The Energies of June

Dear Friends, I do hope you will be able to take a little time out to enjoy the abundant beauty that nature so generously provides for us each year during the month of June. Our garden is resplendent with so many early summer flowers and in particular a wonderful array of roses of all colors … Continue reading The Energies of June

Larimar Healing: Atlantis Stone Also Known As The Dolphin Stone

Larimar Healing  Gemstones capture our sight with their striking colors and composition. Larimar is not just an eye captivator, but a gem with metaphysical properties. It bears a tenfold energy that is said to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being of its beholder. Larimar healing is a natural way to gain peace and comfort. … Continue reading Larimar Healing: Atlantis Stone Also Known As The Dolphin Stone

Larimar: The Atlantis Stone

Larimar or blue pectolite is an extremely rare gemstone. It has been found only in one location: a mountainous, relatively inaccessible area in the province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. The first mention of the stone is in a request to mine Larimar in 1916, however, it wasn’t until 1974 that the stone really … Continue reading Larimar: The Atlantis Stone


Jaspers are the nurturers, the healers and the spirit stones of courage and wisdom. They all carry a strong connection to the Earth’s energy, making the Jasper healing properties very beneficial for grounding, stability, and strength. Every Jasper meaning is unique and special, depending on the type of Jasper you possess. It has the ability … Continue reading Jasper

Breast Cancer Healing Stones and Crystals – Breast Cancer Authority

By Dr. Christina Grant, Author of The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer, Therapeutic stones, and crystals form in the earth. Each carries its own vibration. They have been valued for their healing … Source: Breast Cancer Healing Stones and Crystals – Breast Cancer Authority


An absorbing stone, malachite is excellent for drawing out imbalances from the body. It has also been used to reduce the pain of inflammation and can soothe minor aches and pains. Placed on the brow, Malachite stimulates psychic vision and concentration. Energy: soothing, pain-relieving, calming Colors: bright green to light green, variegated Uses: for magic, willpower, communication with … Continue reading THE EMOTIONAL MASTERY STONE: MALACHITE

Healing Crystals and Gemstones {recap}

It’s suggested that you should never let anyone touch your crystals. Each crystal should be cleansed before use to clear any stored energy. Try one or all of the following methods until you find the one that works best for you: Place the crystal on or near a plant Leave the crystal out in the … Continue reading Healing Crystals and Gemstones {recap}

The Protection Stone: Obsidian

As a stone that emerges with dramatic force from the depths of the earth, obsidian is believed by many to bring hidden emotions to the surface. This makes it extremely useful in releasing long-held stresses and buried traumas. Obsidian is found only in volcanic areas, where it forms from rapidly cooled lava. Born from the … Continue reading The Protection Stone: Obsidian