Full Moon ~ Lunar Eclipse August 7~8, 2017


This is the first of the 2 eclipses bookending a time of intensity and a major opportunity for growth. The Full Moon is a perfect time to set your intentions based on what you have been able to evaluate and re-evaluate your life, where you have been and where you wish to go.

Make sure to give this more than lip service or a fleeting acknowledgment. The time you put in right now will have lasting results so don’t waste the opportunity. Also honor this Full Moon as a gateway or a portal, like opening the door to this great potential of a powerful RESET for the areas that need it in your life. This portal stays open until the full solar eclipse on August 21. The time between the 2 eclipses is very powerful and could be intense and chaotic with lots of movement and action, some difficult and unwelcome, and some, a welcome breakthrough.

Best if you really work this time to your advantage and use it well. Don’t get distracted by other peoples chaotic process. Stay to your own focus, intentions, and reevaluation. The next eclipse will be a marker for a huge reset.

Astrological Notes:

Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Partial Lunar Eclipse
Sun in Leo ~ Moon in Aquarius 15º

Monday, August 7, 12:10 pm Mountain Daylight Time
(August 7, 6:10 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Lammas or the midpoint of summer and fall is on Aquarius Full Moon this year.  A powerful Leo Sun reigns over this eclipse season.  Last New Moon was at 0º Leo and the next New Moon at the total solar eclipse is at 29º Leo.  Eclipses magnify and increase the power of the Full and New Moons. Eclipses mark endings and new beginnings. A portal like this is a call to focus your intentions, like pausing to consult the (inner) map during a long road trip.

The Aquarius Full Moon (15º) we have now is the opening act with a very partial eclipse of the Moon visible over Europe, Northern Africa, and Asia.  Here with the eclipse at the South Node is where we release the old, what has gone before and allowed the endings.  The Grand Finale will be the total solar eclipse on August 21 with Sun and Moon in Leo 29º, and the Moon perfectly blocking the light of the Sun for those precious few minutes that allow the electromagnetic link to our planet to be suspended, and in that powerful letting go, we are released, cleared and renewed, and we begin again ~ an event honored by ancients as sacred and powerful.  We choose from Leo the source of our courage and heart to create our lives renewed, to allow what is new to be born in us.

We will see the central path of the later solar eclipse totality crossing through middle America, heartland country, asking us all to turn our attention to the shadow side of our nation, to focus our heart powers of love and courage to heal division, blame, prejudice and to begin again to see our common goals and love of personal freedom that we hold in this country.

Let’s look at what the Aquarius Full Moon has to offer us.  Here is the energy for reform and innovation with truly inspired and original, inventive solutions to tangled situations.  Here too is the urge towards revolutionizing and moving forward in all areas of social change, social responsibility, and standing up for the society you want to live in.  Aquarius brings a progressive point of view valuing freedom and individuality, and they welcome the unconventional while championing all beings as equal.  Aquarians are future oriented; they’re progressive.  As the fixed air sign, they represent powerful mental energy, not the ‘strictly info’ kind of mental, but the brilliant, intuitive and inventive cosmic download kind of genius.

Aquarius owes its brilliance and eccentricity as well as its rebellious nature to its ruler Uranus – the Awakener, the Observer, The Exile.  Uranus helps us realize the future – see it, as well as simultaneously create it.  See that word REAL in realize? Well, that’s what we’re called on to do now- bring the future we want down to the Earth plane.

We can:

  • Revolutionize without resisting – directing strong emotional responses through our integrity and balanced judgment in this polarized world we find ourselves in.
  • Create in the cosmic realms, the Quantum field, the invisible worlds, the astral and let it manifest through you into the physical world (without attachment to how it gets created – leave that to Spirit….)
  • Innovate pushing the edge/boundaries of what you have done before or intuited before.
  • Cooperate banding together with the like-minded and using the power of the group and the collective to wield some real power for change.  Joy and healing live there – being with others and ending separation.


The eclipse window in Leo is pushing us across the bridge of ego, pushing breakdown, pushing crisis, pushing the shadow up to be heard, seen and witnessed.  Uranus doesn’t care about your discomfort.  It sees the long game, the future and all that can be gained by a shattering realization or crisis.  Uranus tests your will to hold to your ideals.  Both fanatics and humanitarians are two sides of the Uranian character.  When the mental fixity and stubbornness of Aquarius takes over, huge resistance, fanaticism and cold rational thinking can prevail.  We’re seeing a bit of that here in American politics-America does have an Aquarius Moon (27º) after all.  The Moon in a country’s chart represents the “people”, and they are coming together as a voice to represent the humanitarian end of the spectrum (seeking to champion the poor, elderly, immigrants, gays, universal healthcare…).  Notably, the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 is at 28º55’ Leo is just opposite the USA’s 27º Aquarius Moon.  And as it is doing so, the “people” will be making a choice and renewing their dedication to America’s democratic ideals.

On August 2-3, Uranus began a long retrograde period until Jan 3, 2018.  So, Uranus is moving extremely slowly and will spend 9 weeks at 28º Aries and is considerably stronger at this time as it changes direction.  So be aware the energy of breaking free and loving your own quirky, unconventional self is about to get a booster shot.  Acknowledge your restlessness with increasing grounded physical activity.  Expect the unexpected and turn up your adaptability.  Uranus can represent your higher cosmic self or essence.  Our inner ‘witness’ will be stronger with the Aquarius Full Moon – learn from it.

Mercury in Virgo will change direction too.  That means retrograde for three weeks from Aug 12 to Sept 5 (but not fully out of its shadow period until Sept 19th).  Mercury, our thinking and communicating focus, is turning its attention inward giving us the bandwidth to look deeply into our lives and reevaluate our harvest, our resources, our health while seeing where we have become too perfectionistic, self-denying, and worried.  Vesta traveling with Mercury reinforces going to our inner temple for guidance.

Expect Saturn to also change direction and turn direct later in the month 9/25.  So as you can see, the eclipses are in a nest of shift and change.  What a magnificent portal for your creativity!

This Full Moon chart is also notable for Mars in Leo traveling with the Sun.  We had that at last New Moon too, and it will be still active during the solar eclipse.  Mars is our assertive action-taking self, our source of passionate, instinctual energy, our masculine yang force.  So we can expect the effects of adding fuel to the fire of Sun Leo making experiences a little more raw, a little more volatile, a little like having a king (Leo) with a martial presence (Mars) at his command.

Jupiter in Libra, who has been expanding our education in the fine art of relationship and diplomacy for nigh onto a year, is playing nice with the Sun and Moon.  Jupiter will expand and support the themes of the Leo/Aquarius axis (self-expression/social responsibility) in our interactions and relationships with others.  All the better to see ourselves reflected in the eyes of another.  But an exact square to Pluto says the darker parts of our power must need to be dealt with before the ‘gifts’ of Jupiter are distributed!

The asteroid goddesses are holding down the feminine pole in this chart.  Vesta, Pallas Athena, and Juno are in the Earth signs forming a Grand Trine of groundedness and support, and Ceres-Venus are in Cancer together soothing the emotional energies of this very hot and predominantly masculine chart.

All times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST)

  • 08/12 Mercury retrograde 11º Virgo until 9/5
  • 08/21 Solar Eclipse/Leo New Moon#2 29º 12:30 PM MDT
  • 08/22 Sun enters Virgo at 4:20 PM MDT
  • 09/06 Pisces Full Moon 14º 1:03 AM MDT
  • 09/19 Virgo New Moon 27º 11:30 PM MDT

Reflections on the Full Moon in Capricorn… Yellow Flower Moon? | Inner Journey Events

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) Full Buck Moon in Capricorn arrives on Day 15 of the Lunar Cycle at: 08-July @ 9:06 PM PT 09-July @ 04:06 UTC Full Buck Moon? Full Thunder Moon? …

Source: Reflections on the Full Moon in Capricorn… Yellow Flower Moon? | Inner Journey Events

Moon Blog — Spirit de la Lune

Putting different crystals together in geometric patterns activates the different energies of each crystal and creates a beautiful union of their vibes -a vortex of hyper-focused intention and healing. It is called sacred geometry. Crystal grids are beautiful, creative, and really fun to make. Sacred geometry connects us to the universal creative forces that have created all matter so we can call upon the powers of creation and manifestation!

The original moon phase oracle deck. Tune to the Moon with Spirit de la Lune, an Oracle deck for Lunar Guidance.

Source: Moon Blog — Spirit de la Lune

Digging Deeper, for Our Love of the Earth.

For the love of a tree…
She went out on a limb.
For the love of the sea…
She rocked the boat.
For the love of the earth…
She dug deeper.
For the love of community…
She mended fences.
For the love of the stars…
She let her light shine.
For the love of spirit…
She nurtured her soul.
For the love of a good time…
She sowed seeds of happiness.
For the love of the Goddess…
She drew down the moon.
For the love of nature…
She made compost.
For the love of a good meal…
She gave thanks.
For the love of family…
She reconciled differences.
For the love of creativity…
She entertained new possibilities.
For the love of her enemies…
She suspended judgment.
For the love of herself…
She acknowledged her worth.
And the world was richer for her.

~ Charlotte Tall Mountain

July 9th, 2017 Full Moon

The full moon on Sunday, July 9, 2017, is at 17° Capricorn. The full moon July 2017 astrology is as intense as it gets. Moon and Pluto opposite Sun and Mars create such intensely hot energy that it will be difficult to control. This dangerous full moon has the potential to cause serious relationships problems if you let things get out of control.

The July 2017 full moon could cause threats, violence, displays of power, murder, invasions, overthrows, and war. There is, however, a real chance of compromise and peace between lovers and between nations. Continue reading for advice on how to keep relationships together during this powerful moon phase.


Sun opposite Moon makes a full moon and highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life. These can include your ego versus emotions, your work versus home, or what you need versus what you want. Inner tension and external pressures can lead to personal conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. Use you increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

The full moon influence lasts for two weeks and relates to the previous new moon. Your June 23 new noon goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. It is time to make emotional adjustments in response to those goals.


The July 9 full moon at 17°09′ Capricorn is only one degree away from Pluto. This planet of power and intensity transforms through destruction and renewal. This is as powerful as a full moon can get. Emotions are already high on a full moon but now they become all-powerful, all-consuming.

Moon conjunct Pluto brings such deep and intense feelings to the surface that they can overwhelm you. You may become obsessed about your feelings and have trouble focusing on anything else. Dreams, visions, psychic impressions or intuitive insights may have a profound influence on your mood.

Interactions with women will be particularly intense and revealing. You can access to your true feelings and discover someone else’s true feelings about you. Take care not to react too strongly to overpowering feelings. Your intuition might be correct but could obscure your rational thought processes and conscious judgment skills.

In relationships you may encounter controlling and manipulative behaviors like jealousy, guilt tripping, threats, intimidation, violence or self-harm. Remove yourself from such negative and destructive people and environments. You can transcend your own challenging emotions and behaviors through meditation, self-analysis, or other technique to understand your feelings.

Full Moon July 2017 Astrology

Sun opposite Moon makes the Moon-Pluto alignment more challenging because of the relationship tension it creates. The battles you have with other people can mirror your own inner conflict as you try to reconcile differences between what you want versus what you need.

Sun opposite Pluto brings a crisis either with self-esteem, relationships or an event. This may be due to a self-destructive character trait such as addiction, spying or stubbornness. In relationships, you may be the subject of, or the perpetrator of, manipulation, jealousy, domination or spying. Events may include the breakdown of an appliance or car, theft, violence, or the destruction of possessions by people or natural disaster.

If a crisis does happen at this time, it is important not to be overly assertive, egotistic, or resistant to change.  Change may be forced upon you or you may instigate it. The aim is to transform for the better. To evolve your soul so that you may live a better life and experience more satisfaction. It will probably occur through a close relationship, such as a family member, close friend or partner.

Looking at the full moon July 2017 astrology chart shows Mars about five degrees from the Sun. There are tighter aspects to the full moon including Moon square Jupiter but the Sun-Mars alignment is way more powerful. The potential for destructive emotions and reactions has increased. Anger is added to your extremely powerful emotion and your patience is severely tested.

Mars opposite Pluto gives an intense passion for achieving your strongest desires. In this competitive spirit, you may go to great lengths to achieve victory. If you can channel such aggressive and dominating urges, the transforming nature of Pluto will bring marked achievements. Physical and creative pursuits are favored, but the competitive arena may involve business or other professional areas, where courage and strength are required.

You may have to contend with powerful forces acting against you. They will seek out weak spots in your plans and defenses. Powerful and primal energies may activate the fight or flight response. A sexual conquest at this time also comes with dangers. Your will-power and sex drive may become overbearing. If dating beware of predators and the potential for male violence or rape.

Sun conjunct Mars brings abundant energy and initiative which must be burnt up in a constructive way otherwise there can be damaging consequences. If this hot energy were to build up in your body it would be spontaneously released without control. Such release of uncontrolled hot energy would be rapid and destructive, hurting yourself or others. This negative manifestation of Mars is the most likely outcome given the opposition to Moon and Pluto.

Remaining unaware of the buildup of energy can lead to accidents, aggression, temper tantrums, and even violence or rape. You will initially notice the buildup of energy as irritation, annoyance or impatience. The best option is to consciously apply yourself to a positive form of activity. Physical activity is preferred but the brain can also burn up a lot of energy. Sex drive can go through the roof and baby making fits the role as both creative and productive.

Moon opposite Mars makes you moody and short-tempered. Little things will annoy you that you would normally ignore. Anger and a tendency to act without thinking increase the risk of minor irritations turning into arguments or fights. Being alone will stop conflict but you still need to let off steam without causing harm.

Relationships with your partner, family, and close friends are most likely to suffer from your impulsive actions and aggressive instincts. To avoid hostilities you can channel your energy toward hard work and competition. Trying to better your record in an individual sport or exercise will cut anger levels.

It is possible you could be subject to aggression from others. Abuse such as domestic violence would be a sign of not expressing your emotional desires strongly enough. If you are the submissive or shy type then full moon July 2017 may trigger a fight or flight response and an opportunity to leave a dangerous home environment.

Mercury sextile Venus offers a release valve and a way to talk yourself out of the potential conflict. It has a friendly influence, reducing stress levels and adding some harmony to your relationships. You will have greater ability to express your love and affection. Extra charm and social skills will help you find a compromise and find a peaceful resolution.


The July 9 full moon is as intense as they come. Moon and Pluto opposite Sun and Mars create such intensely hot energy that it will be difficult to control. The six aspects involved in full moon July 2017 all tell a similar story. This dangerous full moon has the potential to cause serious relationships problems if you let the thing get out of control.

Conscious awareness of your intense emotions and short temper will help you avoid arguments. Responding to provocation with threats or ultimatums will only inflame the situation. There is a high chance of conflict in your personal relationships involving power and control issues.

Further afield there will be threats, violence, displays of power, murder, invasions, overthrows, and war. There is, however, a real chance of compromise and peace between lovers and between nations. Is is there for the taking if both sides want it.

If full moon July 2017 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your Monthly Horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon 23 June 2017
Next Moon Phase: New Moon 23 July 2017

Full Moon July 2017 Times and Dates

Los Angeles July 8 – 9:06 pm
New York July 9 – 12:06 am
London July 9 – 5:06 am
Delhi July 9 – 9:36 am
Sydney July 9 – 2:06 pm

Full Moon Release Ritual {July 9th, 2017}

The moon, being the closest astronomical body to Earth, has a profound effect on us. It represents the feminine, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives.

One complete cycle of the moon takes exactly 28 days to complete, radiating her energy to us in cycles of waxing and waning, bringing in and releasing, ebbing and flowing.

Many cultures and people believe in following the cycles of the moon, working with this wonderful gift of nature, harnessing the different energetic influences at each of the stages.


  • New Moon: A new cycle. An energy of new possibilities. Time to set your intentions for what you want to bring into your life.
  • Waxing Moon: New growth, continued action, results will come about
  • Full Moon: High tide of power, amplifying and creative. It is a time to release that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.
  • Waning Moon: Withdrawing, a sucking and pulling impact
  • Dark Moon: A time to go within. Solitude. A powerful psychic time where revelations from deep within can emerge. It’s important to make space for the unfolding of spirit at this time in preparation for the new cycle and beginning.

The New Moon marks the beginning of the cycle and the Full Moon is the release.

At the Full Moon, the energy is powerful and intense. This surge enables you to take action – especially in regards to the New Moon intentions you may have made two weeks prior. This is a perfect time for releasing something that no longer serves you, or letting go of something that you no longer need in your life; or an opportunity to let go of an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.

A Full Moon ritual is a powerful way to invoke this (a ritual being a set of actions, often with symbolic value, performed in a ceremonial manner). Releasing. Letting go. Unburdening yourself. Purging.

You get rid of the old, celebrating your emergence by stepping out of an old way of being / an old identity/behaviour /  attitude/relationship / frame of mind/situation.

The ritual marks this inner transformation in a formal, ceremonial way. Emphasizing to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to let go for the new you to emerge. Making way for new magical opportunities to come to you.


Fire and water are great symbolic ways of purifying.

  • Fire – consumes, burns away the old
  • Water – cleanses, washes away


What you need: pen, paper, matches, candle, two small bowls, water

If possible do this outside under the Full Moon, connecting directly with Mother Nature and the Moon’s energies.

If you cannot be outside, find a quiet place indoors.

  1. Clear your energy. Imagine standing under a silver waterfall and allow all negative and non-serving energies to be washed away.
  2. Create a sacred space. Find a quiet place to sit, declutter and clean, place crystals or other special items around you.
  3. Light the candle, Fill one small bowl with water – place both in front of you, along with the other empty bowl.
  4. Take a few deep breaths, center yourself and then begin to write on the piece of paper what you wish to release from your life, what limiting beliefs you want to be free from, what no longer serves you or what you want to let go of.
  5. When you have finished your list, sign and date the page.
  6. Breathe deep into your heart and declare “I now let this go. And it is so.” Then place one corner of the piece of paper over the candle allowing the flame to light your page (throw the page into the empty bowl as it burns) watching the flames consume what you are releasing, the smoke taking your intention to the Universe. Please note: if your piece of paper struggles to light or burn, please consider if you are really ready to let this go! Only when you are willing to let go will the page burn – the faster the flames, the more willing you are to let it go.
  7. Then place your hands in the bowl of water. Signifying cleansing of the old and opening to the new.
  8. Remove your hands from the water and take a deep breath. Sit in silence for a moment. You may want to keep your candle burning for a while as you sit, allowing inspiration to spark.

This is only a suggestion of a ritual. Use your intuition to guide you. You may just want to sit with a lit candle and not burn your page. You may want to have a shower or jump into the ocean as part of a cleansing ritual. You may want to meditate on what to let go of rather than writing it down.

Go with what works for you and what you feel comfortable with. It all comes down to intention. As long as your stay centered in why you are doing things in a certain way, the results will follow as you intended them to.

Plan a Moonlight Garden

Focus on white and light-colored flowers to create a garden that glows in the moonlight.

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the more subtle floral colors, not for their daytime hues, but for how magically they transform after sunset, even in simple starlight. And all of those brilliant blue and crimson flowers I love in the daylight literally disappear from view at night.

I sometimes stroll through my garden enjoying how different it is at night. Not only do the white flowers glow with unexpected light, the pinks and lighter yellows seem to have a vibrancy totally absent in daylight. Flowers I’ve overlooked during the day, such as white cosmos, appear to actually glow at night.

A moonlit garden has a different set of fragrances, as well, some subtle, some pronounced. In the heat of the day, many essences are lost to our senses because the heat evaporates them so quickly. At night fragrances are considerably more noticeable. Dianthus, of any color, which has lovely, clove-scented fragrance by day, is absolutely delicious at night.

Plants such as the often overlooked yucca even change shape after dark! In the daytime, the waxy, cream colored blossoms hang down like little bells. But at night when the evening has cooled, the young, recently-opened flowers turn somewhat upward, releasing their scent to attract the evening moths that pollinate them.

I have light-colored gravel pathways in my garden, which are unremarkable by day but are almost like lighted walks by moonlight. In the background, I have a little fish pond fountain, and the sound of trickling water adds a peaceful backdrop to the allure of the garden.

The simpler elements of my garden, such as a light gray limestone bench, look most inviting by the full moon. During the day there are often so many interruptions, noises, and responsibilities that I seldom get to sit and actually enjoy my garden space. But at night, when the world is quiet and others’ demands on my time have ceased, I like to retreat to my nighttime garden. Many times I’ve sat on the bench with a midnight snack, enjoying the serenity, and sometimes, when friends are willing, we have a picnic by moonlight.

There is a myriad of plants to choose from which magically transform themselves from almost invisible in sunlight to glowing performers at night. Any plant you choose with the name, ‘alba’ after it, will be white, such as Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria ‘Alba’) for example, or Dianthus deltoides ‘Alba’. White, yellow and pink hollyhocks shine like subtle beacons of lights, even in hushed starlight. Glowing additions of white Echinaceas (like ‘White Swan’ and ‘Fragrant Angel’) seem to pop into heightened reality at night. Angel’s Trumpets (Datura inoxia), white salvia (Salvia coccinea ‘Snow Nymph’) and Shasta Daisies all show up like little walkway lights.

Even the gray-colored plants, Gray Santolina (Santolina chamaecyparissus) or Curlicue Wormwood (Artemisia versicolor ‘Seafoam’) seem to awaken at night, as does Dusty Miller (Senecio cineraria) and Curry Plant (Helichrysum italicum). Plants with fuzzy, gray leaves like my favorite, Silver Sage (Salvia argentea) seem more alive and vivacious under the moon. All of the clary sages look fanciful at night as well. Silver-Leaf Creeping Thyme and Dwarf Ribbon Grass (Phalaris arundinacea ‘Dwarf Garters’) glow subtly at night. And the common native plant, Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is most showy at night with its yellow flowers and fuzzy, light colored leaves and stems.

Any plant with silver in its name, like Silver Southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum ‘Silver’), is a good choice too. Vines such as Moonflower (Ipomoea alba) add additional charm. The Moonflower’s 6-inch diameter blossoms are open only at night when they release a rich, enticing fragrance and attract fascinating large moths. The flowers themselves, on a moonlit evening, are so deliciously bright they appear to be lit from inside and almost as beacons floating in the evening air.

A moonlight garden should have lots of fragrant things to smell, including plants to walk on along the pathways. Creeping Thymes, such as Caraway and Lemon Thyme, are a good addition because while their scents may not be noticeable in the daylight, you will become aware of their fragrances at night when your senses are more attuned.

Other plants to add for moonlight viewing and fragrance include White Spider flower (Cleome hassleriana ‘Helen Campbell’), white peonies, white roses, and Night Phlox (Zaluzianskya capensis), which is also called Midnight Candy — a clue to its charming appeal. Any of the Evening Primroses, (Oenothera spp.), including our Missouri native (Oenothera macrocarpa), send forth their fragrance in the evening.

There are special considerations to making a moonlight garden. First, you need full sun for most plants. Also, a spot that gives full sun will generally provide full moonlight as well, and you don’t want big moon shadows blocking out the night light. I like to bunch the brighter whites together rather than scatter them about. The duller whites and yellows can be clustered as well. These will cause the darker colors of plants to be seen in daylight, while at night those contrasting colors come into their own, as the red, blue and orange flowers recede in the darkness.

I have learned to appreciate a lazy walk in the garden by moonlight, enjoying beauty not visible by day. All of the colors I hadn’t earlier enjoyed are now the stars of my night time garden, and they shine brightest when the rest of the world is resting.


We are entering a Full Moon in Scorpio this afternoon at 2:42 pm PST (5:42 pm EST). I am always one to fall deep into the preparation for a Scorpio Moon and find that it is a few days before this particular Moon that I can truly find what I need to release. Scorpio is a sign that delves deeply into the emotional waters and communication is one of the themes of this Moon as she is sitting in the Third House.

I have been preparing for a Full Moon Ceremony tonight and what came forward for me this Full Moon is the Nautilus. The Nautilus brings messages from the depths of the oceans connecting us to our ancient wisdom and knowledge. She is a living fossil that has survived the earth’s oceans for over 500 million years! As the Nautilus grows it continues to stay connected to its central point. This is a beautiful reminder that as we grow and evolve we become more centered and move back to our center ~ your experiences lead to wisdom. This beautiful Cephalopod also teaches us to grab opportunities as they come our way and her medicine will guide you to connect to your intuition and let go of past emotions that do not serve you. The nautilus shell is a perfect spiral and reflects the order of the universe connecting us to our ancient wisdom and knowledge.

I offer you a simple yet beautiful way to work with today’s Full Moon in Scorpio and the Nautilus ~ today, tonight, or tomorrow.

  1. Below are two Nautilus Mandala’s ~ choose one and print it out.


  1. Tune into the energy and wisdom of the Nautilus. Let her help you to unfold life mysteries to you. Connect to your ancient wisdom.
  2. Grab colored pencils, crayons or markers to color your mandala.
  3. Choose a number between 1 and 10.
  4. Look below to see the word and energy connected to your number.
  5. While coloring your mandala use the colors, the energy of the nautilus and the energy of this Full Moon in Scorpio to release what you need around the word you are working with.For example ~ if you are working with the word resentment ~ think of all the ways you hold on to resentment and how you can learn to release it, or bring to mind what/who you are holding resentment for and laugh at how much time/energy you have spent on holding that resentment…use the mandala to create new space around the released energy and fill it with thoughts that bring you joy or happiness as you color. 
  6. Once you have finished the coloring the mandala write down three words that you want to carry forward that came to you while coloring. For example, it could be …release, joy, centeredness.
  7. Place the mandala somewhere you will see DAILY for the next two weeks. Use it to discover the intention you will place under the New Moon in Gemini on May 25th.

Words to work with on releasing

  1. Resentment
  2. Jealousy
  3. Revenge
  4. Vendettas
  5. Betrayals
  6. Blocks to transformation
  7. Destructive relationships
  8. Unhealthy joint financial situations
  9. Obstacles to having a healthy sex life
  10. Resistance to changing paradigms

Lunar Energy

While the majority of the Countries around the world use a Solar calendar to establish the length of a year based on the Earth’s rotation around the sun, some countries and groups use a Lunar calendar. This means that one month is complete with a full cycle of the Moon, from New Moon to New Moon. The Lunar calendar year consists of twelve months, just like the Solar calendar, yet each month is slightly shorter. Rather than the average month lasting more than 30 days such as in the Solar calendar, each month in the Lunar calendar is approximately 29.5 days.

The different phases of the Moon bring different Energies. You are able to channel each phase and her Energy, depending on what your desires are. Recognizing how each Moon Phase works will ultimately prepare you to use the Lunar Energies to your advantage.

The Full Moon:

The Full Moon encourages you to follow your Heart. The Energies embodied by the Full Moon are at her strongest, because of this the Energies last almost a full week—three days prior and three days after the Full Moon. It is a significant time to focus on your heart’s desire’s and follow the guiding force of her Energies.

The New Moon:

The New Moon signifies Commencement. The Energies that this Moon offers, are for starting anew. This could be beginning a new project or relationship, a career change or making a new life alone or with your partner. Whatever the undertaking may be if you are embarking on a new unknown journey, it is best to begin under the New Moon.

The Waxing Moon:

The Waxing Moon signifies Growth. This is when the Moon enlarges herself, as she grows you will feel the Energies growing more powerful and your wishes and desires strengthening. With the Energies of the Waxing Moon, it is wise to continue complementing your endeavors from the New Moon to draw positivity and prosperity into your life.

The Waning Moon:

The Waning Moon signifies Purification. During this Lunar phase, the Moon is shrinking and taking with her all that we wish to purge. It is a time to rid yourself of negativity whether it be stress, an addiction or a person. Use her Energies to banish the negative influences that linger in your life.

The Dark Moon:

The Dark Moon encourages you to pause and take a breath. Although there are those who choose to use this time to carry out Curses as it is ideal for negative workings. For most within the Craft, the days that the Moon is not visible will use this time for Meditation and relaxation as Luna, is also recharging her Energy.

The Moon is often attributed to Goddess and thus plays a very important role in life. While the Sun is constant and remains in the same place in the celestial sphere, the Moon is constantly changing and evolving like humanity and the seasons. As opposed to being called Lunar Phases, these are called Seasonal Moons.

Each month has a seasonal Moon with their own unique set of names and characteristics:

January: Wolf Moon
February: Snow Moon
March: Worm Moon
April: Pink Moon
May: Flower Moon
June: Lover’s Moon
July: Deer Moon
August: Sturgeon Moon
September: Harvest Moon
October: Hunter’s Moon
November: Beaver Moon
December: Cold Moon

This month’s Full and New Moons are quite special as both Moons in May’s Night Sky will be an occasion to marvel at.

The Full Moon of May known as the Flower Moon will sparkle in all her glory the 10th of May and will be the sole day the Moon remains in the sky. Known as the Flower or Hare Moon, it is a time to gain wisdom, find love, take care of your health needs and allow your personal energy to overflow into other people’s lives.

The New Moon of May is a Supermoon that will grow in size May 25th. It will be the first time in 8 years that a Supermoon is a New Moon instead of a Full Moon.

The Moon generates Energy that flows throughout this realm and the next. This Lunar Energy affects us and the things that surround us. The Moon is an important aspect of life as well as in Magick whatever the circumstances may be that cause you to call upon the Moon, the aftermath will certainly leave you surging with Energy.

What is a Supermoon?

A Supermoon or the official name “Perigee Moon” occurs when the Full or New Moon is the closest to Earth, thus it appears much larger, stronger and roughly 30 times brighter than it normally is.

important datesImportant Dates:

Monday, May 8th
Moon Phase: Second Quarter and Waxing, Incense Rosemary, Color – Silver

Tuesday, May 9th
Moon Phase: Second Quarter and Waxing, Incense Ylang-ylang, Color Red

Wednesday, May 10th
Moon Phase: Full Moon, Incense – Honeysuckle, Color – Yellow

Thursday, May 11th
Moon Phase: Third Quarter and WaningIncense – Nutmeg, Color – Purple

Friday, May 12th
Moon Phase: Third Quarter and Waning, Incense – Orchid, Color – Pink

Saturday, May 13th
Moon Phase: Third Quarter and Waning, Incense – Sandalwood, Color – Blue

Sunday, May 14th
Moon Phase: Third Quarter and Waning, Incense – Frankincense, Color – Orange

Dancing Under The Full Moon Of March

We are entering the Full Moon in Virgo on March 12th at 7:53 am PST (`)~ also known as the Worm Moon by Native Americans as this is the time of the year when the earth begins to soften and the earthworms begin to make their way to the surface. Tomorrow we also turn our clocks back ~ creating more light in our days.

Full Moons are in opposition to the Sun ~ this month the Full Moon is in Virgo while the Sun is in Pisces. It may feel as if they are working against each other, however, they are really working towards the same goal from different directions. According to Beatrix Quintana ~ this Virgo Moon/Pisces Sun is a time when you may find the tension between doing your work and finding your path.  Looking at things from different directions can shift your perspective and healing. And remember even small shifts can lead to big awakenings and healing.

A Virgo Full Moon is a time to work with your Throat Chakra. Clearing the Throat Chakra helps you to have good, clear communication enabling you to express yourself authentically. The Moon in Virgo opens up your energy around seeking your path and encourages you to bring your radiance into the world to support healing for yourself and others.

Full Moon Ceremony

Taking the time to create and share in ceremony/rituals under the Full Moon can be food for your soul. This is a time of the month when many women ovulate, symbolizing Purna energy, a time of fullness, expansiveness, and productivity. Rituals/ceremonies deeply nourish our spirit and soul and afterward, you will find that you are more clear and connected to your center.

Here is a simple chakra ceremony that you can use under this Virgo Moon ~


  • Start your day with a blueberry and coconut water smoothie ~ healing and energizing for your throat chakra with the healing blue color and cooling liquid.
    • Blend together blueberries, coconut water, avocado and a protein powder of your choice in a high ~ top with your favorite toppings (roasted sunflower seeds, bee pollen, coconut sprinkles etc).


  • Prepare for your evening ceremony by gathering the following:
    • Music: I recommend downloading the Song: Dancing Through the Chakras by Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati (you can find it online)
    • Pick out a Mandala Picture here & print it out on a heavy stock paper for coloring later;
    • Coloring pencils, watercolors, markers or chalk for coloring your mandala;
    • Candles;
    • Sage
    • Gemstones (emerald, turquoise, aquamarine);
    • Lavender essential oil
    • Tea;
    • Blue or turquoise pajamas or something colored to wear while you dance, color and sleep!

Your Ceremony ~ you can do this in the evening or in the morning during the Full Moon ~

  • Find your space where you will be able to hold your ceremony (preferably somewhere you can experience the light of Grandmother Moon’s fullness) and create a small altar using your gemstones, candles, tarot cards and a blue, green or earth tone colored cloth or pictures.
  • Lay out your mandala paper and materials for coloring on your table/floor.
  • Light your sage and cleanse the room, yourself and your altar.
  • Light your candles and use the lavender oil on yourself and around the room to lightly permeate your senses and surroundings.
  • If you use tarot cards, draw a card to work with during your ceremony. One card is good as it can speak to you more clearly when you ask a clear and concise question.
  • Light your candles and turn out the lights ~ if not candles turn your lights down low or off if you feel so inclined so that you tune into your body fully.
  • Start your music and follow the dance through all your Chakra’s paying special attention to the Throat Chakra. When you are done ~ stop and take a deep breath. Take a few minutes feel your body and energy. Where is the energy moving? How do you feel? Notice your throat chakra.
  • Move to your space to create and color your mandala… stay connected to your body and the energy from the dance. If you are drawn to write ~ do! This is a great time to listen to what your body wants to share with you.
  • Make your tea and sip on your tea and write in your journal before bed.

Place your mandala somewhere that you will see if often during the next two weeks ~ for me this is an important part of the healing power of ceremony. To bring it forward is how we hold onto the power and healing we experienced during the ceremony.

I will be sharing chakra ceremonies throughout this year during the Full and New Moons. Regularly dancing through the charka’s helps you to feel more alive and energized, bringing balance to your whole body. I think by the end of the year you will be able to notice very real changes in yourself and so will others!

Here are a few questions to think about during your ceremony:

  • Have you every taken time to contemplate what it means to express yourself authentically?
  • Do you take the time to listen to others and yourself daily?
  • What words do you choose daily to speak out to the world?

Moon Light Your Way,