Spring Detox for Your Home!

Spring is the time of year that we start eating lighter and detoxing. It’s time for spring cleaning of body, mind, and home! While there is a lot of focus on what we eat, often not enough attention is paid to how we clean our homes... Making sure that all of your household cleaning products … Continue reading Spring Detox for Your Home!


January is here with its fresh start, and we are enjoying our snowy Utah landscape, cozy fires and turning inward. This time of year is about resetting, refreshing, finding balance and focusing on self-care and the care of loved ones. This is a wonderful time to start new healthy habits that can stay with you … Continue reading WHAT ARE HERBAL TINCTURES?

How To Use Crystals With Children

Children love crystals. Children are more aware and open than adults, and consequently, they are sensitive to the subtle energies of crystals and their healing powers. Crystals can be used in many ways with kids, including babies. This lens looks at how crystals can help with issues such as confidence, calmness, sleep and study, and … Continue reading How To Use Crystals With Children

Ways To Use A Crystal Point

Crystal Points are one of the most versatile and beneficial healing crystals to have in your space. Adding one to your space is like adding a pillar of light that streams rainbows and raises the energy level of your environment. Each type of crystal point possesses different energies and healing properties, but one thing remains … Continue reading Ways To Use A Crystal Point

Dowsing With Pendulum’s

You start by learning how to use your Pendulum, especially the signals needed for accuracy and the correct method of asking questions. Learn to make your home healthy and prevent diseases. You can accomplish water divining, improving water quality, and locate people and objects. BONDING WITH YOUR PENDULUM A Pendulum can be made from a … Continue reading Dowsing With Pendulum’s

Pendulum’s: How To Use

Pendulums are one of the easiest and quickest ways to perform divination. Pendulums have been used for centuries as means to divine the future and to find out answers to pressing questions that people would like to have answers for. Even though pendulums are easy to use in a sense, there is much more to … Continue reading Pendulum’s: How To Use

Relaxation Techniques: When Can They Be Used?

Everyone experiences stress in one form or another, but the way that it affects each person differs. Some people may need to reduce their stress, and relaxation techniques are one option for doing this. In stressful episodes, the nervous system is forced into a "fight or flight" response. This response triggers the release of certain … Continue reading Relaxation Techniques: When Can They Be Used?

The Basics Part ll ~ So I Have My Crystals, Now How Do I Use Them?

You have selected your new crystals and they are cleaned, charged and ready to go. Now, what do you do with them? How can they be used for healing? There is a variety of ways to use crystals to improve and heal your life. The easiest way to use crystals is to have them near … Continue reading The Basics Part ll ~ So I Have My Crystals, Now How Do I Use Them?