paint. Sing. Play music. Weave. Craft.
  • Vision Board: Take action to bring all your sacred visions to form a vision board and place it under the moonlight for blessed activation.
  • Fire Moon Ritual: Get into Nature. Take off your shoes. Breathe in the air and remember that your cycles mimic Hers. Give any your limiting beliefs and fears to the Fire (either by building one or with candles). With movement and voice, write them down and burn them. This is an act of purification and activation and a releasing of any heavyweight or burdens you may be carrying. Then welcome in and all the feelings inside of you that make you feel WONDERFUL and move in that direction. Literally.
  • Moon Elixir: Combine mint/rose/tulsi/hibiscus/cinnamon tea with honey and you’ve got a simple and delicious fiery elixir. Place it in Full Moonlight (you can even add a quartz crystal into your cup for added magic), drink in all that you are great-full for and sip in celebration of your feminine lunar essence.
  • Remember: Put out your gemstones and jewels in a window or in water for cleansing, renewal and activation. Place an apple and glass of water in the moonlight and have it for a ‘Moon Wisdom’ breakfast the next morning.
  • Commune: Gather in an intentional way with loved ones and do any of the above together and create your own. Now can be a powerful time to be with the energy of the collective.


Full Moon rituals can be done the day before, of and after the actual full moon. This is the 3 day potency period.