Spiders as Spiritual Guides

I know many are saying "Ewww". Autumn is a great time to learn about spiders as many are attempting to come inside before the weather becomes too cold for them to survive. Last night my daughter and I had flashlight's in hand searching around our house and the apartment complex we manage looking for the … Continue reading Spiders as Spiritual Guides

Winter ~ A Wonderful Time Of The Year

The earth had been changed now and there was little left of the Autumn that had only a few weeks early covered the land in a kaleidoscope of golden and red leaves. Winter was now dancing in the air cold and sweet. You could sense a tingle of energy that comes from that special magick … Continue reading Winter ~ A Wonderful Time Of The Year

Grandmother Autumn: A Children’s Story

Once there was a time before time became time. We feel it still in that moment between day and night, night and day. It is that time when what was vanishes, and what will be is yet to be seen. It was in that moment when all life stirred upon the Earth in sparkling energies … Continue reading Grandmother Autumn: A Children’s Story