Mosses and Lichens

No frequenter of the woods can be unfamiliar with the more conspicuous lichens and mosses. It is with them that nature adorns her bare unsightly children. She drapes the timeworn evergreens with gray fringes and decks the old tree-stumps with red or yellow corals. Soft lichens spread over the ground in the deep shade of … Continue reading Mosses and Lichens

Usnea {Usnea ssp.}

Also, Known As: Beard Lichen Tree Moss Tree's Dandruff Usnea Woman's Long Hair Lichen belonging to the Parmeliaceae family is called usnea. This genus is found growing throughout the world. Several species of this plant, counting U. barbata, U. bayle, U. dasypoga, U. hirta, U. florida and U. lobata are used for therapeutic purposes. According … Continue reading Usnea {Usnea ssp.}