Spirit, Nature, and Healing

There are many resources in books, online, and in classes and at conferences about connecting with the spirit of the plants. Rather than simply re-post that information here, we want to share wisdom from Rosemary Gladstar. We asked Rosemary about the importance of intention in working with plants and in healing. Here is her response: … Continue reading Spirit, Nature, and Healing


Healing the Lungs, Grief, and Trauma Especially with all the deep sadness with the ongoing fires in California, the necessity to write on the herbs that heal our lungs is vital. My heart is humbled and heavy with what is happening with the world at large. Seeing these fires and shootings affect so many friends and community members, … Continue reading 6 LUNG HERBS for the BODY & MIND

Living Well During the Holidays

Make your own healthy cocktails for days like today! When you're mixing drinks at a party or at home, and want something easy, natural and elevating. All you have to do is mix some plant medicines, a fizzy base like sparkling water or kombucha and maybe some good quality spirits (or not even!) If you are a … Continue reading Living Well During the Holidays

Indefinitely Wild Series: Lobelia {Lobelia inflata}

Also, Known As: Asthma Weed Bladderpod Emetic Herb Gagroot Indian Tobacco Lobelia Pukeweed Vomitroot The herb known as the lobelia - botanical name, Lobelia inflata - can reach from one to two feet in height and is commonly called Indian tobacco. The herb grows as an annual or as a biennial. It is characterized by … Continue reading Indefinitely Wild Series: Lobelia {Lobelia inflata}

Indefinitely Wild Series: What Is Burdock Root?

Burdock root is a medicinal herb and food that has powerful anti-tumor, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. Burdock root is one of the top recommended herbal remedies for cancer due to the belief that it can stop cancer cells from metastasizing and it is one of the star ingredients of the famous natural cancer remedy … Continue reading Indefinitely Wild Series: What Is Burdock Root?

The Meaning and History of Bloodstone

There are two forms of Bloodstone; the plasma and the heliotrope. Heliotrope is transparent and displays red within the stone. Plasma is deep green and opaque with little or no red in it. The transparent quartz is known as “heliotrope” (“sun turning” in Greek), because in ancient times, stones were described as reflecting the sun, which … Continue reading The Meaning and History of Bloodstone

Verbena Lore

COMMON NAME: verbena GENUS: Verbena SPECIES, HYBRID, CULTIVARS: V. bipinnatifida-light purple perennial: 3 inches tall. V. rigida-purplish blue perennial; 1 foot tall. V. rigida-'Flame'-red flowers from June through frost. V. canadensis-rose pink flowers from June through frost. V. venosa-purplish blue flowers; to 1 foot. V. hybrida-'Amethyst'-lavender blue; annual. V.b.-'Blaze'-scarlet; annual. V.b.-'Sangria'-wine colored; heat tolerant; annual; … Continue reading Verbena Lore

7 Healing Crystals For Children

I find crystals are an effective and simple way to help them overcome obstacles. I was recently asked what crystals were not only safe for children but would help them in their daily lives, so the following guide is an introduction to some useful healing crystals for children: Amethyst - is a calming crystal that … Continue reading 7 Healing Crystals For Children

The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals, gems, and stones have a long documented history of use in healing work in practically every culture and religious tradition since the dawn of time.  In our contemporary era, crystals are regularly employed because of their inherent ability to deeply enhance the table work experience for both the practitioner and client.  For those wishing to … Continue reading The Healing Power of Crystals

Gemstones Are Naturally Healing and Energizing

Did you know that gemstones have the ability when used properly to energize your body, heal cuts, bruises, surgery, breaks, etc? Crystals have been used by Eastern Cultures, Native Americans, and many other cultures for thousands of years. Some of these uses are as follows: • Have quartz crystals set around your home to help … Continue reading Gemstones Are Naturally Healing and Energizing