Making Homemade Herbal Lozenges with Linden

Stand beneath a blooming linden tree, and chances are you will slowly become aware of an almost unbelievable event taking place. The tree will be so alive with the hum and buzz of happy honeybees so absorbed in their harvest, they may very well bounce right off of you! An 80-year-old tree near my home presents a … Continue reading Making Homemade Herbal Lozenges with Linden

Handmade Wands

The wandmakers fellowship is simply a gathering of websites where other wandmakers advertise and sell their wares. I have compiled the list over the years and evaluated the sites to some extent. However, their appearance here does not necessarily constitute a recommendation. ACME Wand Supply, Ltd. A truly exceptional crafter of wands in wood, stone, … Continue reading Handmade Wands

Homemade Herb Pickling Mix.

Great to have on hand and saves time! The herbes de Provence add a unique flavor that's not typically found in supermarket pickling mix blends. To use the pickling mix: Put one to two tablespoons in the pickling jar, then add the veggies and the vinegar/salt mixture, following the directions in the recipe. It's that … Continue reading Homemade Herb Pickling Mix.