Fall Allergies ~ An Herbal Approach

Seasonal allergies can really get you down, and over-the-counter meds can knock you out. Try these natural herbal remedies to soothe pollen induced headaches, scratchy throats, chapped skin, and more. As allergy sufferers, we're acutely aware of seasonal changes in air quality. Earth's reawakening in spring brings us welcome warmth, but it also delivers not-so-welcome tree … Continue reading Fall Allergies ~ An Herbal Approach

Spring & Summer Herb: Butterbur {Petasites hybridus}

Also, Known As: Butterbur Sweet Coltsfoot Butterbur (botanical name, Petasites hybridus) is a tubby perennially growing herb that crops up from a coarse rhizome or subversive stem having a concave, dense, reddish-brown aerial stem (known as scape). This stem is without any leaf and is swathes with scales resembling the shape of a lance and … Continue reading Spring & Summer Herb: Butterbur {Petasites hybridus}