The Rose {June Birth Flower}

COMMON NAME: Rose GENUS: Rosa SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: Types of roses: Old-fashioned-includes the older hybrids. Hybrid tea-large blooms. Floribundas-smaller blossoms borne in clusters. Modern shrub-large flowered. Climbers and ramblers-vigorous climbing habit. Miniature-tiny, with semi-double or double flowers. FAMILY:  Rosaceae BLOOMS: summer TYPE: Perennial DESCRIPTION:  It is difficult to find any flower more beautiful than roses. The grace … Continue reading The Rose {June Birth Flower}

Wild Roses

WILD ROSE Fills your life with soft romance. Gender: Feminine Planet: Venus Element: Water Love. Psychic Powers. Healing. Love Divination. Luck. Protection. WILD ROSE MAGICK Use rosehips in healing mixtures. Drink rosebud tea to induce prophetic dreams. Rosebushes grown in your garden will attract faeries. Add rose water distilled from the petals to your bath … Continue reading Wild Roses

June Flower – The Rose

Chloris, the Greek Goddess of flowers, crowned the rose queen of all flowers, a title that the rose deserves today as much as it did in the Golden Age of Greece. Not only is the rose of unparalleled beauty, it has also proved itself to be useful in a hundred different ways. It has been … Continue reading June Flower – The Rose