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2017 Calendar – Fantasy Art – Painting Dreams by Wendy Andrew

Images of Myth & Enchantment, by Wendy Andrew – Arthurian Legend & Fantasy Art Source: 2017 Calendar – Fantasy Art – Painting Dreams by Wendy Andrew Wendy has created another beautiful calendar. This 2017 calendar features a bright and colorful collection of paintings inspired by the ever changing nature of Goddess as the wheel of the year turns. Moon phases,

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The Spirit Of Natural Sanctuaries

For love of the spirit ever persisting, O Caticatona, be thou for thy servants   a powerful wave, for thy servants worship thee.  —Gaulish Goddess inscription [Markale, 120]             Celtic deities were venerated as indwelling spirits of natural sanctuaries: the waters, rocks and peaks, groves, the land itself. A multitude of names in Roman-era inscriptions name the attributes of Gaulish

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